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Special Education: Special Needs Students - Information & Resources Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Special Education category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-08-31Parents and Siblings Can be Teachers for Special Needs Kids
2017-08-09STEM3 Academy Opens Campuses for Students with Special Needs
2017-01-16Children with Disability and Public Schools Supreme Court Case
2016-12-21Stephen Gaynor School Shares Benefits of Performing Arts Education for Students With Learning Differences
2016-12-19Language-Based Learning in Children - Unlocking Clues
2016-11-11Exploring Detection of Learning Disabilities Through Physical Movement
2016-09-21Fulfilling Unmet Need for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)
2016-07-08Teaching K-8 Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder
2016-02-24Delivering Equity for Students with Disabilities
2016-02-11Minorities Under-represented in US Special Ed Classrooms
2015-01-24Making Schools More Autism Friendly
2015-01-17Community College Performance Based Funding Hinders at Risk Students
2014-08-12List of the Best Private Special Needs Schools
2014-07-31School Classroom Inclusion - Children with Disabilities Benefit
2014-05-29Low IQ Students Learn to Read After Persistent Intensive Instruction
2012-11-23The Skoog - Musical Instrument for Music Therapy and Inclusive Education
2012-07-30PECS and The Pyramid Approach to Education
2012-05-09SAT Scores and Children with Learning Disabilities
2012-04-03Successful Education of Students with Autism
2012-04-01Dismantling Oklahoma Scholarships for Students with Special Needs - AFC Condemns Ruling
2012-03-30Judge Rules Against Disabled Students Opportunity for Equal Education
2011-10-28Problem Solving Equations Linked to Relating Quantities to Numerals
2011-09-28Special-ed Students Force-fed Cotton Balls Soaked with Vinegar as Form of Discipline
2011-09-27Special Interests Sue to Remove Arizona Children with Special Needs From Private Schools
2011-09-22Children With Special Needs - Guardianship Issues
2011-07-18When Your Child Says "I'm Stupid" - What It Can Mean
2011-07-07Mercyhurst Autism Summer Program
2011-06-10Struggling Students - Vision and How it Relates to Learning
2011-05-31Special Education Scholarship Program
2011-04-25PCI Education LIFT Series Intervention Programs
2011-02-15Silent Epidemic of Bullying Against Children With Special Needs
2011-01-26Researching Special-Needs Schools
2010-12-152010 Accessible eLearning Leadership Awards
2010-11-18Students With Special Needs Celebrate New Law
2010-11-05Webcam Research Helps Kids Improve Reading Fluency
2010-09-13Collaboration on Special Education Training
2010-09-09Back-to-School Season Spurs Sales of Special Needs Tool
2010-08-24Equal Access to Technology for Students with Special Needs
2010-08-19New Solution to Pressing Issue in Special Education
2010-08-07The Listening Program Helps Children With Down Syndrome Improve Speech Skills
2010-08-02Rethink Autism Helps Schools Serve More Students With Autism Despite Shrinking Budgets
2010-08-01New Twist on No Child Left Behind - Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center, El Dorado Hills
2010-07-18Bonnie Terry Learning - Better Reading Skills
2010-07-16School Behavior Problems Linked to Family Type
2010-06-28Horizon Academy Offers New Learning Disabilities Testing Center
2009-11-15The Council for Exceptional Children - Serving Children with Disabilities
2009-09-24Learning Disabilities Research Results - Foundation for Learning Development
2009-09-17Children Write Faster with Pen than Keyboard
2009-09-15Getting Your Child with Special Needs Ready for School
2009-09-13College Tips for Students with Learning Disabilities
2009-09-13Learning Disabilities - Factors for Successful Post-Secondary Transition
2009-09-13Financial Concerns for College Students with Learning Disabilities
2009-08-27Gene Associated with Language, Speech and Reading Disorders
2009-04-27Breaking Writing Barriers for Students with Autism and Cognitive Disabilities
2009-04-08Students with Experience Corps Tutors Make Better Progress in Reading Skills
2009-03-23Ways School Districts May Use ARRA Funds for Special Education
2009-03-03Reasons Not for Special Education to Bill Your Private Insurance
2009-03-03Special Education Testing and Recommendations to Help Your Child
2009-03-03Your Child's Behavior and Special Education
2009-03-02Placement for Special Education Due Process Hearings
2009-03-01What School Psychologists Need Include in Special Education Evaluations
2009-03-01IQ Tests Special Education Verbal or Non-Verbal
2009-01-01Diagnosis of Disabilities and Special Education Eligibility
2008-12-31Special Education Acronyms and Their Meanings
2008-12-31Categories of Disability for Special Education Eligibility

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