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Special Education Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
Choosing the Best Educational and Social Environment for Disabled Children2022/10/08
Special and Special Needs - Are These Labels Helpful or Harmful?2021/12/012021/12/06
The Most Common Learning Disabilities TodayInformative2019/02/272023/10/03
Are English Language Learners in Need of Special Education2019/01/112019/01/20
Kids with Intellectual Disabilities Spending Little Time in General Education Classes2018/05/08
Individual Education Programs Not Being Used as Intended in Special Education2018/03/30
ESL students with Special Needs Fail to Get Language InstructionStudy2018/03/252023/09/14
Parents and Siblings Can be Teachers for Special Needs Kids2017/08/312020/07/04
STEM3 Academy Campuses for Students with Special NeedsAnnouncement2017/08/092024/06/05
Children with Disability and Public Schools Supreme Court CaseAnnouncement / Notification2017/01/162024/03/09
Stephen Gaynor School Shares Benefits of Performing Arts Education for Students With Learning Differences2016/12/212018/05/01
Language Based Learning in Children : Unlocking Clues2016/12/192021/05/10
Exploring Detection of Learning Disabilities Through Physical Movement2016/11/11
Fulfilling Unmet Need for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)2016/09/21
Teaching K-8 Students With Autism Spectrum Disorder2016/07/08
Delivering Equity for Students with DisabilitiesAnnouncement / Notification2016/02/242023/10/04
Minorities Under-represented in US Special Ed Classrooms2016/02/11
Making Schools More Autism Friendly2015/01/242021/01/29
Community College Performance Based Funding Hinders at Risk Students2015/01/17
List of the Best Private Special Needs Schools2014/08/122020/04/02
Children with Disabilities Benefit from Classroom Inclusion2014/07/312021/06/14
Low IQ Students Learn to Read After Persistent Intensive InstructionResearch Study Analysis2014/05/292023/10/04
The Skoog - Musical Instrument for Music Therapy and Inclusive Education2012/11/232017/02/26
PECS and The Pyramid Approach to Education2012/07/302021/08/13
SAT Scores and Children with Learning Disabilities2012/05/092021/02/13
Educating Students with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD)2012/04/032021/09/27
Dismantling Oklahoma Scholarships for Students with Special Needs - AFC Condemns Ruling2012/04/01
Problem Solving Math Linked to Relating Quantities to Numerals2011/10/282022/06/14
Special-ed Students Force-fed Cotton Balls Soaked with Vinegar as Form of Discipline2011/09/28
Special Interests Sue to Remove Arizona Children with Special Needs From Private Schools2011/09/27
Guardianship and Special Needs ChildrenInformative2011/09/222024/03/29
What Does it Mean If a Child Says They are Stupid2011/07/182021/05/10
Mercyhurst Autism Summer Program2011/07/072022/02/18
Struggling Students - Vision and How it Relates to Learning2011/06/10
School Choice Ohio Special Education Scholarship Program2011/05/312023/05/01
PCI Education LIFT Series Intervention Programs2011/04/25
Silent Epidemic of Bullying Against Special Needs ChildrenReports and Proceedings2011/02/152023/10/09
Researching Special-Needs Schools2011/01/26
2010 Accessible eLearning Leadership Awards2010/12/15
Students With Special Needs Celebrate New Law2010/11/18
Webcam Research Helps Kids Improve Reading Fluency2010/11/05
Collaboration on Special Education Training2010/09/13
Back-to-School Season Spurs Sales of Special Needs Tool2010/09/09
Equal Access to Technology for Students with Special Needs2010/08/24
New Solution to Pressing Issue in Special Education2010/08/19
The Listening Program Helps Children With Down Syndrome Improve Speech Skills2010/08/07
Rethink Autism Helps Schools Serve More Students With Autism Despite Shrinking Budgets2010/08/02
New Twist on No Child Left Behind - Neuro-Linguistic Learning Center, El Dorado Hills2010/08/01
Bonnie Terry Learning - Better Reading Skills2010/07/18
School Behavior Problems Linked to Family Type2010/07/16
Horizon Academy Offers New Learning Disabilities Testing Center2010/06/28
The Council for Exceptional Children - Serving Children with Disabilities2009/11/152010/07/11
Learning Disabilities Research Results - Foundation for Learning Development2009/09/242016/10/30
Children Write Faster with Pen than Keyboard2009/09/17
Getting Your Child with Special Needs Ready for School2009/09/152013/03/24
College Tips for Students with Learning Disabilities2009/09/132022/10/02
Learning Disabilities - Factors for Successful Post-Secondary Transition2009/09/132016/06/13
Financial Concerns for College Students with Learning Disabilities2009/09/132016/06/13
Gene Associated with Language, Speech and Reading Disorders2009/08/272009/08/31
Breaking Writing Barriers for Students with Autism and Cognitive Disabilities2009/04/272010/11/05
Students with Experience Corps Tutors Make Better Progress in Reading Skills2009/04/082010/06/30
Ways School Districts May Use ARRA Funds for Special Education2009/03/232014/03/14
Reasons Not for Special Education to Bill Your Private Insurance2009/03/032014/03/14
Special Education Testing and Recommendations to Help Your Child2009/03/032014/03/14
Your Child's Behavior and Special Education2009/03/032014/03/14
Placement for Special Education Due Process Hearings2009/03/022014/03/14
What School Psychologists Need Include in Special Education Evaluations2009/03/012014/03/14
IQ Tests Special Education Verbal or Non-Verbal2009/03/012018/05/06
Diagnosis of Disabilities and Special Education Eligibility2009/01/012014/03/14
Special Education Acronyms and Their MeaningsInformative2008/12/312023/12/25
Categories of Disability for Special Education Eligibility2008/12/312014/03/14

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