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Study and Receive an Education Online

  • Published: 2012-06-29 : Author: Kaplan Online Higher Education
  • Synopsis: Online education allows students to fit study around their busy life and earn virtually any degree or certificate.

More Students Looking to Study Online - With people leading increasingly busy lifestyles, more and more people are turning to online education. Online education allows students to fit study around their busy life - not fit their busy life around studying.

More students than ever before are choosing to get their education online. Studying online is practical and affordable. There are no boarding or meal fees and no transportation costs. Studying online also saves time. You don't lose valuable studying time walking or riding to school. You can earn virtually any degree or certificate online. You can even get your MBA online!

More students studying online:

More students are studying online than ever before. Younger and younger students who grew up with their computers and iPods are finding more comfort with the online learning model. The UK's Open University serves more than 263,000 students in 23 countries. Over a quarter of the university's students are now under age 25. The university has broken records with its use of iTunes U's digital library. Students have downloaded more than 31 million lectures and materials from Open University. More than 90 percent of these students are from outside the UK. Students are comfortable accessing lectures from the convenience and comfort of their iPods.

Studying online improves performance:

When online classes were first introduced, many were speculative. How could studying online replace face-to-face classroom instruction? Today, some of this speculation remains. Doubts about online education are unfounded. According to a 93 page report by SRI International for the Department of Education, students learning online actually outperform those receiving traditional classroom instruction. One possible reason is that online instruction tends to be more tailored to the individual.

The Open University isn't the only higher learning institution experiencing a surge in online students. Sixty-six percent of US higher learning institutions offer online or partly online courses. The University of Liverpool serves 5,000 students in 175 countries. Open Yale has online courses without degrees or certifications.

Benefits of studying online:

Studying online provides the student with a world of universities at their fingertips. You can attend a university anywhere without relocating. Without the concerns and costs of moving, you're free to choose the best program at the best school for you. Go to school in California from your bed in London!

Studying online also saves you transportation costs and time.

Online studying may save you additional money. Many online schools are less costly than traditional schools. You may also save on textbooks and classroom materials.

Online students don't have to worry about classroom or time constraints.

Although you will still have deadlines, with no scheduled class time, you are free to make your own schedule. Never miss an appointment or family event due to school commitments again! You can even spend time with family and friends as you study in the living room. Online classes are perfect for working students. Study when you get off work in the evening or first thing in the morning. Assignments are usually flexible and students typically have plenty of advance notice of due dates.

More and more students are choosing to study online.

There are many benefits to choosing this route, including reduced costs and time constraints. There are many online universities to choose from and even more programs to consider.

For more information about online studying, visit the Kaplan website at

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