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Warnings and Advisories Publications
Title of
ADA and COVID-19 Fraudulent Face Mask Flyers2020/07/012021/08/23
Coronavirus Pandemic: COVID-19 Updates and StatisticsInformative2020/01/312023/09/14
Important Safety Tips and Guidelines for Halloween2019/10/23
Scammers Target Consumers with Fake FDA Warning Letters2018/07/132019/04/30
Interior Car Temperature Can Become Life-threatening for Children in an Hour2018/05/242018/07/22
FDA, FTC Warn Companies for Selling Illegal, Unapproved Opioid Cessation Products Using Deceptive Claims2018/01/252018/03/15
Yemen Cholera Outbreak Is The World's Worst2017/06/24
Some Hip Implants May be Toxic to the Brain2017/06/062018/04/30
Thermal Paper Cash Register Receipts Causing High BPA Levels in HumansStudy2017/05/102023/09/16
First Candida Auris Cases Reported in United States2016/11/052023/04/19
FDA Warning: Use of Homeopathic Teething Tablets and Gels2016/10/062017/06/26
Food Labelled Gluten Free May Still Contain Gluten2016/10/032020/04/26
Mercury Poisoning From Skin and Beauty Products2016/09/202017/02/20
Yellow Fever Outbreak on Brink of Going Global2016/08/172020/04/11
Zika Spread in Miami Area - CDC Travel Guidance2016/08/012016/11/06
Firework Safety - Physicians Remind People of Home Fireworks Dangers2016/07/01
Exploding E-Cigarette Causing Serious Mouth Injuries2016/06/02
Public Health Notice Regarding Zika Virus, 2016 Paralympics and Olympic GamesAnnouncement / Notification2016/05/282023/10/10
Acne Drug Isotretinoin (Accutane) Use During Pregnancy2016/04/28
Macular Degeneration - Urgent Supplement Warning2016/03/07
Health Insurance Agency Fake Phone Calls Scam2016/03/06
Common Poisons: Prescription Drugs, Bath Salts, Fake Pot, Laundry Pods2014/12/172021/02/23
Exposure to Metal Cadmium May Accelerate Cellular Aging2014/12/122023/06/21
Polio Outbreak in Syria Serious Threat to Europe2013/11/182021/08/30
Colorado Wildfires and People with Disabilities2013/06/162019/01/12
Extreme Heat and Health Problems2013/06/122021/11/10
Deadly E. coli Strain - Clues Found in Tracing the OriginAnnouncement / Notification2011/06/052023/09/29
Do Not Feed SimplyThick to Premature Infants2011/05/222022/03/28
Possible Measles Exposures in Bucks and Lancaster Counties2011/05/052015/02/05
Tornadoes and Severe Weather in Southern States - World Vision2011/04/28
Radioactivity from Japan Detected in Seattle2011/03/30
Statement Regarding Fears of Radiation Exposure to North America2011/03/182017/12/24
Japan Earthquake - Safety Tips for Travelers2011/03/112011/03/12
Urgent Call for Blood Donors as Winter Storm Strikes2010/12/26
Relocation and Evacuation Plans for Tropical Storm Richard - Belize Tourism Board2010/10/242010/10/25
Concern Worldwide Responds to Haiti Cholera Outbreak2010/10/232021/02/09
Christchurch Earthquake Update - New Zealand2010/09/052010/09/06
Hurricane Earl Nova Scotia2010/09/052010/09/25
Red Cross Provides Comfort and Shelter as Hurricane Earl Moves Up Atlantic Coast2010/09/052010/09/25

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