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Natural Disasters Warnings: Alerts for Seniors & Disabled Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Warnings - Alerts & Advisories category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-06-24Yemen Cholera Outbreak Is The World's Worst
2017-06-06Some Hip Implants May be Toxic to the Brain
2017-05-10Thermal Paper Cash Register Receipts Account for High BPA Levels in Humans
2016-11-05First Candida Auris Cases Reported in United States
2016-10-25Important Safety Tips and Guidelines for Halloween
2016-10-06FDA Warning: Use of Homeopathic Teething Tablets and Gels
2016-10-03Food Labelled Gluten Free May Still Contain Gluten
2016-09-20Mercury Poisoning From Skin and Beauty Products
2016-08-17Yellow Fever Outbreak on Brink of Going Global
2016-08-01Zika Spread in Miami Area - CDC Travel Guidance
2016-07-01Firework Safety - Physicians Remind People of Home Fireworks Dangers
2016-06-02Exploding E-Cigarette Causing Serious Mouth Injuries
2016-05-28Public Health Notice Regarding Zika Virus, 2016 Paralympics and Olympic Games
2016-04-28Acne Drug Isotretinoin (Accutane) Use During Pregnancy
2016-03-21Evenflo Mattress Pad Responsible for Suffocation of Child
2016-03-17Glyphosate: Claims against Monsanto for 'Farmer's Cancer'
2016-03-07Macular Degeneration - Urgent Supplement Warning
2016-03-06Health Insurance Agency Fake Phone Calls Scam
2015-11-04Experts Predict Super Cold with Snow for Much of U.S. - Prepare for the Worst
2014-12-17Prescription Drugs, Bath Salts, Fake Pot, Laundry Pods All Common Poisons
2014-12-12Exposure to Metal Cadmium May Accelerate Cellular Aging
2013-11-18Polio Outbreak in Syria a Threat to Europe
2013-06-16Colorado Wildfires and People with Disabilities
2013-06-12Extreme Heat and Health Problems
2012-10-29Preparing for Hurricane Sandy: Home Medical Equipment and Service Providers
2012-08-30Tropical Storm Isaac - Public's Help Needed Say's American Red Cross
2011-08-27Hurricane Irene Hits East Coast - Red Cross Begins Large Relief Operation
2011-06-05Deadly E. coli Strain - New Clues Found in Tracing the Origin
2011-05-22Do Not Feed SimplyThick to Premature Infants
2011-05-05Possible Measles Exposures in Bucks and Lancaster Counties
2011-04-28Tornadoes and Severe Weather in Southern States - World Vision
2011-03-30Radioactivity from Japan Detected in Seattle
2011-03-18Statement Regarding Fears of Radiation Exposure to North America
2011-03-12Japan Earthquake Updates and Information
2011-03-11Japan Earthquake - Safety Tips for Travelers
2010-12-26Urgent Call for Blood Donors as Winter Storm Strikes
2010-10-24Relocation and Evacuation Plans for Tropical Storm Richard - Belize Tourism Board
2010-10-23Concern Worldwide Responds to Haiti Cholera Outbreak
2010-09-06Tropical Storm Hermine Hurricane Watch for Texas and Mexico
2010-09-05Christchurch Earthquake Update - New Zealand
2010-09-05Hurricane Earl Nova Scotia
2010-09-05Red Cross Provides Comfort and Shelter as Hurricane Earl Moves Up Atlantic Coast

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