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U.S. Disability Apprenticeship Information & Fact Sheets

  • Published: 2015-10-18 (Revised/Updated 2016-03-27) : Disabled World (Disabled World).
  • Synopsis: Information regarding apprenticeship programs for persons with a disability in the United States

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Quote: "...the availability of interim credentials in selected apprenticeship occupations is also likely to make apprenticeship an attractive employment option for many more people..."

Hands-on apprenticeships, where workers earn and learn at the same time, are a proven path to good, secure middle class jobs. Apprenticeships have helped many of Americans find meaningful careers and offered employers a great tool to develop a strong workforce.

Apprenticeship programs in the United States are regulated by the Smith-Hughes Act (1917), The National Industrial Recovery Act (1933), and National Apprenticeship Act, also known as the "Fitzgerald Act."

In the U.S., registered apprenticeship has a defined meaning and a long, rich history. The registered apprenticeship system dates back to 1937 with the passage of the Fitzgerald Act, a national legislation that lays the foundation for the federal-state system that exists today.

Recent changes to the United States federal apprenticeship regulations allow greater flexibility in how related technical instruction can be provided and allow program sponsors to utilize competency-based, hybrid, as well as traditional time-based apprenticeship training approaches. As a result of these changes, it is likely that more employers will participate as program sponsors of apprenticeship training.

In addition, the availability of interim credentials in selected apprenticeship occupations is also likely to make apprenticeship an attractive employment option for many more people, including people with disabilities.

U.S. Disability Apprenticeships - Fact Sheets:

  • Looking To Future Opportunities In Apprenticeship

Information for Apprenticeship Applicants:

  • Understanding Apprenticeship Basics
  • Preparing Youth and Young Adults for Apprenticeship Programs
  • Increasing the Participation of Young Adults with Disabilities in Apprenticeship Programs
  • What Apprenticeship Employers Need To Know About Working with Young Adults with Disabilities

Search for U.S. Apprenticeships Near You:

Apprenticeship is a program that the U.S. DOL has created to educate and expand participation of youth with disabilities, as well as provide a list of specific apprenticeship opportunities for youth with disabilities in the United States.

Visit to search for an apprenticeship within the U.S..

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