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Ambitious Talent: Connecting Employers with Jobseekers with Disabilities in Australia

  • Synopsis: Published: 2014-09-11 - Ambitious Talent disability employment website brings Australian employers and disabled jobseekers together. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Felicity Waters at

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"The concept for Ambitious Talent came to Felicity when she was rejected for a job due to disclosing her own disability - the symptoms of early onset Parkinson's disease"

Felicity Waters was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson's disease in her 30s. Now in her 40s she's putting her energy into building the missing link that connects disabled people with jobs.

Ambitious Talent is the first Australian website designed to promote individuals with a disability by showcasing their full profile and CV including their disability. Employers seeking disabled workers can easily access their details and make contact regarding job opportunities.

Felicity is looking to sign up new members for a fee to help build and launch a full functioning website. Initial members are being offered various generous incentives ranging from $15 to $2,500.

Offers for employers include promotions on the site's homepage, free job listings for two years, Twitter links and others. Offers for jobseekers include lifetime membership for $15.

The concept for Ambitious Talent came to Felicity when she was rejected for a job due to disclosing her own disability - the symptoms of early onset Parkinson's disease. In response to the rejection she established her own business and actively sought to employ a disabled person. However, she noticed that a person's disability was rarely included in their CV or profile and finding disabled jobseekers was difficult.

Felicity understands that many disabled people try to hide their disability because of the discrimination they receive. Ambitious Talent allows people to mention their disability in a job-seeking environment without fear of negative repercussions.

"I know first-hand how hard it is to find work when you have a disability," Felicity said. "For some it's practically impossible. Ambitious Talent sets out to change that by creating a single website that puts disabled people and disability-friendly employers in the one place."

Many employers are actively looking for disabled workers. For example, many tech companies desire the exceptional skills of very bright people with autism. Different disabilities provide different strengths and challenges, while many have no specific impact on the person's ability to do a job.

"A lot of people believe there aren't enough businesses wanting to employ disabled people. I would argue that the problem is that it's too hard for the business community to access disabled jobseekers," Felicity said.

Employers and jobseekers can join Ambitious Talent by visiting the website:

For more information or media interviews contact Felicity Waters on 0401 840 104 or email

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