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  • Synopsis: Published: 2009-07-08 (Revised/Updated 2014-01-30) - Looking for a job or career in the disability sector or in broader community sector in Australia, is providing great opportunities - Michael Cebon.

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Quote: " features jobs from all sectors including government jobs, for-profit jobs and non-profit jobs."

If you're looking for a job or career in the disability sector or in the broader community sector in Australia, a new site is providing great new opportunities. is a new Australian jobs site for people looking for an ethical job or career, and for employers from the not-for-profit, business & government sectors who see their organizations as contributing to a more equitable, more just or more sustainable world. The site promotes "work for a better world" and is Australia's only site dedicated to ethical jobs.

Research from Australia, the UK and the USA shows that increasingly people see the work they do as part of who they are, not just something to make a living from. Increasingly, people want the work they do to contribute to a more just or more sustainable world.

In 2007, recruitment firm Hays surveyed 1,200 Australians & New Zealanders and found that "72% of Generation Y will not apply for a role with an organization if they do not believe in what it stands for." has been launched in response to this trend. It aims to bring together people and organizations with a passion for sustainability and justice, and to provide resources to help people find a great job or career. features jobs from all sectors including government jobs, for-profit jobs and non-profit jobs.

The site focuses on Community sector jobs, social justice jobs, and green jobs/ environmental jobs, but lists jobs from a wide variety of professional areas, including:

  • Advocacy jobs
  • Aged care & child care jobs
  • Animal welfare & protection jobs
  • Children/youth & family services jobs
  • Community development jobs
  • Conservation & land management jobs
  • Corporate Social Responsibility jobs
  • Disability services jobs
  • Environment & sustainability jobs
  • Ethical investment & superannuation jobs
  • FairTrade jobs
  • Organic & eco-retail jobs
  • Fundraising jobs
  • Green products & services jobs
  • Health care & medical research jobs
  • Housing jobs
  • Indigenous jobs
  • International aid & development jobs
  • Legal & human rights jobs
  • Community media jobs
  • Mental health & counseling jobs
  • Social work jobs
  • Trade union & workers rights jobs
  • Volunteering jobs & Internships

The site also includes down-loadable resources for job-seekers - including guides like "How to Find an Ethical Job" - case studies of ethical jobs, a blog on ethical jobs/careers and a free weekly e-newsletter for job-seekers.

Over fifty thousand page-views are logged on each month, and between one hundred and two hundred jobs are usually advertised on the site at any one time.

If you're an employer, the site offers a free introductory period, so you can try advertising on the site before having to pay. Ethical Job ads have no word limit, and are accompanied by the advertising organization's logo in all search results -

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