Jobseeker - Not-For-Profit and Government Jobs in Australia

Ian C. Langtree Content Writer/Editor for Disabled World
Published: 2009/05/12 - Updated: 2015/03/12
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Synopsis: The Jobseeker website in Australia is the nations largest site for finding jobs related to community not-for-profit and government jobs.

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The Jobseeker website in Australia is the nation's largest site for finding jobs related to community, not-for-profit, and government jobs.

The site is very well-developed, offering services to both persons seeking work, as well as employers. The site serves states across the nation of Australia through provision of information services in relation to community development, health and social work, and twenty-nine categories of employment. A review of the site finds a number of different offerings available to both job seekers and employers.

Jobseeker receives approximately one-thousand five-hundred visits from people every day who are looking for services specifically targeted to community, non-profit, and government jobs. The site makes finding work less of a task and more of a pleasure through easy-to-use search features. People who are seeking employment have the opportunity to find work by searching the site through options such as looking through searches of their particular state, a specific occupational area, or they may even create a, 'Custom Browse,' which enables them to specify their areas of interest through check boxes on a highly-developed search form.

Employers have a number of features available to them at Jobseeker that are both appealing and useful. The Jobseeker site maintains the latest vacancies across Australia in the areas of:

Youth work
Social work
Mental health
Support work
Care services
Disability work
Health and allied health
Alcohol and other drugs
Community development

Every month the Jobseeker ( site is viewed by fifty-thousand visitors. Advertising on the site is low-cost, ranging from $50-$170 a month depending on the employer involved and the level of advertising the employer wishes to pursue. Comparatively, these advertising costs are low. Jobseeker presents approximately five-hundred jobs each month. Employers have the option to display their logo's in their advertising as well. The job positions presented on Jobseeker are also displayed through Infoxchange Australia's weekly newsletter, the Community Infocast, sent weekly to more than fifty-two thousand email addresses.

The Jobseeker website is an online enterprise of the not-for-profit organization, 'Infoxchange Australia,' which works for both social equality and justice through access to communications technologies.

Infoxchange Australia is a non-for-profit community organization with a mission to use 'technology for social justice'. It provides a range of low-cost IT services to not-for-profit organizations and community groups including website development, computer training, and Internet connection services. Refurbished computers are available through its Green PC program.

The Infoxchange Australia website ( is one of the most frequently visited community website in Australia and a valuable information source for the community sector. Free online message boards provide a place to find and contribute the latest sector-based news and announcements including information on health, housing, disability, youth and general community issues. The site also provides forum and networking tools, links to other useful websites, and an extensive online directory of Australian community services.

Revenue that is earned through the Jobseeker website goes back into community and social inclusion projects via Infoxchange. The Infoxchange organization created the electronic service directory known as the, 'Infoxchange Service Seeker,' which is now the largest community support services directory in Australia, supporting work to improve the welfare of Australians. Infoxchange is also involved in grassroots efforts to ensure that everyone who desires access to new technologies can do so despite their income, ability, or disadvantage.



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