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Disability Employment Website

Published: 2009-06-11 - Updated: 2016-03-18
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Synopsis: Website offers employment options for persons with disabilities, as well as opportunities for employers to connect with skilled workers. is a website that offers employment options for persons with disabilities, as well as opportunities for employers to connect with skilled workers.

Main Digest is a website that offers employment options for persons with disabilities, as well as opportunities for employers to connect with skilled workers.

advertisement - Disability Employment Central is a website that offers employment options for persons with disabilities, as well as opportunities for employers to connect with skilled workers.

The site is incredibly well-created, presenting not only committed employers and jobs, but advocacy organizations and services associated with persons with disabilities. The website for is currently in its Beta version, making me very excited and in great anticipation of the full version of the site.

The very mission of is, 'To create sustainable employment growth and opportunity for people with disabilities.' The site connects and serves Job Seekers with Disabilities, Committed Employers, Advocacy Organizations, and Service Providers. The site has incorporated a number of services which are free, designed to assist people in preparing for both the work place and careers. offers a networking medium that helps them to connect not only to each other, but to career mentors. The site helps people to highlight their individual talents, skills, and backgrounds. No one is asked to disclose a disability at any place on the site. uses, 'Right Match,' technology in order to match individuals and their unique qualifications to specific job requirements and facilitate the success of all involved.

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The website offers employers annual subscriptions, giving them a cost-effective solution for both identifying and connecting with qualified potential employees from a greatly under-utilized population. Their use of Right Match technology presents employers with highly-efficient and effective candidate identification. receives guidance from an active Advisory Council that is comprised of people who are dedicated to the advancement of persons with disabilities. A number of the members on the Advisory Council hold leadership positions with organizations that have a focus on both serving and representing persons with disabilities through direct service and advocacy. uses best practices and latest technology, helping it to provide unrestricted access to persons with disabilities - despite the disability the person may experience.


Employers who are seeking qualified and skilled employees could not find a better place to advertise their company or open positions. The challenge of finding talented employees who will remain dedicated is only getting more difficult. I can say from not only experience, but studies through two universities, that people with disabilities are often the most dedicated and hard-working employees an employer will ever find. has the ability to connect employers with this very pool of enthusiastic job candidates who are often overlooked by other employers; all an employer has to do is simply join the site. is a job portal for the twenty-three million or more Americans with disabilities who are currently seeking employment. The site is a social networking community filled with workers who are not only qualified, they are very capable, and disproportionately underemployed or unemployed. Employers who join have the ability to access this immense pool of skilled workers, strengthening their organization with workers who are dedicated and loyal. I can't imagine a better match.

The website has a variety of admirable features to offer employers. These features give employers the opportunity to strengthen their workforce while improving their organization. These features include:

RightMatch technology that connects qualified candidates to specific position requirements
Network with others to share their employment program for people with disabilities
Access to their Service Provider Network that provides accommodation solutions
Access to thousands of qualified job-seekers
High exposure for low subscription fees
EEO and OFCCP compliance


Persons with disabilities in America today are facing an incredible number of challenges on a daily basis; particularly in the workplace. Greater than twenty-three million Americans with disabilities are either underemployed or unemployed - despite their level of education, or their professional qualifications. The site is committed to assisting people with disabilities with reaching their full potential in the workplace and increasing their visibility to prospective employers. Their mission works directly with yours; advocating for both the rights and dignity of persons living with disabilities.

Partnering with will help to further the careers of millions of people with disabilities who are skilled, qualified, and enthusiastic workers. Your organization will gain access to the network of employers available through the site, providing them with insight, guidelines, and advice concerning the hiring of the very people your organization represents. The offers Advocacy organizations the ability to strengthen their organizations through:

A point of connection and discourse with influential employers around the country
The opportunity to help millions of people find jobs and advance their careers
The ability to educate and advise both employers and workers
A highly visible platform for your organization is also involved with the GettingHired Foundation. The GettingHired Foundation has been established to support organizations that are dedicated to the advancement of persons with disabilities. The foundation is chaired by Hal Kamine, who is also the Chairman and principal investor in The GettingHired Foundation is primarily funded through, which contributes five-percent of its net profits to the foundation.


Service Providers - this is clearly the place for you! The national network at includes hundreds of organizations that provide vital services to people with disabilities and employers that hire them! Joining GettingHired's network is FREE and you will bring increased awareness to your organization while connecting with employers and job seekers in your very own community. The site gives your service the incredible opportunity to reach a targeted audience that interested in the services that you provide!

The site offers you:

Premier listing of your services in our provider search results, accessible by thousands of Jobseekers and Employers
National presence for your local business
Connection with other Service Provider


Workforce Developers, the site allows you to join for FREE! The site is designed to both support and complement employment service activities that you undertake to serve your clients! By joining you will have the ability to search more than ten-thousand jobs that have been posted by employers who are committed to hiring people with disabilities, as well as gaining the ability to register your clients as Jobseekers with GettingHired, while guiding them through the use of the site's employment tools. The site gives you the opportunity to access a suite of jobseeker tools that you can use alongside your clients as well. The site give you a number of features:

View the Video Interview Training program and see how we will prepare your client Jobseekers to interview most effectively
See how the Career Assessment program works for your client Jobseekers
Create Jobseeker accounts for your client Jobseekers
Search for jobs for your client Jobseekers
Personality Based Interview Questions
Career Capability Assessment

After a review of the website and the variety of services they offer, I can only say that I am completely impressed. The level of free services offered to people with disabilities, service providers, and advocacy organizations is incredible. Employers have the opportunity to present not only their companies, but to reach for employees through a population of highly skilled, dedicated and enthusiastic employees. The Beta version of the website is thoroughly well-established, in my opinion, making me sit here in great anticipation of the site's full-version. The future is looking very bright indeed for and all who choose to participate. I can't wait to find out who will join next! The community being established at this site is so overwhelmingly worthwhile, making headway into realm of employment that is not only working, but putting people to work too. Well done!

If you are a person with a disability who is seeking a job, be sure to visit:

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