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Tips on Starting a Successful Home Business

Synopsis: The internet is probably the single most effective way for a home business to reach potential customers and clients.1

Author: Julia Derby

Published: 2010-08-23 Updated: 2014-03-15

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Five essentials for successful home businesses. Starting a business from home offers entrepreneurs a profitable and rewarding way to earn income at home.

Here are five key tips that will put business owners firmly on the road to success.

Set a schedule

Establish a schedule and stick to it. Working from home offers you flexibility and choice. Make sure you set a disciplined work schedule that allows you to enjoy the benefits of working from home while putting in the necessary hours to make your home based business successful. Set your self daily working hours and don't be tempted to take a nap, watch TV or do chores during your set working hours.

Set up a dedicated office area

It is very difficult to properly run a business from your kitchen table. If you do not have an extra room in your home that you can use then set up a partition to create an office area. It is important to have your own working space that is free from distractions and interruptions. It also helps to stick to you work schedule if you "go to work" by sitting down in your home office.

Keep it professional

Your customers should not be able to tell that you are sitting at work in your slippers! A professional attitude when answering your phone or dealing with clients or customers is key to establishing credibility for your business. Kids shouting in the background or the distracting sounds of the television when speaking to customers over the phone create the impression of inefficiency and a lack of professionalism. A dedicated phone line for your home based business is important and make sure you are available to answer it during normal office hours.

Keep it legal

Failure to follow the required home business regulations and obtain the necessary licenses and permits for your particular business activities in the home lays you open to costly penalties. Find out what your business needs to operate in your particular home location and keep it legitimate!

Get on the web

The internet is probably the single most effective way for a home business to reach potential customers and clients. Your website operates as an online advert for your product or services. It is not difficult or expensive set up your own website. Research a professional service that provides all the tools and resources for creating and running your own website.

Get more practical tips and advice for successful home businesses at Home Business Information.

Julia Derby has many years experience working in small business development. Her free website provides practical guidelines for starting a home based business from finding the right home business idea to planning, setting up and marketing your business.

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