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INCOME Despite Disability - Work From Home Ideas

  • Publish Date : 2017/01/04 - (Rev. 2017/02/06)
  • Author : Caylee Shea
  • Contact : www.ignite-chronicinsight.com


Caylee Shea provides a number of home based employment options for people with disabilities.

Main Document

Welcome to 2017!

I can't work! My backs too sore, my belts too tight, my booty shakes from the left to the right! From the left... to the right! From the left, to the right, to the left, to the right! Haha (that is part of a camp song)

Living with disabilities provides many challenges and emotional pain. Despite reminding myself every day that I am still valuable, those moments creep in and the little voices in my head fill me with doubt... am I a burden?

Well tell those voices to go take a nap!

I am not a burden. You are not a burden. We are just 'delightful weirdos' with eccentric bodies. Our bodies don't always function properly, but we don't give up!

But... wouldn't it be nice if we could bring in a little extra income? I mean, 2017 is going to be The BEST Year yet, right??

So, let's make some cash-o-la!

Throughout the years of being ill I have compiled a list of ideas for us that can't physically do the typical 9 to 5. So, check it out and let me know what you think! Also, if you have any additional ideas, please do comment below!

For the artistic and crafty! - This is a website you can sell your crafts online! And, it was created by someone with disabilities and made for people with disabilities! Check it out: www.consciouscrafties.com

Woman holding handful of money
Woman holding handful of money

For at-home employment! Try a job in customer service, technical support, quality control or many others. Check out:

  • www.ntiathome.org
  • www.arise.com
  • www.VIPdesk.com
  • www.Liveops.com
  • www.convergys.com

Search Engine Evaluator: $9 to $10 an hour

  • www.leapforceathome.com
  • www.appenbutlerhill.com

Survey Taker: Make $1 to $50 per survey

  • www.darwinsdata.com
  • www.marketforce.com
  • www.pineconeresearch.com
  • www.paideviewpoint.com

Website Tester: Can pay $10 to $15 per test

  • www.usertesting.com
  • www.youeye.com
  • www.userlytics.com

For the ambitious! Become an entrepreneur and start your own company! Here are some ideas:

  • Virtual Assistant- start your own company that helps other local businesses with paperwork, phone calls and other online needs. Call local companies and see if they are in need of an assistant or help with their website.
  • Copywriter

Virtual Tutor - You can start your own company or check out one these employers:

  • www.tutor.com
  • www.tutorvista.com
  • www.tutorzilla.com

If you have many interests and want to make a company including all of them, don't settle! Check out this website for how to start your own company while including ALL of your talents:


Sell items you don't use anymore with one of these APPs:

  • OfferUp
  • LetitGo

Check out these websites!:

  • www.disabilityjobexchange.com
  • www.recruitdisability.org
  • www.abilityjobs.com

Also, if you haven't applied yet, try applying for Disability. I know it isn't right, but not all disabilities "qualify". But check it out and apply! www.ssa.gov (Know that the majority of people that apply for disability are denied on the first attempt. In fact, I was denied back when I first applied. You must appeal there decision and keep trying. I did receive disability after appealing their decision and applying again.)

Depending on your level of Physical ability, consider one of these:

  • Drive for UBER or LYFT
  • Become an AVON Rep

If you're interested in going back to school, but seek something less physically demanding:

  • Graphic Designer
  • Telephone Nurse
  • Virtual Tutor

Check out this website for other career ideas: www.trade-schools.net/careers-for-people/who-are-disabled.asp


AVOID any website that sounds too good to be true, they require a fee to start, there are complaints online when you research them, or the website has no contact information.

Caylee Shea is a regular contributer to Disabled World.

Caylee Shea

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