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How to Make Money on eBay

  • Published: 2010-08-24 (Rev. 2014-03-15) - Contact: Julia Derby
  • Synopsis: Use these excellent free tips from successful eBay sellers to learn to sell on eBay and earn income at home.

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"Try writing your description as though there are no pictures of the item available, this will help make sure you include all the necessary details."

How to make money on eBay. No matter who you are you can learn to sell on eBay and earn income at home. Use these excellent tips from successful eBay sellers to create the listing that gets you the sale.

Write an eye-catching title

The title or headline of your listing is the first thing people see so make it powerful and grab the reader's attention. Include all the relevant keywords that potential buyers will be searching for. Nobody will look at your description if they can't find it. Popular keywords include brand or manufacturer name, model, color, size, year, origin, material and condition. If you are uncertain which keywords to use search the sold listings for your product and see which ones sold best. What are the commonly used keywords in these listings? Avoid unnecessary words such as "excellent" and "cool" as buyers hardly ever use these type of words when searching for an item. Exclamation points, stars and other symbols should never be used - they look unprofessional and immediately show you up as a novice. You have up to 55 characters for your title - make good use of them.

Write a detailed and enticing product description

Your description should thoroughly inform the buyer and create excitement about the item. Put yourself in the buyer's shoes and think about what you would like to know about the item before bidding. Include as much accurate physical detail about your item as you can. Try writing your description as though there are no pictures of the item available, this will help make sure you include all the necessary details. Then move on to the "appeal" part of your listing. What makes the item special? Write in a friendly and persuasive style as though you are talking to the bidder about the item. Write from the buyer's perspective using words like you and your. This personalizes the description and draws the reader in. At the end of your description you can include a Call to Action statement such as "Bid Now", or "Don't Miss Out..." to motivate the buyer to start bidding.

Include a professional-looking picture

If you want to make money on eBay you need to include a proper photo. Photos are essential to get the reader's interest and gain their trust. Take photographs of your item from different angles, get photos of any unusual features and special markings etc. Include as many photos as necessary to get a full picture of the item.

Set your starting price correctly

Research what other similar products are selling for and set a realistic starting price. Setting the right starting price will positively impact on bidding activity. eBay sellers generally find that setting a low starting price helps get higher bids and higher sales prices.

State your selling policies clearly

When writing an auction description it is essential to very clearly spell out your selling policies - what type of payments do you accept, your shipping policy, returns and guarantees. The buyer wants to be fully informed.

Double check everything before you submit your listing. People who submit listings with spelling errors, poor grammar and sloppy writing do not make money on eBay. A professional looking listing creates the impression that the whole auction and selling process will be properly managed.

Find out more about selling on eBay and making money with an eBay home business at Starting an eBay Business

Julia Derby has many years experience working in small business development. Her free website provides good ideas and practical advice for people who want enjoy all the benefits of a home based business.


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