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Jobs for Unemployed People with Disabilities

Author: Med Services Europe

Published: 2010-01-22 : (Rev. 2016-03-29)

Synopsis and Key Points:

The majority of people with disabilities are finding it harder today to find employment.

Main Digest

People with disabilities are finding it harder and harder to find employment.

While over all unemployment rate for the general population has passed 9%, the Bureau of Labor Statistics has announced that unemployment rate for people with disabilities is over 14%, at least 50% higher than the general population.

At the same time a study by the Allsup group, "shows the number of people applying for Social Security Disability Insurance benefits continues to climb, reaching a record-high 2.8 million applicants in 2009; the highest ever recorded and the highest year-over-year increase."

With the ever worsening economic conditions, disabled workers are often hit hardest. As employers have a greater and greater pool of candidates to select from, candidates with disabilities are often the last to be selected.

As a public service, Med Services Europe, a designer and distributor of innovative wheelchair accessories has published a new article:

No One Wants To Hire You? Consider These Jobs For People With Disabilities

The article includes ideas which may be new for many people with disabilities. For example, suggestions about how to turn your disability into an asset with employers.

Dr. Gene Emmer, President of Med Services Europe said "Everyone of us has unique characteristics which though unimportant or disadvantageous to some employers, will be seen as advantageous by other employers. This includes a disability. The trick is to determine who may be seeking your unique characteristics and why. Then combine your unique characteristics with the skills or training that make you the ideal candidate for a particular job."

The new article, "No One Wants To Hire You? Consider These Jobs For People With Disabilities" although copyright protected, is a public service from Med Services Europe now available online on the wheelchair website:

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