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Medical Coding Careers

  • Published: 2009-02-26 (Revised/Updated 2013-06-16) : Author: Heather Brunson
  • Synopsis: Tips for becoming a medical coder including future career potential for medical coders and transcription fields.

You've heard about the career potential for medical coders and want to join the field.

You enroll in an accredited medical coding course, but want to do more. What's the next step? You should learn about the medical coding industry!

In today's job market, you need to do more to get noticed. Stand out by being informed - find out the latest trends, current news and happenings in the medical coding field.

A survey conducted on behalf of The New York Times Job Market found that the majority of employers agree that keeping up-to-date in your field is important for conducting a successful job search. Get the knowledge to build a long-term and rewarding medical coding career. These easy tips can set you apart:

Subscribe to industry magazines - These are perfect sources of information!

You can learn a lot about the medical coding industry by subscribing to trade magazines. Stay on top of current news and trends, and gain access to different employment opportunities. Find out what topics are being covered and what is relevant in the industry today - if you talk the talk and walk the walk, you will get noticed!

Network with industry professionals

The ideal way to find out about an industry is to talk to people involved in it. Join a medical coding association and meet with other medical coders and health care professionals. Find out what issues people are talking about - ICD-10 compliance, CMS forms, medical coding training, etc. Networking is an invaluable way to get the information you need.

Conduct informational interviews

You can find out the "ins and outs" of the medical coding industry by talking to industry experts. Set up an informational interview with other medical coders, doctors or health care professionals. It is the perfect opportunity to speak one-on-one with an individual and ask pointed questions about what it is like being employed in the medical coding industry - What it's like to work as a medical coder? What does a typical day involve? What are the rewards or challenges of the field? What training do I need

Do your homework

There are unlimited resources at your fingertips! Use the Internet to research medical coding. Do you want to know about the career outlook? Do you want to determine your potential salary? You can find all of that and more through the use of your computer. You can also subscribe to online newsletters and e-mail updates. Find out what topics are relevant right now in the medical coding industry.

Today's job market requires a professional edge

Stand out by being well informed. When it comes to getting hired, your knowledge might make an employer favor you over another candidate and land you that ideal medical coding job. Now, get the information you need and show that you are a dedicated medical coding professional. Your medical coding career is waiting!

Reference: Article submitted by who have developed a comprehensive medical coding program curriculum especially for the online learning environment.

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