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Leadership Development Program for Career Professionals in Developmental Disabilities

  • Synopsis: Published: 2012-12-22 (Revised/Updated 2015-03-18) - NCCDD has unveiled a new program to help develop the leaders of the future for North Carolina organizations that work to serve people with disabilities. For further information pertaining to this article contact: North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities at -.

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The North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities has unveiled a new program to help develop the leaders of the future for North Carolina's organizations that work to serve people with disabilities. Recognizing that the heads of many of the nonprofits and agencies are slated to retire in the near future, the initiative seeks to ensure that these organizations will have progressive and knowledgeable leaders in the years ahead.

North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities is funding an initiative to provide early career leaders with the knowledge and skills to become transformational figures in the disabilities field in the future.

An innovative leadership development program to hone the professional skills and management abilities of individuals likely to lead agencies serving people in North Carolina with intellectual and developmental disabilities is seeking qualified candidates. This exceptional training program, funded by the North Carolina Council on Developmental Disabilities, features sessions with nationally recognized authorities in the field and varied activities to enhance leadership skills.

"The goal of the initiative is to identify and support emerging, early career leaders and give them the knowledge and skills needed to become transformational leaders who can significantly impact the lives of North Carolinians with disabilities and their families," said Holly Riddle, the Council's executive director.

Called Advancing Strong Leadership, the initiative will begin its first session in March 2013 and subsequent sessions in the year-long program will continue through February 2014.

Applications must be submitted by January 11, 2013. Individuals currently employed by organizations, including private and government agencies, that provide services to, advocate for, or fund community-based supports for people with developmental disabilities and their families, are eligible to apply.

Up to 25 individuals who have made a demonstrated commitment to the developmental disabilities field and have held increasingly responsible positions in support of people with such disabilities will be selected for participation in this year-long leadership development effort.

Those selected must have the support of their employing organization, and are required to participate in all seven sessions, which range from half-day to two and a half day sessions, some of which will be virtual.

Further information on the Initiative and application requirements is available on the Council's website. For questions and additional information, email Nancy Weiss, Director, National Leadership Consortium on Developmental Disabilities, University of Delaware:

The North Carolina Initiative is offered by the National Leadership Consortium at the University of Delaware, and supported by the NCCDD.

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