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U.K. Disability Employment: Information & Resources Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World United Kingdom category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-10-26Access to Work: Barriers to Work for Deaf and Disabled People
2017-09-29HoverCare - Accessibility Training Initiative by Hovertravel
2016-06-26Brexit Impact on UK Disability Employment
2014-04-04Disability Confident: Meaning & Information
2013-02-0333% of People on UK Incapacity Benefits Capable of Working
2013-01-15New Start up Support for UK Disabled Entrepreneurs
2012-07-31UK Work Choice Program Provides Incentive for Hiring People with Disabilities
2011-11-15Community Work for U.K. Long Term Unemployed
2011-07-11Consultation into UK Disability Employment Services
2011-06-09Review of Employment Support for Disabled
2011-03-31UK Jobseekers Told Take up Training or Losing Benefits
2011-03-24Website Matches UK Disabled Job Seekers with Genuine Employment Opportunities
2010-12-09Jobseekers Who Refuse to Take up Training Could Lose Their Benefits - UK
2010-12-05Employment Support for Disabled People RADAR Review
2010-11-22Many Remain Dependent on Benefits Despite Rise in Employment - UK News
2010-10-26Latest Data Shows Majority of People are Fit for Work - UK
2010-10-25Welfare Reform - New Employment Program for People with Disability - UK
2010-10-25Support to Help Single Parents Into Work - UK
2010-10-11UK Government Reforms Begin with Fitness for Work Assessments
2010-09-16Online Disability Employment Tool Launched for Europe
2010-09-15Rise in UK Private Sector Employment But 5M. Still on Benefits
2010-08-02Stopping Sex Jobs Being Advertised in UK Jobcentres
2010-07-31Work Must Always Pay and be Seen to Pay
2009-01-04Employment Law: Dismissals For Incapability
2009-01-01Shaw Trust Helping the Disabled Find Work in the UK

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