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Synopsis: Non-executive jobs serving a high percentage of minorities women disability and veteran groups. America's Job Exchange (AJE) is continuing the mission of America's Job Bank, one of job opportunity and provision of career tools to people seeking careers.


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America's Job Exchange (AJE) is continuing the mission of America's Job Bank, one of job opportunity and provision of career tools to people seeking careers.

People seeking employment can search the site for more than half a million jobs from employers who post directly to AJE, with access to millions of other job listing from partners.

The site has content related to careers, advice, and tools that can help people who are looking for work to manage their job search and overall careers. The new America's Job Exchange specializes in non-executive jobs that the majority of Americans are looking for, serving a high-percentage of minorities, women and veteran groups.

There are already greater than thirty-five thousand employers who are registered with AJE, there to reach to largest number of active job-seekers in America. For employers the site is a dream come true, with in excess of half a million registered job seeker resumes and candidates available and looking for work. Companies from every major job category and industry, to include Fortune 500 corporations, non-profit organizations, both small and medium-sized businesses, and government agencies, post not only local, but nationwide job openings on the America's Job Exchange site.

With more than two-million people visiting AJE every single month, conducting nearly five-million job searches and producing greater than ten-million page views, it is perhaps no wonder that many workforce development programs for state labor departments offer their career sites as part of the AJE network to assist job seekers as well as employers. A number of federal contractors also use the AJE site to augment their efforts to meet web-specific OFCCP distribution requirements. Whether you are a person who is looking for a dream job, or an employer who is looking for a superstar employee - America's Job Exchange is the place to go.

America's Job Exchange History

America's Job Exchange is continuing the legacy of America's Job Bank, which was a pioneer in online recruiting. America's Job Bank was started in the year 1995 by the Department of Labor and offered online search capabilities to people who were looking for work. The site introduced capabilities that were innovative, such as the ability to post a resume online, interactive posting, as well as career-related content to assist job seekers in preparing to find work. By the year 2000, America's Job Bank had become one of the largest employment sites in the United States. The program peaked by the year 2004, and the Department of Labor gradually slowed the program down, fully retiring America's Job Bank during the summer of 2007.

The original America's Job Bank was developed by Applied Theory Corporation and supported by NaviSite, Inc. which is a leading provider of enterprise hosting and application solutions. NaviSite, Inc. acquired Applied Theory in the year 2004, and once America's Job Bank was retired, NaviSite launched America's Job Exchange to continue the legacy of the job bank and its service to both job seekers and employers. Today, AJE continues relationships with many states and consortium's through creating and maintaining state career sites. AJE helps federal contractors try to meet their web-specific OFCCP distribution requirements as well. NaviSite is headquartered in Andover, Massachusetts.

Job seekers who come to the America's Job Exchange website find they have many options available to them, to include:

Salary Tools
Job Searches
Career Articles
Resume Posting
Job Scout Sign up
Resume Writing Tips
Cover Letter Assistance

The America's Job Exchange Team

The AJE team brings together both industry expertise and proven track records of development and growing leading Internet businesses in media and online recruiting. Each of the members of the AJE team has a deep passion to fulfill their mission of assisting people to advance their lives and careers. Some of the team leaders at America's Job Exchange include:

Rathin Sinha, President: Rathin is the person responsible for the overall growth and development of AJE, leading every strategic and operational effort. Before coming to AJE, he was the General Manager of the eCommerce division at, where he both founded and led aggressive growth of the SMB targeted self-service channel, making it the largest online recruiting industry. Previously, Rathin was the Vice President of Strategic Marketing at Standard Register, Senior Director of eCommerce at Kinko's, as well as a strategy consultant with the Mitchel Madison Group. He earned his M.B.A. From the UCLA Anderson School of Management, his M.S. From the University of California at Berkeley, and a B. Tech from the Indian Institute of Technology.

Tyler Toby, Advertising Products: Tyler is the person responsible for partnerships, syndication and sales of media and career products for AJE. He was the Managing Director of Syndication and Partnerships at previously, the leading online compensation site. Tyler is the person responsible for developing and managing the largest job posting engine,, until the time it was acquired; he also served as Founder/COO of IWS, Inc., and environmental technology corporation. Tyler earned his M.A. From the University of Massachusetts, as well as a B.A. From the University of Florida.

Ashley Bosselait, Customer Care: Ashley is the person responsible for maximizing customer satisfaction at AJE. Both Ashley and her team help customers with technical and usage issues, as well as ensuring that all facets of customer needs are served and met. She has a distinguished background in customer service from a number of leading corporations, both online and otherwise, to include,, and Sheraton Four Points Hotel.

Arun Saini, Technology Development: Arun is the person responsible for the development, enhancement, and maintenance of the AJE website and the technologies behind it. Both Arun and his team of developers work with the product managers to identify and implement new functionalities and enhancements, as well as managing every aspect of data-exchange and technological operations. In the past, Arun was Engineering Manager at GlobalLogic, where he managed the architecture and development of multiple web applications. Before that, Arun worked with Fidelity Investments, Veritas Software (now known as Symantec), and HCL Technologies. Arun has a Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering.

Ned Hogan, Internet Recruiting Sales: Ned is the person who leads AJE's inside sales team, using a consultative approach to assist customers in maximizing their return from the investments they make in recruitment advertising. Ned has a background as a recruiter at StaffingNow, as well as extensive sales experience in leading recruitment and technology companies to include and Hewlett Packard. Ned earned a Masters of Business Administration from Clark University and a Bachelors of Science degree from Keene State College -


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