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Employment Program Seeks to Hire 500 Disabled Vets in 2011

  • Synopsis: Published: 2011-01-31 - AloriCares initiative serves as a creative solution to assist disabled veterans with access and re-entry into the workforce. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Alorica Inc..

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Pioneering Employment Program Seeks to Hire 500 Disabled Vets in 2011 - AloriCares Initiative Embodies National Focus on Support of Military Families.

Alorica Inc. (, one of the premier providers of outsourced customer contact management services, today announced it has exceeded hiring projections ahead of schedule for its new veterans support initiative, AloriCares. With the success thus far of the pilot, the goal is to employ 500 disabled veterans by year's end, and to engage additional Fortune 500 companies in the initiative to provide work opportunities.

"The AloriCares initiative serves as a creative solution to assist disabled veterans with access and re-entry into the workforce, and reinforces the increased national focus on support of military families being spearheaded by First Lady Michelle Obama," said George Atchison, AloriCares Executive Director.

The First Lady appeared on the Oprah Winfrey show yesterday where she discussed her plans to launch a comprehensive national campaign to recognize, honor and provide ways for everyone to step up and answer the call to support military families.

AloriCares empowers veterans with an opportunity to earn a good wage and regain independence by working to provide customer care for leading Fortune 500 business customers. Veterans are trained to serve as front-line customer service representatives, as well as in supervisory, operational, and support functions.

Alorica launched AloriCares as a pilot in November, employing a small number of American veterans with disabilities with its client partner, a leading telecommunications provider. The veterans handle the client's business customer inquiries on the company's broad range of products and services. Since its November 2010 Atlanta launch, the AloriCares pilot has exceeded its initial target of employing at least 60 veterans by March 2011.

About Alorica Inc. -Alorica is a global leader in delivering BPO Customer contact management solutions. Alorica provides a variety of advanced customer contact management solutions such as customer care, technical support, sales, collections and social media services for Fortune 1000 companies mainly in the communications, technology, media, financial services, government, healthcare, automotive, retail and consumer product verticals. Alorica's specialty is providing flexibility to its clients while delivering high quality service. Headquartered in Chino, California with nearly 20,000 employees housed in 34 global contact management centers, Alorica provides unprecedented client support and attention. Alorica supports several customer communication channels including voice, email, chat and social media from onshore, near shore and offshore facilities. Additionally, Alorica provides fulfillment services and reverse logistics services through its U.S. logistics centers. For more information, please visit

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