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ULTRA Testing - Employment of People with Autism

Synopsis: ULTRA Testing employs high-functioning people with autism who have skill sets needed for software testing, pattern recognition and tolerance for repetition.1

Author: Thomas C. Weiss Contact: Disabled World

Published: 2014-07-29 Updated: 2016-10-14

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The number of digital footprints in the world today is increasing very rapidly, with more platforms, new applications, content and campaigns being launched each day. Yet launches may often be delayed or even worse - end in disaster because of inadequate or poor quality assurance and testing. Under-resourced in-house quality assurance teams as well as unreliable external vendors have left digital producers and developers with few options until now.

ULTRA Testing, founded in the year 2012 by two MIT engineers, is a New York based company that provides high quality software testing services via onshore teams of highly exceptional testers. ULTRA's competitive advantage springs from employment of high-functioning people with autism who have the precise skill set needed for software testing including attention to detail, pattern recognition and tolerance for repetition. For brands, developers and agencies requiring consistently high quality, ULTRA provides an extremely responsive and competitively priced software testing service. For the 1.5 million adults with autism in America, 80% of whom are unemployed, the company provides an opportunity to shine at their jobs in a working environment designed to completely utilize their exceptional skills and talents.

In fact, ULTRA Testing's competitive advantage comes from employment of high-functioning people with autism, who may have increased abilities that are an exact match for software testing. The company's teams are 100% onshore, can be quickly deployed and scaled up or down as needed. Autism spectrum disorders (ASD) affect 1.5 million adults and 1 in 68 children in America alone.

More than one-third of the population with autism, or around 500,000 adults, are high-functioning and have finished high school and/or college and may have increased abilities. Due to a combination of factors; however, to include difficulties with interpersonal communications and social interactions, 80% of this population is currently unemployed. Using cutting-edge tools, customized work-flows and specialized training, ULTRA Testing is unlocking the potential of this untapped and talented pool of people.

The company's incredible testers are paired with seasoned testing delivery managers who are not on the autism spectrum who work with client teams to make it effortless to use ULTRA Testing's services, freeing up valuable internal resources. Recruited from top tier interactive agencies, the company's testing delivery managers ensure the end-to-end execution of projects - from test planning and resourcing to wrap-up reporting.

For brands, developers and agencies requiring consistently high quality, the company provides a highly responsive and competitively priced software testing service. Whether it involves increased bug detection rates, reduced costs, or decreased cycle times - ULTRA Testing delivers first-rate results for their clients every single time. For high-functioning adults with autism, the company provides a great opportunity to excel at their jobs in a working environment designed to completely utilize their incredible talents.

Chart showing ULTRA Testing's services
Chart showing ULTRA Testing's services

The Services ULTRA Testing Offers

For brands, developers and agencies requiring consistently high quality software testing, the company provides a full suite of manual testing services for digital campaigns, websites, enterprise solutions and mobile applications. ULTRA Testing offers:

The services ULTRA Testing offers can be deployed on an as-directed basis, on fixed fee projects, as well as through retained teams.

The Founders of ULTRA Testing

One of the founders of ULTRA Testing is Rajesh Anandan. Rajesh is a growth strategist and social entrepreneur. After a period of time with Microsoft as a program manager, he joined Bain & Company where he concentrated on business growth strategy for media, technology, healthcare, financial services and retail clients. For the last ten years, Rajesh worked in the social sector, most recently building a $400 million portfolio as head of UNICEF Ventures. He has a B.S.c and M.Eng in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering from MIT with concentrations in Artificial Intelligence, Systems Dynamics and Economics.

Another founder of ULTRA Testing is Art Shectman. Art is a serial entrepreneur and technologist. He spent his career building new technologies and services and has extensive software engineering and systems integration experience with clients ranging from Fortune100 companies to venture-backed start-ups. Art is the founder of a number of start-ups, to include Elephant Ventures - a full service digital agency focused on cutting edge social, web, mobile and back-end software development. Art has a B.S.c in Mechanical Engineering from MIT with a concentration in Machine Learning.

ULTRA Testing's Partners

ULTRA Testing's partners include Asperger Syndrome Training & Employment Partnership. What follows is a description of this partner.

Asperger Syndrome Training & Employment Partnership (ASTEP): ASTEP is a non-profit organization whose mission is to increase the quality of life for people with Aspergers syndrome and high-functioning autism through suitable, sustainable employment. ASTEP is the bridge between qualified people with Aspergers syndrome and high-functioning people with autism and qualified corporations. The results are competitive employment for members of these populations with branding, financial, regulatory and moral benefits for corporations. You can visit ASTEP at

ULTRA Testing-

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