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Military Veterans Should Consider Federal Employment

  • Published: 2009-02-06 (Revised/Updated 2015-03-12) : Author: Barbara Adams : Contact: -
  • Synopsis: If making a military transition into a civilian job the government gives you opportunity to be a preferred candidate for government job openings.

When you decide that it is time to depart from the military and go back into the civilian world, you may want to think about getting a good Federal job.

There are plenty of government jobs to choose from and there is a demand for people coming out of military service to fill them. Here are the top five reasons you may want to prepare your professional resume for a job in Federal employment.

Federal Jobs Often Use Your Expertise

Depending on what you did in the military, many of the same tasks are also used elsewhere in Federal jobs. By looking around for Federal jobs that need similar expertise, you may find that you have become one of the most qualified for the position. Of course, this would make your military transition so much easier if you simply keep on doing basically what you are doing now - only out of uniform.

Preference Is Given To Ex-military

As a person who is making a military transition into a civilian job, the United States government gives you the opportunity to be a preferred candidate. Government job openings are required to show preference if you meet the qualifications. In fact, there are even certain forms that can be filled out proving that you have a priority claim. Professional resume services can help you learn more about this opportunity and are ready to help you look your best to potential Federal employers.

The testing that you may be required to go through for a Federal job will have some preference, too. Whatever your testing score may be, the testing officials are required to add 5 or 10 points to it. Even if you are disabled, the points are still added - resulting in a definite advantage for you.

Beyond the preference for being hired, though, you will find that it even goes to help keeping your job. If an agency needs to cut back on its employees, then they are required to hold on to their ex-military employees longer. So, this works on both ends of Federal jobs, making them much more secure than a regular civilian job.

Federal Jobs Have Great Benefits

While you were in the military, you noticed that the government provided for most of your needs. One reason that the government can take care of the needs of so many is simply because it is the biggest employer in the United States. Your tax dollars go to support it. By getting a job with Uncle Sam, many of those same benefits are extended to you. This means that you receive good pay, health benefits, and opportunities for retirement savings plans.

Work Just About Anywhere

You may have been one of those who joined the service to see the world. It certainly did give many an advantage to travel and see things most others could never see. The nice thing about government jobs is that you still can live in and see other parts of the world. Many Federal jobs are open literally around the world and there may be a spot for you in some exotic place.

Qualified Training Puts You At Distinct Advantage

The military gave you a lot of valuable training. While some of it may be more useful than other training in the civilian world, you training combined with real experience puts you in the forefront when it comes to getting a Federal job. Now all you need to do is to get it down on paper in such a way that it would grab the attention of any Human Relations Director - and land you the job.

As you begin to make your plans concerning your discharge, you will need to think about contacting a professional resume service. Start early, so that it can be well-polished before you get out - and to get a jump on the next person also making that military transition. Federal employment opportunities are open - but they will not wait forever.

Reference: Barbara Adams, President & CEO of CareerPro Global, the parent company of and has been a member of the careers community for the past 17 years. Ms. Adams and holds four prestigious industry certifications. CareerProPlus is one the fastest growing Military, Federal and Civilian Resume Writing and Careers Coaching companies in the industry. Barbara's team of Certified Professional Federal and Military Resume Writers assist thousands of clients applying for and gaining employment each year. Questions may be emailed to

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