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Published: 2009/10/19 - Updated: 2011/08/27
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Synopsis: Assisting persons with disabilities in maintaining employment while advancing their careers.


Worksupport's purpose is to study supports that are the most effective where assisting persons with disabilities in maintaining employment while advancing their careers. The people who are the main focus of their many projects are people with disabilities, with an emphasis on people who are unemployed, underemployed, or who are at risk of losing the employment they do have.

Main Digest

Worksupport specifically targets people from populations that are traditionally underrepresented who are from racial and ethnic backgrounds because they are among the most at risk in America. They also involve families, rehabilitation professionals, and people who are working in business and industry.

The organization has a number of organizations and groups involved with them to assist in reaching their goals. Worksupport collaborates with experts in education, rehabilitation, business, the disability community, and employment. Among those that the organization collaborates with are:

Manpower, Inc.
Habeck and Associates
Norfolk State University
VCU Business Roundtable
U.S. Chamber of Commerce
Society of Human Resource Professionals
Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Worksupport Projects

The website is designed for the VCU-RRTC on Workplace Supports and Job Retention. There are a number of projects that are listed on the site that are highly-relevant to people with disabilities.

Business Connections: Business Connections at VCU is a supported employment service provider for people in the Metro Richmond and Fredericksburg areas. It assists people with disabilities with finding employment and providing ongoing support to those who gain employment.

Business Roundtable: The VCU Business Roundtable is a business forum for identifying and addressing factors that inhibit industries from hiring people with disabilities.

Going to College: Going-to-College is a new website designed for high school students that has information about living college life with a disability.

HVRP Technical Assistance Center: The VCU National Technical Assistance center provides technical assistance and training to Homeless Veterans Reintegration Projects(HVRPs) across the country as they help with reintegrating homeless veterans into employment.

PDA - VCU Professional Development Academy: The VCU PDA promotes the ability of faculty and staff on the VCU campus to serve students with disabilities.

Promoting Partnerships and Employment for Virginians with Disabilities: This project is developing and implementing an initiative promoting partnerships between public and private sectors in order to increase employment in state government agencies for people with disabilities.

Start-Up-USA: START-UP - USA provides technical assistance and disseminates resources on a national basis to people interested in pursuing self-employment. It also provides assistance to three sub-national projects.

Telework as an Accommodation for Employees with Disabilities: This three-year project is developing research models to predict successful entry or re-entry into employment using telework options.

Telework Pilot Research Project: This project helping veterans and others with disabilities to get the training and equipment that they need to find telecommuting jobs.

Work Incentive Planning & Assistance National Training Center (WIPA-NTC): WIPA program provides timely and accurate information to beneficiaries on SSA's work incentives and additional federal efforts to remove regulatory and programmatic barriers to employment for persons with disabilities.

Advanced Research Training Program: This project is an advanced rehabilitation research training program for individuals with advanced degrees who are committed to a career in rehabilitation research with a focus on neuro-behavioral recovery and intervention.

(COVE) VCU Certifying Online Virginia Educators: The VCU COVE Program is a combined effort of the Department of Special Education and Disability Policy at VCU, the Virginia Department of Education, and school divisions in Superintendents Regions 1 & 8.

The Employment Discrimination Experience of Americans with Diabetes: This project documents the employment discrimination experience of Americans with diabetes.

(PM&R) VCU Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation: This department conducts research in the areas of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), Spinal Cord Injury (SCI), Pulmonary, Return to Work, and Pain Management.

Center for Rehabilitation Science and Engineering (CERSE): CERSE fosters trans-disciplinary rehabilitation research and training at VCU that will lead to cutting-edge translational outcomes.

VCU's National Coordination, Outreach and Research Center (CORC): VCU's National Coordination, Outreach and Research Center (CORC) enhances and improves the effectiveness of NIDRR's network of 10 regional Americans with Disabilities Act resource centers.

VCU Project Empowerment: Improving Minority Disability Research Capacity: This project identifies and evaluates current practice and methods in the conduct of minority disability research and increases capacity in this area.

Capacity: Affiliated Projects
Social Security Study Database
VCU-ASD Career Links (Autism Spectrum Disorders)
Department of Special Education and Disability Policy
Training and Technical Assistance to Providers (T-TAP)

Worksupport and Training

Worksupport offers training events that are designed and developed to meet the needs of people with disabilities as well as families, rehabilitation professionals, and others who are working in both business and industry. They gather information from surveys, participation satisfaction, focus groups, and input from people who collaborate with them. They use this information to revise training events, prioritize their efforts, and verify that the training they provide is dispersing their research results according to the following criteria:

Content is based on research studies
Training materials and locations are accessible
Appropriate and accessible target groups are identified
Training methods are of high quality, intensity, and duration
Materials, methods, and content are relevant to the needs of target audience -

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