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Disability Loans Grants and Low Income Finance Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Loans Grants and Finance category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-11-17CSD Learns Awarded $75,000 Grant from Wells Fargo
2017-04-28Adults with Disabilities Remain Outside Economic Mainstream
2017-03-26Finance Now Available on Mountain Trike All-terrain Products
2017-01-25Kessler Foundation Grants $2.5M in Support of Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities
2017-01-19USDA Announces Funding to Support People with Disabilities in Agriculture
2016-12-08ABLE for ALL Savings Plan For People with Disabilities
2016-09-22Conquer Paralysis Now Announces New Grants to Researchers Working to Cure Paralysis
2016-09-12Breaking Barriers: Grants Supporting Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Jewish Life
2016-09-06For Low-income Households High Utility Bills Trigger Anxiety and Depression
2016-06-30$15.6M in Grants to Help People with Disabilities to Thrive in the Workforce - Department of Labor
2016-05-23Student Loans Linked With Lower Net Worth and Housing Values After College
2016-05-11$800,000 Grant Through Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities
2016-05-02Joint Efforts to Protect and Support Student Loan Borrowers
2016-04-21New Federal Student Loan Repayment Forgiveness Programs
2016-04-05Assistive Technology Loan Program in New York
2016-02-25Wanted: Ideas for Devices or Services to Improve Lives of People with Disabilities
2015-12-04Outstanding Fines & Fees Create Prisoners of Debt
2015-01-26Disability Rights Fund 2015 Request for Proposals
2014-09-25$15M in Grants Announced to Improve Disability Employment Opportunities
2014-08-22Why Your Credit Rating Score Is So Important
2014-06-26$1.85M in Funding Available to Improve Employment for People with Disabilities
2014-05-29Disability Employment Initiative - $15M in Grants
2014-01-26U.S. Veterans Affairs (VA) Home Loans Amount by County for 2014
2013-06-04Funds Available for Disability Advocacy Education
2013-01-06New Student Loan Repayment Plan Proposed by Federal Government
2012-12-142013 VA Loan Limit Amounts
2012-10-29Harassment from Anonymous Debt Collectors
2012-07-30Medical Bills Driving Women into Debt
2012-04-23Obtaining Money Quickly Without Good Credit in Today's Economy
2012-03-09$346 Million in Grants US Department of Labor
2011-12-30Consequences of Student Loan Default
2011-12-12Garnishing Bank Accounts Containing Federal Benefits
2011-10-03Don't Pay Full Price for Anything - On-Line Savings Challenge
2011-09-12Student Loan Debt - Undue Hardship Assistance
2011-08-21AARP Foundation Grants Program Helps Seniors Meet Everyday Needs
2011-05-23Mini-Grants to 25 Non-Profit Service Organizations - Amscot Financial
2011-04-28Declaring Bankruptcy May be Better than Foreclosure
2011-04-26Rebuilding Credit Rating with Prepaid Credit Cards
2011-03-26We Pay Your Bills - Extend Your Bill Payment Time with BillFloat
2011-02-17Grants to Help Seniors, People with Disabilities Access Benefits
2011-02-05Bankruptcy Fears for Aging Population
2011-01-29Online Cash Advance Loans Service
2010-11-09Finding Sponsors to Assist Individuals and Teams that Need Sponsorship
2010-11-08Wealth Accumulation Years - Plan for the Years Ahead
2010-11-08Recovering Lost Money in Australia
2010-10-25$2M. Grant Will Help People with Disabilities Study Science
2010-10-11Falling Annuity Rates to Lead to More Equity Release Schemes
2010-10-07CDC Grant Funds for Congenital Cytomegalovirus Research
2010-10-06Women with Disabilities Get Help Through DOJ Grant
2010-10-05FDA Awards Nearly $3M for TB Research
2010-09-22HUD HECM Products Benefit Seniors by Maximizing Equity Access
2010-09-20Discharge or Non Dischargeable - Taxes, Loans and Bankruptcy
2010-09-14Kelly Brush Ride Raises $275,000 for SCI Research and Prevention
2010-09-12Debt Relief Solutions: Practical Steps to Get Out of Debt
2010-09-05The Future of the U.S. Dollar
2010-09-01National Federation of the Blind Eligible to Receive Grant of $250,000
2010-08-27HUD Shares Plans for New Reverse Mortgage Option
2010-08-25Loan Guarantors - Guarantee a Loan at Your Own Risk
2010-08-24Verizon Awards $55,000 to Nonprofits That Use Technology to Help Persons with Disabilities
2010-08-18$1Million Dollars Awarded for Disability Research
2010-08-14Credit Card Debt Relief Options
2010-08-03Office of Disability Employment Policy $2.3M in Funding for Add Us In Initiative
2010-07-30Seniors Week Grants Program - NSW, Australia
2010-07-20Direct Deposit Push Exposes Social Security Recipients to Bank Payday Loans
2010-07-17Choosing Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation
2010-07-12Debt Relief Grants for People with Disability
2010-06-17Donation of All-terrain Wheelchairs for The People of Haiti
2010-06-15Housing Assistance for Non-Elderly Persons with Disabilities
2010-06-10Critical Research Initiatives in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy
2010-05-17NAMM Foundation Music Learning Programs for People of All Ages
2010-05-16Total and Permanent Disability Claims on Private Student Loans
2010-03-11Grants Available for Children's Medical Expenses
2010-02-04Former Marine Raising Funds for Double Lung Transplant
2010-01-23Disability and First Home Buyers Tax Credit - Canada
2009-12-14Donations Keep SOFTIN Working
2009-12-09VA Home Loan Program Still a Success
2009-09-17Donate to SOFTIN
2009-09-12Grant to Fund HIV and AIDS Prevention and Care Efforts in Africa
2009-09-08Sailboat & Slip Donated if SOFTIN Can Cover Expenses
2009-08-29Changing Mentalities During a Day of Serving Special-needs
2009-08-12Financial Assistance to Support Nurses
2009-08-04Grants.Gov Offers New Feature on Applying for ARRA Federal Grants
2009-07-31HHS Administration for Children & Families - Grants Available
2009-07-30Grants.Gov: Federal Grants for Everyday Americans
2009-07-30U.S. Recovery Act-funded Research Projects Aid Communities
2009-04-14Unemployed Loans - Finance for the Unemployed
2009-03-23Trimming the Monthly Household Budget
2009-02-24VA Refinance Loans Help During Tough Economic Times
2009-02-06Government Disability Grants Information and Websites
2009-02-06Veterans Affair Home Loans
2009-02-06Disability Housing and Home Loans for Disabled Americans
2009-02-06First Home Owners Guide to Mortgages
2009-02-06Australian Low Income and Disability Home Loans
2009-02-06US Veteran Home Loans and Tax Benefits
2008-09-23Grants for Homeless Veterans

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