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Disability Loans Grants and Low Income Finance Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Loans Grants and Finance category. Though some documents may have since been updated, or revised, they are still listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

Disability Loans Grants and Low Income Finance
2018-04-17 : Student Loan Discharge Process for Disabled Veterans Made Easier : Simplifying the loan forgiveness process and proactively identifying veterans with federal student loans who may be eligible for a discharge.
2018-04-16 : UTA Grant to Help Minority Students Link Assistive Technology with Disability Studies : Assistive technology program will teach undergraduate students, especially minority and female students and those with disabilities, how to design assistive technology to help reduce barriers faced by people with disabilities.
2017-11-17 : CSD Learns Awarded $75,000 Grant from Wells Fargo : Communications Services for the Deaf Learns awarded $75,000 grant from Wells Fargo for a pilot American Sign Language Financial Education Series.
2017-04-28 : Adults with Disabilities Remain Outside Economic Mainstream : NDI report finds since the ADA was signed into law individuals with disabilities still face numerous hurdles and roadblocks to financial inclusion.
2017-03-26 : Finance Now Available on Mountain Trike All-terrain Products : Finance packages are now available for Mountain Trike high-end all terrain wheelchairs.
2017-01-25 : Kessler Foundation Grants $2.5M in Support of Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities : Kessler Foundation has awarded nearly 2.5 million in grants to organizations across the U.S. to support initiatives that create or expand job training and employment initiatives for people with disabilities.
2017-01-19 : USDA Announces Funding to Support People with Disabilities in Agriculture : Available funding for State and regional projects that provide education, assistive technology and support to current and prospective farmers and ranchers with disabilities.
2016-12-08 : ABLE for ALL Savings Plan For People with Disabilities : ABLE for ALL Savings Plan allows people with disabilities and their families to have greater financial freedom and the ability to save for the future.
2016-09-22 : Conquer Paralysis Now Announces New Grants to Researchers Working to Cure Paralysis : Conquer Paralysis Now announces it has awarded $400,000 in grants to winners of the second round of the Conquer Paralysis Now Challenge.
2016-09-12 : Breaking Barriers: Grants Supporting Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Jewish Life : Breaking Barriers matching grant program will promote inclusion of people with disabilities in all aspects of Jewish communal life.
2016-09-06 : For Low-income Households High Utility Bills Trigger Anxiety and Depression : Study examines how household utilities, which account for a large share of living expenses, are a critical measurement of material hardship.
2016-06-30 : $15.6M in Grants to Help People with Disabilities to Thrive in the Workforce - Department of Labor : DOL announces availability of $15.6 million in grants to increase participation of youth and adults with disabilities in federally funded education and training programs.
2016-05-23 : Student Loans Linked With Lower Net Worth and Housing Values After College : Study reveals student loan debt may negatively impact ability to accumulate wealth after they graduate or drop out of college.
2016-05-11 : $800,000 Grant Through Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities : Neil Squire Society awarded $800,000 USD grant from through the Google Impact Challenge: Disabilities.
2016-05-02 : Joint Efforts to Protect and Support Student Loan Borrowers : Departments of Education and Treasury and the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau announce new joint efforts to protect and support student loan borrowers.
2016-04-21 : New Federal Student Loan Repayment Forgiveness Programs : President Obama and his administration plan to forgive $7.7 billion in federal student loans held by Americans that are currently disabled.
2016-04-05 : Assistive Technology Loan Program in New York : National Disability Institute, Spring Bank and Bronx Independent Living Services launch Assistive Technology Loan Program in New York.
2016-02-25 : Wanted: Ideas for Devices or Services to Improve Lives of People with Disabilities : NIDILRR Small Business Innovative Research program inviting ideas for devices or service applications for its Phase I competition.
2015-12-04 : Outstanding Fines & Fees Create Prisoners of Debt : Legal fines and fees disproportionately impact poorer people, who are more likely to be arrested and charged.
2015-01-26 : Disability Rights Fund 2015 Request for Proposals : The Disability Rights Fund (DRF) announces its first 2015 grants round, Advancing Rights and Development - Beyond 2015.
2015-01-13 : Crowdfunding Legal Expenses Such as Litigation, Court or Trial Defense : Information relating to plaintiffs or defendants crowdfunding legal expenses such as litigation and court or trial defense costs.
2014-09-25 : $15M in Grants Announced to Improve Disability Employment Opportunities : Grants will help expand capacity of local American Job Centers to improve employment outcomes for youth and adults with disabilities.
2014-08-22 : Why Your Credit Rating Score Is So Important : Information regarding building and maintaining a good credit rating or score and why it is so important for your future.
2014-06-26 : $1.85M in Funding Available to Improve Employment for People with Disabilities : ODEP announces funding to manage and operate National Employer Policy, Research and Technical Assistance Center on employment of people with disabilities.
2014-05-29 : Disability Employment Initiative - $15M in Grants : Availability of $15 million in grants to state workforce agencies to develop strategies to increase participation of people with disabilities in career pathways programs in public workforce system.
2014-01-26 : U.S. Veterans Affairs (VA) Home Loans Amount by County for 2014 : Chart showing county home loan amounts guaranteed by the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs for 2014.
2013-06-04 : Funds Available for Disability Advocacy Education : Self-advocates and parents raising children with disabilities can apply to NC Council for Developmental Disabilities for funds needed to attend conferences or educational seminars.
2013-01-06 : New Student Loan Repayment Plan Proposed by Federal Government : U.S. government considering change to student loan repayment system hoping the move will reduce default rates while improving fairness in the system.
2012-12-14 : 2013 VA Loan Limit Amounts : Veterans can expect the conforming VA loan limit to remain at $417,000 for most U.S. counties.
2012-10-29 : Harassment from Anonymous Debt Collectors : Debt collectors must comply with laws protecting against unfair abusive or deceptive conduct and cannot harass with threats profanities or lies to collect a debt.
2012-07-30 : Medical Bills Driving Women into Debt : Report indicates 26% of women in the United States struggle with paying medical bills.
2012-04-23 : Obtaining Money Quickly Without Good Credit in Today's Economy : As a business that began over 30 years ago to provide a better loan option Chapes-JPL are now a nationwide asset based lender.
2012-03-09 : $346 Million in Grants US Department of Labor : U.S. Department of Labor grants through Senior Community Service Employment Program to provide community service based job training opportunities for unemployed older Americans.
2011-12-30 : Consequences of Student Loan Default : Defaulting on federal student loans can have disastrous consequences as the government can garnish wages withhold tax returns and place liens on personal property.
2011-12-12 : Garnishing Bank Accounts Containing Federal Benefits : Before the rules went into effect impoverished Americans receiving federal benefits suffered while accounts were frozen by creditors looking to garnish their assets.
2011-10-03 : Don't Pay Full Price for Anything - On-Line Savings Challenge : Online savings challenge encouraging web users to pay less than full price for everything they buy.
2011-09-12 : Student Loan Debt - Undue Hardship Assistance : Tips and assistance for those burdened with high loan payments on student loan debts.
2011-08-21 : AARP Foundation Grants Program Helps Seniors Meet Everyday Needs : AARP Foundation grant making program supports commitment to changing lives of vulnerable older Americans by meeting their everyday needs food housing income and personal connections.
2011-05-23 : Mini-Grants to 25 Non-Profit Service Organizations - Amscot Financial : Amscot Financial has made mini-grants of $100 to $1,000 to 25 non-profit service organizations in its 15-county service area.
2011-04-28 : Declaring Bankruptcy May be Better than Foreclosure : For many homeowners foreclosure may seem like the only option however in many cases declaring bankruptcy may help save your house.
2011-04-26 : Rebuilding Credit Rating with Prepaid Credit Cards : Prepaid credit cards are often the best method to help improve your credit ratings quickly.
2011-03-26 : We Pay Your Bills - Extend Your Bill Payment Time with BillFloat : Have an urgent bill that needs paying immediately BillFloat pays your bills for you now and you repay them back later.
2011-02-17 : Grants to Help Seniors, People with Disabilities Access Benefits : Grants to organizations for finding and enrolling economically vulnerable older Americans and younger adults with disabilities into public benefits programs.
2011-02-05 : Bankruptcy Fears for Aging Population : The past few years have seen a sharp uptick in bankruptcy filings across age economic and cultural lines.
2011-01-29 : Online Cash Advance Loans Service : Cash advance loans offering that now available in the states of Mississippi Utah South Dakota Wisconsin and Missouri.
2010-11-09 : Finding Sponsors to Assist Individuals and Teams that Need Sponsorship : Sponsor121 aims to connect sponsors and sponsorship seekers more efficiently in a transparent online marketplace.
2010-11-08 : Wealth Accumulation Years - Plan for the Years Ahead : If you are between the ages of 55 and 65, retirement is no longer a hypothetical time of life.
2010-11-08 : Recovering Lost Money in Australia : Wealth Finders provides a service to both Australian and International clients by assisting individuals and companies to recover money to which they have a legal entitlement.
2010-10-25 : $2M. Grant Will Help People with Disabilities Study Science : Students who wish to study science but face hurdles because of physical impairments have new options thanks to grant awarded to Purdue University.
2010-10-11 : Falling Annuity Rates to Lead to More Equity Release Schemes : Experts are predicting that poor annuity rates forecasts will lead to an increase in the number of retirees opting for equity release schemes.
2010-10-07 : CDC Grant Funds for Congenital Cytomegalovirus Research : Cytomegalovirus or CMV is a virus that causes disease in infants who are infected before birth.
2010-10-06 : Women with Disabilities Get Help Through DOJ Grant : The grant will primarily be carried out in Cookeville Tennessee and will work closely with The Clover Bottom Developmental Center.
2010-10-05 : FDA Awards Nearly $3M for TB Research : Grant to support research projects that will help with the diagnosis treatment and prevention of tuberculosis (TB).
2010-09-22 : HUD HECM Products Benefit Seniors by Maximizing Equity Access : HUD new HECM Saver product and updated Standard product offer seniors and consumers needed flexibility and financially beneficial options.
2010-09-20 : Discharge or Non Dischargeable - Taxes, Loans and Bankruptcy : How you can tell if your debts are likely to be discharged when you declare bankruptcy.
2010-09-14 : Kelly Brush Ride Raises $275,000 for SCI Research and Prevention : Kelly Brush Century Ride drew 675 riders and raised $275,000 for spinal cord injury prevention and research on Saturday.
2010-09-12 : Debt Relief Solutions: Practical Steps to Get Out of Debt : Money managing hints tips and steps to take to help get out of debt including credit card debts.
2010-09-05 : The Future of the U.S. Dollar : The World is concerned that the United States U.S. dollar cannot play the role of the main reserve currency any longer.
2010-09-01 : National Federation of the Blind Eligible to Receive Grant of $250,000 : The National Federation of the Blind is in the running for a grant award of $250,000 from the Pepsi Refresh project.
2010-08-27 : HUD Shares Plans for New Reverse Mortgage Option : Lower Upfront Costs Feature of New Version of FHA Home Equity Conversion Mortgages.
2010-08-25 : Loan Guarantors - Guarantee a Loan at Your Own Risk : A loan guarantor is someone who accedes to be accountable legally liable for the repayment of the borrowers debt in case of default.
2010-08-24 : Verizon Awards $55,000 to Nonprofits That Use Technology to Help Persons with Disabilities : Technology is the pipeline to opportunity especially for people with disabilities.
2010-08-18 : $1Million Dollars Awarded for Disability Research : Funding for research projects through a cooperative agreement with CDC National Center on Birth Defects and Developmental Disabilities.
2010-08-14 : Credit Card Debt Relief Options : Credit card debt relief is a viable option for the most devastating problems of debt.
2010-08-03 : Office of Disability Employment Policy $2.3M in Funding for Add Us In Initiative : US Labor Department's Office of Disability Employment Policy announces $2.3 million in funding for Add Us In initiative.
2010-07-30 : Seniors Week Grants Program - NSW, Australia : 175,000 available to help community organizations and local councils to fund activities to celebrate 2011 NSW Seniors Week in March.
2010-07-20 : Direct Deposit Push Exposes Social Security Recipients to Bank Payday Loans : Recipients of Social Security benefits by direct deposit will expose seniors to predatory payday loans made by banks.
2010-07-17 : Choosing Bankruptcy or Debt Consolidation : Finance information on deciding between bankruptcy filing or debt consolidation.
2010-07-12 : Debt Relief Grants for People with Disability : Discusses a number of grant options for persons with disabilities and the ill to get out of debt such as credit card debts.
2010-06-17 : Donation of All-terrain Wheelchairs for The People of Haiti : Donation of 50 all-terrain wheelchairs by the employees of the Canadian office of Halliburton.
2010-06-15 : Housing Assistance for Non-Elderly Persons with Disabilities : Thousands of Americans with disabilities will have housing assistance specifically targeted to meet their needs.
2010-06-10 : Critical Research Initiatives in Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy : Duchenne the most common form of childhood muscular dystrophy is a progressive and fatal muscle disorder affecting boys and young men.
2010-05-17 : NAMM Foundation Music Learning Programs for People of All Ages : NAMM music industry 25 recipients of the NAMM Foundations 2010-2011 program grants to support innovative community based music learning programs.
2010-05-16 : Total and Permanent Disability Claims on Private Student Loans : Securian Wins Contract for Administering Total and Permanent Disability Claims on Private Student Loans.
2010-03-11 : Grants Available for Children's Medical Expenses : Financial grant assistance to pay for child health care treatments services or equipment.
2010-02-04 : Former Marine Raising Funds for Double Lung Transplant : Survival depends on generosity of the American people in to raise $1 million for life-saving procedure his insurance company will not cover.
2010-01-23 : Disability and First Home Buyers Tax Credit - Canada : Information on Disability and the Canadian First Home Buyers Tax Credit (HBTC).
2009-12-14 : Donations Keep SOFTIN Working : Donations have helped SOFTIN to continue to provide services to our special-needs community.
2009-12-09 : VA Home Loan Program Still a Success : Mortgage loans backed by Department of Veterans Affairs had lower foreclosure rate than other home loans.
2009-09-17 : Donate to SOFTIN : Donate to SOFTIN a nonprofit organization serving the special needs community.
2009-09-12 : Grant to Fund HIV and AIDS Prevention and Care Efforts in Africa : HIV/AIDS education, care, counseling and other assistance for people with disabilities.
2009-09-08 : Sailboat & Slip Donated if SOFTIN Can Cover Expenses : A kind and wonderful couple offered to donate their sailboat a Cal 25 and slip to SOFTIN.
2009-08-29 : Changing Mentalities During a Day of Serving Special-needs : Running consecutive trips for groups with vastly different special-needs can be a mental and emotional workout.
2009-08-12 : Financial Assistance to Support Nurses : Loans to nurses who agree to practice in facilities with critical shortages and schools of nursing to provide loans to students who will become nurse faculty.
2009-08-04 : Grants.Gov Offers New Feature on Applying for ARRA Federal Grants : is the single government-wide source for information about grant programs across the federal government.
2009-07-31 : HHS Administration for Children & Families - Grants Available : Grants available at HHS Administration for Children and Families include Student Grant Reviewer Pilot Program, Discretionary Grants, Head Start Replacement Grants, and Mandatory Funding.
2009-07-30 : Grants.Gov: Federal Grants for Everyday Americans : There has been a lot of hype associated with federal grants on infomercials and websites in reference guides and books advertising millions of dollars in free money.
2009-07-30 : U.S. Recovery Act-funded Research Projects Aid Communities : Since passage of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act thousands of research awards have been made supporting important scientific efforts.
2009-04-14 : Unemployed Loans - Finance for the Unemployed : Obtaining loans and financial assistance for people on unemployment benefits with no collateral.
2009-03-23 : Trimming the Monthly Household Budget : Ideas to help cut costs spend less and balance the family budget yet still have a better life.
2009-02-24 : VA Refinance Loans Help During Tough Economic Times : Relief may be in sight now Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2008 has established new and better VA loan conditions.
2009-02-06 : Government Disability Grants Information and Websites : Disability grant information and list of websites offering available government grants for disabled people.
2009-02-06 : Veterans Affair Home Loans : Many veterans may not know that a VA home loan carries with it caps for closing costs which can save the borrower a lot of money.
2009-02-06 : Disability Housing and Home Loans for Disabled Americans : List of home loan providers in the US states who lend money for home purchases and housing down payment loans to people with disabilities and low income earners.
2009-02-06 : First Home Owners Guide to Mortgages : Things to know regarding steps a home mortgage lender uses to decide if you qualify for a home buyer loan.
2009-02-06 : Australian Low Income and Disability Home Loans : Listing of low income loans and housing subsidies in Australian states including disability and Aboriginal loan programs.
2009-02-06 : US Veteran Home Loans and Tax Benefits : A list of what each US state offers veterans in regards to home loans tax exemptions and tax benefits.
2008-09-23 : Grants for Homeless Veterans : Homeless veterans in 35 states the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico will get more assistance thanks to Department of Veterans Affairs.

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