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U.S. Disability Loans and Grants Publications
Document TitlePeer ReviewedPublishedUpdated
HUD Unveils $212 Million Funding Opportunity to Enhance Accessible Housing Choices for Individuals with DisabilitiesN/A2023/10/112023/12/10
Technology and Financial Inclusion for Persons with DisabilitiesYes2022/07/142023/09/20
COVID Assistance for NY Renters and Small BusinessYes2021/05/282023/10/01
Portland Anti-Racism, Disability and Transformative Justice GrantsN/A2021/04/302023/11/30
HALO Home Renovation Loans for Seniors and DisabledN/A2019/01/092022/05/18
World's Largest Autism Grant Will Transform ASD ResearchN/A2018/06/182023/11/30
Student Loan Discharge Process for Disabled Veterans Made EasierN/A2018/04/172023/11/29
UTA Grant to Help Minority Students Link Assistive Technology and Disability StudiesYes2018/04/162023/11/30
CSD Learns Awarded $75,000 Grant from Wells FargoN/A2017/11/172022/04/27
Adults with Disabilities Remain Outside Economic MainstreamN/A2017/04/282023/11/30
Finance Now Available on Mountain Trike All-terrain ProductsN/A2017/03/262023/09/21
Kessler Foundation in Support of Employment Opportunities for People with Disabilities GrantsN/A2017/01/252023/06/02
USDA Announces Funding to Support People with Disabilities in AgricultureN/A2017/01/192023/10/04
ABLE for ALL Savings Plan for U.S. DisabledN/A2016/12/082023/11/30
Grants to Researchers Working to Cure ParalysisN/A2016/09/222023/11/30
Grants Supporting Inclusion of People with Disabilities in Jewish LifeN/A2016/09/122023/11/30
The Link Between High Utility Bills and Emotional DistressN/A2016/09/062023/11/30
Association Between Student Loans, Decreased Net Worth, and Housing Values Post-GraduationN/A2016/05/232023/11/30
$800,000 Grant Through Google Impact Challenge: DisabilitiesN/A2016/05/112023/11/30
Protecting and Supporting Student Loan BorrowersN/A2016/05/022023/11/29
U.S. Federal Student Loan Repayment ForgivenessN/A2016/04/212023/11/29
Assistive Technology Loan Program in New YorkN/A2016/04/052023/11/30
Outstanding Fines and Fees Create Prisoners of DebtN/A2015/12/042023/11/30
Crowdfunding for Legal Expenses in Litigation, Court, or Trial DefenseN/A2015/01/132023/11/30
$15M in Grants Announced to Improve Disability Employment OpportunitiesN/A2014/09/252023/11/30
Why a Good Credit Rating Score is EssentialN/A2014/08/222023/11/30
Funds Available for Disability Advocacy EducationN/A2013/06/042023/11/30
New U.S. Student Loan Repayment Plan ProposedN/A2013/01/062023/11/29
Anonymous Debt Collectors Engaging in HarassmentN/A2012/10/292023/11/30
Unrelenting Medical Expenses Pushing Women into Financial HardshipN/A2012/07/302023/11/30
Obtaining Money Quickly Without Good CreditN/A2012/04/232023/11/29
The Ripple Effects of Defaulting on Student Loans: Unveiling the ConsequencesN/A2011/12/302023/11/29
Protecting Federal Benefits: New Measures Limit Garnishment of Bank AccountsN/A2011/12/122023/11/30
Student Loan Debt: Undue Hardship AssistanceN/A2011/09/122023/11/29
Considering Bankruptcy as an Alternative to Foreclosure: Exploring Your OptionsN/A2011/04/282023/11/29
Use Prepaid Credit Cards to Rebuild Your Credit ScoreN/A2011/04/262023/11/26
BillFloat: Providing Extended Bill Payment Time to Help You Manage Your ExpensesN/A2011/03/262023/11/29
Grants to Help Seniors, People with Disabilities Access BenefitsN/A2011/02/172023/11/29
Bankruptcy Fears of Our Aging PopulationN/A2011/02/052023/11/28
$2M Grant To Help People with Disabilities Study ScienceYes2010/10/252023/11/27
CDC Grant for Congenital Cytomegalovirus ResearchYes2010/10/072023/11/27
Taxes, Loans and Bankruptcy: Discharge or Non DischargeableN/A2010/09/202023/11/27
Debt Relief Solutions: Practical Steps to Get Out of DebtN/A2010/09/122023/11/26
The Future of the U.S. Dollar is in JeopardyN/A2010/09/052023/11/26
HUD HECM Saver Plan for Reverse MortgagesN/A2010/08/272023/11/26
Loan Guarantors: Guarantee a Loan at Your Own RiskN/A2010/08/252023/11/26
Office of Disability Employment Add Us In InitiativeN/A2010/08/032023/11/26
Direct Deposit Push Exposes Social Security Recipients to Bank Payday LoansN/A2010/07/202023/11/26
Choosing Bankruptcy or Debt ConsolidationN/A2010/07/172023/11/19
Donation of All-terrain Wheelchairs for HaitiN/A2010/06/172023/11/21
Housing Assistance for Non-Elderly Persons with DisabilitiesN/A2010/06/152023/11/21
Critical Research Initiatives in Duchenne Muscular DystrophyN/A2010/06/102023/11/20
NAMM Foundation Music Learning Grant ProgramN/A2010/05/172023/11/20
Total and Permanent Disability Claims on Student LoansN/A2010/05/162023/11/29
Canadian Disability and the First Home Buyers Tax CreditN/A2010/01/232023/11/20
Applying for ARRA Federal Grants on Grants.GovN/A2009/08/042023/11/19
Grants Available: HHS Administration for Children and FamiliesN/A2009/07/312023/11/19
U.S. Federal Grants for Everyday AmericansN/A2009/07/302023/11/19
How to Trim the Monthly Household BudgetN/A2009/03/232023/11/19
American VA Can Refinance Loans During Hard Economic TimesN/A2009/02/242023/11/19
Government Disability Grants Information and WebsitesN/A2009/02/062023/11/19
U.S. Veterans Affair Home LoansN/A2009/02/062023/11/19
US Disability Housing and Home Loans for Disabled AmericansN/A2009/02/062023/10/11
First Home Owners Guide to MortgagesN/A2009/02/062023/11/19
Australian Low Income and Disability Home LoansN/A2009/02/062023/11/17
U.S. Veteran Home Loans and Tax BenefitsN/A2009/02/062023/11/19
Grants for Homeless U.S. VeteransN/A2008/09/232023/11/19

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