US Disability Housing and Home Loans for Disabled Americans

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Synopsis: List of home loan providers in the US states who lend money for home purchases and housing down payment loans to people with disabilities and low income earners. The Fair Housing Act prohibits any discrimination by mentioned entities making it hard or impossible for a person to get housing because of his or her race or skin color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or disability. The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), federal housing program financially helps moderate or low-income families with disabilities to rent or buy a home.

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For people with disabilities and those on low incomes finding a home loan to purchase your own home can be a daunting task. Owning your own home is considered a fundamental right by most people, a natural progression into the world of independent living.

You may also like to read our Guide to Home Buying for People with Disabilities which provides information regarding buying a house for people with disabilities including qualifying for home loans and a mortgage.

Home Loan Companies in the U.S.

One in three Americans living with disabilities lives below or at the poverty level. That makes millions of people with disabilities living under socially and financially unacceptable conditions.

Disabled World makes finding a reputable home loan lender a little easier by listing both government and private institutions that lend money for home purchases and down payment loans to people with disabilities and very low income earners. We have created a list of national, state, and local programs that offer mortgage assistance and other types of housing aid in America to those with disabilities. Also, there are a number of organizations listed that can provide guidance and information in regards to buying a first home. First home owners guide to mortgages.

The Fair Housing Act

The Fair Housing Act turns to housing providers such as real estate agencies, real-estate, landlords and parties such as banks and other lenders, home-insurance companies and housing counselors. This law prohibits any discrimination by mentioned entities making it hard or impossible for a person to get housing because of his or her race or skin color, religion, sex, national origin, familial status or disability.

America Wide Home Loan Lenders

U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD:

The U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), federal housing program financially helps moderate or low-income families with disabilities to rent or buy a home. The goal of this program is for people with limited economy to be able to afford to rent or buy a home. Section 8 offers subsidies for both renters and home owners. Approved recipients will be granted monthly home ownership assistance payments to help cover mortgage payments.

The President has signed into law the Hope for Homeowners program. This program will continue FHA's existing and successful efforts to provide aid to struggling families trapped in mortgages they currently cannot afford. Certain borrowers facing difficulty with their mortgage will be eligible to refinance into FHA-insured mortgages they can afford - See our mortgage calculator for repayment amounts on loans and interest rates.

Fannie Mae

First established in 1938 as a government agency, Fannie Mae in 1968 became a private, shareholder-owned company with a charter from Congress requiring the company to support the housing finance system.

Fannie Mae Community HomeChoice with PHFA Access Modification - This program offers assistance to buyers with disabilities (or those who have a household member with a disability living with them) who want to purchase a home and make access modifications to it, but who do not qualify for a PHFA home purchase loan.

Habitat for Humanity

A non-profit Christian organization, Habitat for Humanity builds accessible homes for people in need. If approved you are granted a home and a favorable mortgage loans that are sponsored through donations, volunteer work and local, private, federal and state resources. HFH is a globally known organization and has built homes for families and individuals with disabilities and in need of financial support all over the world.

Habitat has built more than 250,000 houses around the world, providing more than 1 million people in more than 3,000 communities with safe, decent, affordable shelter. What does a Habitat house cost? Throughout the world, the cost of houses varies from as little as $800 in some developing countries to an average of nearly $60,000 in the United States. Habitat houses are affordable for low-income families because there is no profit included in the sale price. Mortgage length varies from seven to 30 years.

NCB Capital Impact

National Disability Institute strives to increase social and economic independence amongst individuals with a disability. The goal of this partnership is to establish economic freedom for American with disabilities.


Homes for Our Troops is a non-partisan, non-profit organization that provides specially adapted homes for severely injured service members. Through our growing network of monetary contributions, donations from building contractors, suppliers, corporate supporters and local volunteers, we are able to provide our assistance at no cost to the veterans that we serve.

U.S. Home Loan Financing by State

Alabama - Access Alabama

This tax-exempt Mortgage Revenue Bond program offers lower-than-market, fixed interest rates on 30-year FHA, VA or Rural Development mortgages to first-time and lower-income home buyers. Access Alabama makes mortgages more affordable for low to moderate income home buyers who have disabilities or family members with disabilities. AHFA provides the lesser of $10,000 or 5 percent of the home's sales price in down payment and closing cost aid, financed over a 20-year term.

Exemption is provided from ad valorem taxation of the home of any person who is totally disabled or who is 65 years of age or older, and who had a net annual income of $7,500.00 or less for income tax purposes for the last preceding year.

Alaska - The Alaska Housing Finance Corporation (AHFC)

Provides a variety of programs such as our loans for first-time home buyers, low- and moderate-income borrowers, veterans, teachers and nurses and administers the Veterans Mortgage Program which offers financing for qualified veterans at lower interest rates. The Veterans Land Discount program allows certain veterans to a 25% discount on the purchase price of state residential/recreational land. Real property owned and occupied by a qualified disabled veteran whose disability has been rated as 50 percent or more by the military service or the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, is exempt from taxation on the first $150,000.00 of assessed valuation.


The Arkansas Development Finance Authority - (ADFA) has created the HomeToOwn Program in order to provide tax exempt mortgage revenue bonds to local lenders, who then pass these onto qualifying, first time, low to moderate income homebuyers who benefit from mortgages with lowered interest rates.

Arizona - Arizona Housing Finance Authority

The Mortgage Revenue Bond Program provides an attractive 30 year fixed rate mortgage at below market rates for homebuyers who qualify for eligible FHA, VA, Fannie Mae, and Freddie Mac conventional loans. The buyer must not have owned a home in the past three years and must qualify to borrow from a participating lender. A down payment assistance program is also available.

California - The California Housing Finance Agency

Offers low interest rate first mortgage programs and a variety of down payment assistance programs to eligible first time homebuyers. HomeChoice is a statewide program designed to assist low and moderate income borrowers who are disabled, or have family members with disabilities living with them, in purchasing their first home. Homebuyers interested in applying for financing should contact one of CalHFA's approved lenders or fill out their short questionnaire to have a CalHFA Representative contact you.

Colorado - The Colorado Housing and Finance Authority - (CHFA)

Home Access loan portfolio provides below market interest rates as well as down payment assistance to disabled buyers.

The Rural Development Single Family Housing Program - Provides housing assistance to very-low, low, and moderate income rural residents. Rural communities and small towns of up to 10,000 population are eligible for assistance. Some communities between 10,000 to 20,000 populations may also be eligible.

Columbia - Housing and Community Development

The Home Purchase Assistance program provides interest free and low interest loans to qualified residents, which enables them to purchase houses, condominiums, or cooperative apartments. Residents who are accepted into the three-tiered program are eligible for loans to meet down payment and closing cost requirements. Loans provided are subordinate to private first trust mortgages.

Connecticut - Connecticut Home of Your Own - CHFA offers 30-year fixed rate mortgages for persons with disabilities who wish to purchase their first home. One and two person households earning up to $81,000 per year are eligible.

Florida - Florida Housing

The First Time Homebuyer Program makes purchasing a home more affordable for low-to-moderate income families and individuals by offering fixed, low-interest rate mortgage loans. Florida Housing also offers down payment and closing costs assistance to eligible borrowers, which can greatly reduce the out of pocket expense to the buyer.

Georgia - Georgia Dream Homeownership Program

DCA's Georgia Dream program provides affordable mortgage financing to low and moderate income Georgians for the purchase of a home. Georgia Dream's first mortgage provides low-interest rate mortgage financing for borrowers with moderate incomes and modest assets. Borrowers must be first home buyers. These first mortgage loans are 30 year, fixed rate mortgages with interest rates that are lower than existing market rates.

Georgia Dream's down payment loan provides interest free financing to help first-time home buyers with the required down payment, closing costs, and prepaid items associated with purchasing a home. These down payment loans are available in conjunction with Georgia Dream's first mortgage described above. The loans are made as delayed repayment-subordinate mortgage loans ranging from $5,000 to $20,000.

Hawaii - The Hawaii Public Housing Authority

Helps provide Hawaii residents with affordable housing and shelter without discrimination. HPHA efforts focus on developing affordable rental and supportive housing, public housing and the efficient and fair delivery of housing services to the people of Hawaii.

Idaho - Idaho Housing and Finance Association

Through Homeownership Lending provides help for homebuyers directly through approved local lending institutions with IHFA's Mortgage Revenue Bond (MRB) program. The HOV program allows Section 8 Voucher Holders with disabilities to utilize voucher subsidy as a source of income to repay a home loan. Qualified heads of households or spouses with a disability, can apply for approval to participate in the HOV program, which compliments a mortgage loan with down payment assistance from the HOME Program of at least $1,000.

Illinois - The Greater Chicago Housing and Community Development

This underwriting initiative provides single-family mortgages for low- and moderate-income people who have disabilities or have family members with disabilities living with them. Mortgage loans are tailored to meet the unique needs of people who have disabilities, offering a down-payment as low as $500.

Indiana - Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority

The state agency created by the legislature in Indiana to offer first time home buyer programs is the Indiana Housing and Community Development Authority. The First Home program offers below market interest rate mortgages to qualified persons. Interest rates can vary, but are usually one-half to one percent below the market rate. This program may be used in conjunction with FHA/VA, Fannie Mae, or USDA Rural Development financing.

Indiana Down Payment Assistance - The American Dream Down Payment Act is a down payment assistance initiative that allows grants to be given to participating jurisdictions to assist low to middle income families and uniformed employees such as, policemen, firemen, sanitation, maintenance workers, and teachers who are employees of the participating state to achieve homeownership.

Iowa - Iowa Able Foundation Loan Program

The Iowa Able Foundation helps Iowans with disabilities, their families, and older Iowans access adaptive devices / equipment, and home modifications through its loan programs. The Iowa Able Foundation offers an alternative financial solution by providing low interest loans with flexible terms to help individuals increase their independence.

Kansas - ACORN Housing Corp

A non-profit organization dedicated to helping low-income families realizes the American dream of home ownership. ACORN has counseling offices throughout the United States. ACORN Housing Counselors make the home-buying process more accessible to first-time buyers. ACORN Housing, homebuyers can gain access to mortgage programs with lower interest rates, lower down payments, flexible underwriting guidelines and lower origination fees.

Kentucky - Kentucky Special First Mortgage Loan Programs

Kentucky Housing Corp.'s Single Parent, Disability, and Elderly Program offers fixed 30-year loans for newly constructed houses at interest rates from 1 percent to 6 percent.

Louisiana - Louisiana Housing Finance Agency

Offers a number of opportunities for low- and moderate-income Louisiana families to realize their dreams of owning a home through its First-Time Homebuyer Program. Prospective homeowners must be first-time homebuyers (persons not owning a principal residence in the last three years) or they must purchase a home in a targeted area.

Maine - Maine Housing

An independent state agency that bridges public and private housing finance, combining them to benefit Maine's low and moderate-income people. MaineHousing brings millions of new private and federal housing funds to Maine annually to create safe, affordable, warm housing.

Massachusetts - The Massachusetts Affordable Housing Trust Fund - (AHTF)

Provides resources to create or preserve affordable housing throughout the state for households whose incomes are not more than 110% of median income. Funds are available for rental, home ownership and mixed use projects as well as housing for the disabled. SoftSecond, the state's most successful mortgage program for low and moderate-income first-time homebuyers.


Loans made under the Direct Loan Program are to families with income below 80% of the median income level in the communities where they live. Rural Development is able to make loans to those who will not qualify for a conventional loan, the Rural Development Direct Loan program enables many more people to buy homes than might otherwise be possible. The Single Family Housing Program provides homeownership opportunities to low and moderate-income rural Americans through several loan, grant, and guarantee programs.

Milwaukee - IndependenceFirst

Provides assistance to persons with disabilities who have a goal of homeownership. This includes homebuyer education counseling, teaching money management skills, conducting benefits counseling and providing referrals for credit counseling agencies. Currently, we also have forgivable loans available for qualified households that include a member with a disability. The forgivable loan is for first-time homebuyers only and can be used for down-payment, closing costs, and/or accessibility modifications. Home ownership services are available on a first-come, first-served basis in Milwaukee, Ozaukee, Washington, and Waukesha Counties. The down-payment assistance is available statewide via the local independent living center.

Minnesota - Minnesota Housing

Finance and advance affordable housing opportunities for low and moderate income Minnesotans to enhance quality of life and foster strong communities.

Mississippi - Mississippi Home of Your Own Program

The goal of the project, run by the Institute of Disability Studies at the University of Southern Mississippi, is to help those with disabilities and their families find counseling, supports, and financial assistance that may allow them to purchase and maintain their own homes. Only individuals with disabilities defined by the Americans with Disabilities Act and their family members may apply.

Mississippi - The Mississippi Home Corporation - Developed a Down Payment Assistance Program for low to moderate income first-time homebuyers. The program is available statewide and must be originated through a MHC participating lender.

Missouri - Loans made by USDA Rural Development

Low and very low income applicants to buy, build, or repair homes. Plus loans made by conventional lenders and guaranteed by USDA Rural Development to low and moderate income applicants to buy or build homes with a 30 year fixed interest rate.

Montana - Federal Housing Assistance (FHA)

Established in 1934, the Federal Housing Administration (FHA) seeks to improve housing standards and provide an adequate home financing system by insuring mortgages. FHA loans generally allow home buyers the ability to purchase homes with smaller down payments and easier qualifications than conventional loans. By not having income limitations or credit scoring, many people will qualify for a HUD home because they can afford the monthly mortgage payments.


1st Nebraska Mortgage Loans also offers low down payment loans. These loans are usually long term mortgages that last between 15 and 30 years. A low down payment mortgage allows you to receive a mortgage loan without have to pay a lot of cash upfront.

Partners In Charity (PIC) is a non-profit organization that helps home buyers with their down payment. To qualify for this program you must be approved for a loan and complete a Home Ownership Counseling Course.

Nevada - Housing and Mortgages for People with Disabilities

Here you can learn more about the five important steps in buying a home and about financial assistance programs that are available for people living in Nevada with disabilities, who want to buy a home.

New Hampshire - HomeAccess Program

Helps low and moderate-income borrowers to acquire a home and/or make it accessible for a permanently disabled household member. At least one full time resident of the household must be permanently disabled to qualify for the program.

New Jersey - New Jersey Senior and Disabled Cooperative Housing Finance

This program provides construction and/or permanent financing to qualified housing developers of homeownership units or shared living rental units for low and moderate income senior citizens and disabled individuals.

New Mexico - Housing New Mexico

A public entity financing housing service for low to moderate income and underserved families. MFA provides a variety of affordable housing programs that range from assistance to homeless individuals and families, to developing new housing projects, to providing opportunities for homeownership.

New York - The State of New York Mortgage Agency - (SONYMA)

Provides safe, low interest fixed-rate mortgages, closing cost assistance and other programs specifically designed to help low- and moderate-income families become homeowners. The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development and New York State offer grants to low income families through the HOME program. HOME grants are typically used for a down payment on a first-time home.

North Carolina - The North Carolina Housing Finance Agency

Offers programs to assist first-time home buyers; helps governments, nonprofit groups, and private developers create affordable homes, apartments and supportive housing; and provides funding for rehab and repair assistance for homeowners through local groups. The Down-payment Assistance program offers first-time homebuyers who qualify for a conventional mortgage assistance with a down-payment and closing costs in the form of deferred payment, interest-free loans up to $7, 000 in amount.

North Dakota - Dream Fund

Through the DREAM Fund and other programs, CommunityWorks can provide affordable financing for rehabilitation, construction, or mortgage assistance. In addition, CommunityWorks also helps its lender partners to access lending products that work successfully on reservation lands, including the HUD 184 program.

Ohio - The Ohio Housing Finance Agency - (OHFA)

From rental to homeownership assistance, the Ohio Housing Finance Agency helps Ohio's first-time homebuyers, renters, senior citizens, and others find quality, affordable housing that meets their needs. Qualifying first-time homebuyers can choose from our competitive conventional and government-insured loans, all with 30-year fixed-rate mortgages.

Oklahoma - Oklahoma Housing Finance Agency

OHFA is there to help by providing affordable housing to working Oklahomans, help families with their housing needs by enabling them to buy homes through special financing opportunities, rent homes in safer neighborhoods and rehabilitate existing homes. Market Best is the lowest rate OHFA offers statewide. Market Best is below traditional investor rates. Closing costs and down payment you provide varies based on purchase price.

Oregon - Bridges to Mobility

A free consulting service for people looking to either purchase a home or make adaptations to their existing residences that emphasize mobility and accessibility. The organization's ultimate goal is to identify accessible housing allowing individuals to function independently at the highest level possible within their home environment.

Pennsylvania - The Pennsylvania Housing Finance Agency (PHFA)

Offers home loans with low interest rates and fees through two programs: the Keystone Home Loan and the Keystone Home Loan PLUS. Both programs offer a fixed interest rate for 30 years - Pennsylvania Homebuyers Have Numerous Options Available

Rhode Island - Rhode Island Housing

A self-sustaining public agency, which generates its own operating income, without state funding. First Homes products and services include everything you need to safely and affordably buy your first home and stay there for as long as you want. With FirstHomes, you get low interest rates, help with down payments and closing costs and even a no-down-payment option.

South Carolina - The South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority

Federal and State programs directed at low and low-to-moderate income South Carolinians. The Individual or Family Disability Program offers homebuyers the opportunity for homeownership at affordable, low-interest mortgages. First-time homebuyer requirements are waived with this program, and various interest rates and down-payment assistance options which coincide with the homebuyer's income are available.

South Dakota - South Dakota Housing Development Authority

First-time Homebuyer Program, this program provides below-market fixed interest rate mortgage loans and cash assistance for homebuyers purchasing a residence in the state of South Dakota.

Tennessee - Tennessee Housing Development Agency - (THDA)

Homeownership programs are designed for low- and moderate-income borrowers. The Great Rate Mortgage program offers a below market interest rate loan secured by a first mortgage.

Texas - Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs

The Texas Loan Star Program is designed to help borrowers overcome the two primary barriers to homeownership: lack of down payment funds and qualifying income. The Texas First Time Homebuyer Program provides below market interest rate mortgage loans through a network of participating lenders to eligible families and individuals who are purchasing their first home or who have not owned a home in the past three years.

Utah - Utah Housing Corporation

Offers six loan programs to assist low and moderate income homebuyers with the purchase of a home. All loan programs offer below-market interest rates and three of the programs make available down payment and closing cost funds. As a result, many individuals can purchase a home even if they have no savings. The American Dream Down Payment Act is a down payment assistance initiative that allows grants to be given to participating jurisdictions to assist low-to-mid-income families and uniformed employees such as, policemen, firemen, sanitation, maintenance workers, and teachers who are employees of the participating state to achieve homeownership.

Vermont - Vermont Housing Finance Agency (VHFA)

The MOVE program offers down-payment mortgages to eligible homebuyers to facilitate the development of affordable housing in Vermont. The Fixed Rate mortgage is 30-year term loan with monthly principal and interest payments and 2, 1 or 0 points available.

Virginia - Virginia Housing Development Authority

VHDA offers a variety of home loan options designed to meet the needs of Virginia's homebuyers. Government insured loans offer no down-payment in approved rural areas. FHA insured loans offer the most liberal credit qualifying with low down-payments.

Washington - HomeChoice

A down-payment assistance program for low and moderate-income people with a disability or who have a family member with a disability living with them and qualify for a conventional mortgage loan using HomeChoice guidelines. A 1.00% interest rate on the Down Payment Assistance loan program for first-time homebuyers (borrowers who haven't owned and occupied their primary residence in the past three years). If you buy in a targeted area you do not have to be a first-time homebuyer.

West Virginia - The West Virginia Housing Development Fund

The Mortgage Revenue Bond Program provides first time homebuyers with a first mortgage loan that offers below market, fixed-rates and a 25 to 30 year term. Up to 100% financing is available to qualifying borrowers.

Wisconsin - Wisconsin Housing and Economic Development Authority

Home Loan offers long term, below market, fixed rate financing for low to moderate income, first-time Homebuyers. Features both a reduced interest rate loan and down payment assistance to first-time home buyers who purchase a home in specific neighborhoods. Plus Rural Development that provides affordable Home financing for Wisconsin's rural residents.

Wyoming - Wyoming Community Development Authority

WCDA has an important role in providing that housing, and in helping families take a first step on the road to fulfilling their American dream. In addition to providing affordable mortgages for first-time homebuyers, the WCDA also provides down payment assistance, as well as many other housing programs and educational classes, to aid homebuyers.

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