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NAMM Foundation Music Learning Programs for People of All Ages

  • Published: 2010-05-17 : Author: NAMM Foundation
  • Synopsis: NAMM music industry 25 recipients of the NAMM Foundations 2010-2011 program grants to support innovative community based music learning programs.

NAMM Foundation Awards $585,000 to Support Innovative Music Learning Programs for People of All Ages.

NAMM, the trade association of the international music products industry, today announced the 25 recipients of the NAMM Foundation's 2010-2011 program grants, allocating $585,000 in funding to support innovative community-based music learning programs that allow more people the opportunity to experience the proven benefits of active music making.

The new grants, while only a small portion of NAMM's overall annual multi-million-dollar-reinvestment into the music products industry, help worthy organizations operate programs designed to increase interest and participation in making music among seniors, college students and school-aged children. Since 1994, NAMM has supported worthy music-making programs through its grant program, providing $12.5 million in support.

"We thank all NAMM Members, who through their membership with the association and participation in the annual NAMM Show, help create more music makers through their support of these programs," said Mary Luehrsen, executive director of the NAMM Foundation.

During the recent NAMM Board of Directors meeting, the following programs received approval:

Australian Music Association

NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of the Musical Futures program. This innovative music education program, which began in the United Kingdom, is helping to renew music education in Australia's public schools -

Boys and Girls Harbor, Inc.

NAMM Foundation funding supports this organization's Latin Music Program in New York City. The goal of the program is to foster the development of well rounded, technically proficient, literate and creative musicians by developing in them an understanding of Afro-Caribbean musical styles, history and seminal artists -

Coalition for Music Education in Canada

NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of the Coalition for Music Education in Canada's Music Monday program, a public awareness initiative that engages thousands of music makers in the opportunity to celebrate music making's vital role in school and in life -

Guitar and Accessories Marketing Association

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Teacher Guitar Workshop professional development program to provide music educators with the basic skills and tools necessary to introduce and teach group guitar instruction in schools -

Guitars in the Classroom

NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of The AMIGO Project: Achievement through Music Integration, which introduces music making to educators whose K-6 general classrooms include more than 27 percent Hispanic students who are English Language Learners -

Intercultural Family Services

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Music & Mentorship program providing families of diverse cultural groups an opportunity to explore and develop their musical creativity, self-expression and self-esteem through musical appreciation and instruction -

Jazz Arts Group of Columbus

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Adventures: The Jazz Academy Reaches Out program which advances and celebrates the art of jazz in Columbus, Ohio, and surrounding areas -

Little Kids Rock, Inc.

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Contemporary Band program, bringing student-centered, pop-oriented instrument classes into public schools. Contemporary Band complements Orchestra, Marching Band, Chorus and Jazz Band programs -

Merit School of Music

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Band Builders initiative, which enriches band programs in Merit's Bridges sites with in-school and after-school music instruction -

Midori & Friends

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Adventures in Making Music Residencies (including Guitar and other instrumental and Vocal classes)/Community Enrichment Initiatives, which are skills-based programs that give students and teachers opportunities to learn how to play the guitar and other instruments in general classroom settings in New York City -

Mr. Holland's Opus Foundation

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Special Projects program, which help provide musical instruments to after-school programs, community schools of the arts, youth orchestras and qualified music therapy programs assisting underserved youth primarily attending Title 1 schools -

Music For All/UK

NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of the traveling Learn To Play Stand School Tour, which will allow thousands of children to try a variety of musical instruments in schools in the United Kingdom -

National Center for Creative Aging

NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of the Creativity Matters: Vital Aging in Vital Communities Initiative by implementing professional development and technical assistance in music and arts learning for older adults -

National Guild For Community Arts Education

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Engaging Adolescents Initiative, increasing teens' participation in music learning programs in the Guild's member schools by enhancing the effectiveness and scope of existing programs and stimulating the development of new teen programs -

National Piano Foundation

NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of the Recreational Music Making Piano project, increasing the number of music makers by training traditional private piano instructors to provide group lessons to adult learners with health and wellness goals -

National String Project Consortium

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Creating and Sustaining String Projects program to address the shortage of qualified stringed instrument teachers by providing training and outreach to new string teachers via six university sites -

New Horizons International Music Association

NAMM Foundation funding supports the launch of the Internationalizing New Horizons Music project, expanding the opportunity for adult music makers to participate in recreational bands and orchestras -

North Shore Boys & Girls Club

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Rock Lobster Monthly Band Night program which offers young musicians an accessible, alcohol-free venue where they can practice, gain stage experience, be mentored and develop a following for their music -

Percussion Marketing Council

NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of the Roots of Rhythm interdisciplinary music education program and the Percussion in the Schools assembly program to more schools throughout the United States - or

Performing Arts Center of LA County

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Active Arts Recreational Music Program: Get Your Chops Back program, a series of group music-making sessions and open rehearsals aimed at re-igniting the musical skills of "lapsed" instrumentalists -

Raising the Blues

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Music, Memory & Healing program, bringing the making of blues music and interactive musical opportunities, music access, music education and instruments to children undergoing medical treatment and recovery -

Rock 'n' Roll Camp for Girls

NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of the Girls Rock Institute, providing girls in Portland, Ore., a place to learn an instrument, form a band, write an original song and perform in front of an audience -

The Crescent Theatre Company D/B/A Kid Pan Alley

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Across the Years-Kid Pan Alley Intergenerational Songwriting Residencies program, which enhances quality of life for seniors, gives young people a chance to see the world from a perspective different than their own; and increases community support of the importance of arts education -

VSA arts, Inc.

NAMM Foundation funding supports the expansion of VSA arts' Adaptation & Innovation in Making Music program to raise awareness of innovative adaptations that enable musicians with physical disabilities to play musical instruments, and to showcase the talents of these musicians -

Women's Audio Mission

NAMM Foundation funding supports the Girls on the Mic program, which uses music making to encourage middle and high school-aged girls to pursue studies in music, math, science and computers and to expose them to music technology careers -

About the NAMM Foundation - The NAMM Foundation is a non-profit organization with the mission of advancing active participation in music making across the lifespan by supporting scientific research, philanthropic giving and public service programs from the international music products industry. For more information about The NAMM Foundation, please visit

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