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Rebuilding Credit Rating with Prepaid Credit Cards

Published: 2011-04-26
Author: CCA

Synopsis: Prepaid credit cards are often the best method to help improve your credit ratings quickly.

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Credit builder credit cards are the perfect way to build up a person's credit rating and allow them to gain financial backing from thousands of financial bodies. Read our guide to using them successfully.


The general notion is that credit cards are tools to jeopardize a persons financial standing. People are so apprehensive about this that they don't readily apply for credit cards. But, if you use them well, then these could actually be credit builders for you. There are many such tips on Credit Builder Credit Cards that you can use. You will find that your credit not only improves, but you are also able to manage your credit easily if you know what to do.

Let us take a look at some ways in which you can use a credit card to build credit.

Using a Prepaid Credit Card

Prepaid credit cards are always the Best Credit Cards to improve your credit ratings. These are credit cards that are linked to a bank account. You deposit money in the bank account and whenever you use the credit card, money is removed from that account. Since you are using your own money, there is no risk to the banker and you do not have to worry about any repayment. Interest rates do not apply. Such secured credit card facilities are provided by many credit card issuers, though they do not much advertise this fact. Look at prepaid credit cards if you want a sure way of building your credit score.

Applying for Bad Credit Credit Card

Bad credit credit cards are issued by some providers. These cards are specifically meant for people who do not have flattering records with the credit reporting agencies, and are a means to build credit. Typically, these cards have a low maximum amount. You cannot withdraw more than that amount. Secondly, they have a larger interest rate. Both these features are so that users will pay their full balance every month instead of rolling it over to further months and having a much larger amount to pay. For people who are using such a credit card to build credit, the system works because their timely small payments figure in their bills and their credit rating starts showing improvement. You can find applications for bad credit credit cards online.

Use Budgeting Methods

If you already have a credit card and want to use your credit card to build credit, then you have to remember simple traditional rules of money management. Make sure that you are able to pay the full amount at the end of every month. Do not use the card more than you can afford. Try and clear off all past dues. Keep your card account current at all times. Use credit cards for small purchases only so that you can make the payments at the end of the month. Within six months of following such rules, your credit score will show improvement.

These are the different ways in which the concept of credit builder credit cards works. You no longer need to think about your credit card as a money-sucking device that ruins your credit score. If you plan your financial affairs well, then this essential form of plastic money can be actually an instrument to improve your financial reputation and creditworthiness.

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