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The Olympia-Wafula Foundation: Healthy Living Solutions for Disabled and Disadvantaged

  • Date: 2013/06/24
  • Disabled World
  • Synopsis : Information regarding The Olympia-Wafula Foundation an organization dedicated to provision of healthy living solutions for people with disabilities and the disadvantaged.

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The Olympia-Wafula Foundation is an organization that is dedicated to the provision of healthy living solutions for people with disabilities and those who are disadvantaged.

The organization also supports caregivers by providing a network of support opportunities for them. Olympia-Wafula helps others through projects which include, 'We Care Group,' that brings together family members, friends, as well as caregivers with special events, outdoor activities, and coffee mornings in Harlow and motivational speakers. The organization helps to improve future prospects for children who are disadvantaged through their, 'Educate a Child,' program in Africa as well. The aim of the Olympia-Wafula Foundation is to improve the quality of life for others regardless of their ethnicity, age, or religious background.

The organization's vision is to promote healthy living solutions for those who are differently abled or disadvantaged with an emphasis on education and advocacy in order to empower and enrich their lives through social inclusion. Olympia-Wafula works to achieve this through an exchange of ideas and experiences. They act as a resource for people with disabilities who live in Essex and beyond through the provision of assistance and advice, as well as through organizing physical education programs and additional activities such as support groups, exchange programs and more. The organization works with the goals of:

  • Advancing education
  • Relieving unemployment
  • Providing leisure and recreational activities
  • Monitoring and evaluating projects and services
  • Taking all lawful actions necessary or desirable to achieve their objectives
  • Recruiting and training local volunteers to develop and implement local projects
  • Promoting sporting activities among the disability communities in the U.K. and abroad
  • Promoting education among the disability community through sponsorship and programs
  • Promoting interaction among disability communities through exchange programs and cross country events and activities
  • Networking with agencies and responding to the needs of people with disabilities who are at risk due to medical conditions
  • Promoting disability awareness among marginalized communities in developing nations through a variety of media and projects
  • Advancing and promoting the welfare of people with disabilities, their family members, caregivers, agencies and other related institutions in the U.K. and abroad
  • Advancing in life and assisting people who are differently abled through development of their skills and capabilities to enable them to participate fully in society as independent people
  • Setting up self-help projects within local communities to support people with disabilities and their family members
  • Providing training to local communities in regards to disability awareness

Olympia Wafula Foundation Projects

Olympia Wafula Foundation Website Screenshot
Olympia Wafula Foundation Website Screenshot

"The positive effect that the success of the Paralympic Games has had on the public perception of the often neglected potential of people with disabilities has been widely recognized. It is a principal aim of the Foundation to take advantage of that wave of good-will to enhance ever further opportunities for people with disabilities to play their full part in the community for the common good. I wish them every success in their efforts, not only in the U.K. but also in Africa and the Caribbean where the problems of ostracism are far worse." - Lord Petre, Lord Lieutenant of Essex - Patron

We Care Group: The Olympia-Wafula Foundation values the commitment and dedication of family members, friends, and caregivers who assist people with disabilities and those who are disadvantaged to live more active lives. The organization also recognizes that helpers need an encouraging community that is supportive and understands the work they do. The, 'We Care Group,' is based in Essex, England and offers an environment in which caregivers and support workers can meet through outdoor activities, coffee mornings, and other unique events.

Motivation and Education: The Olympia-Wafula Foundation organizes motivational speakers and community outreach initiatives with the goal of educating young people and new caregivers about the daily challenges faced by people with physical or learning difficulties.

School Visits: The Olympia-Wafula Foundation would be pleased to arrange for a school or organizational visit by one of their representatives. If you would like to offer services, support, or to volunteer they would also love to hear from you.

Educate a Child and Inspire a Nation

While some people take an education for granted, children in the majority of developing nations are not always so fortunate. Resources are scarce in many villages and parents are unable to afford things such as books, school fees, or uniforms. Parents of children who experience forms of disabilities are even more frustrated in these nations.

By choosing to sponsor a child you will not only be helping to improve the life of a person, you will also be putting them in a position where they have the ability to help others by enhancing future prospects for their entire community. With your assistance, it is possible to make a truly meaningful difference in the lives of many people through creation of a legacy to inspire future generations. You will also receive regular updates through photographs, letters, and school reports showing the ways you are helping to create a brighter future by empowering others through the support you provide.

The Olympia-Wafula Foundation has a team of dedicated people who are working very hard to raise money and support for people with disabilities and others who are in need. Anne Wafula Strike is the Founder and Manager of the organization and provides a personal example of the commitment, courage, and determination that challenges misconceptions concerning disability. She is an author, an athlete, as well as a sporting ambassador. Anne inspires excellence and achievement across a wide range of life situations through motivational appearances and talks that encourage others to overcome difficulties while maximizing their potential.

The Olympia-Wafula Foundation

Email: info@olympia-wafulafoundation.org

Tel: +44 (0)8434 620209

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