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The Pathways Awareness Foundation

Published: 2009-07-29 - Updated: 2010-01-30
Author: Disabled World

Synopsis: The Pathways Awareness Foundation organization works to raise awareness concerning early detection and benefits of early therapy for infants and children with motor delays.

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The Pathways Awareness Foundation is a national nonprofit organization that works to raise awareness concerning early detection and the benefits of early therapy for infants and children with motor delays. Their activities are based upon the expertise of the Pathways Medical Round Table, comprised of leading doctors, clinicians, nurse practitioners, and advisers.

In Other News:

The organization is sensitive to both the emotional and medical needs of infants and children who experience early motor delays, as well as their families and caregivers.

The site offers a number of different informational items to parents and others. The formats that are available to people who care for infants and children with motor delays are varied, making them handy and useful. The types of information provided by the Pathways Awareness Foundation include:

Monthly Milestones
Research Materials
Advocacy Information

According to Pathways Awareness, babies grow at an incredible rate; not only do they grow stronger, they grow taller as well. They learn new way to play, talk, and obtain new physical skills in their early months of life. The organization provides a means of following your child's development and a way of getting additional information related to milestones through their growth and development chart and other resources.

Pathways Awareness states that a new baby needs to spend a certain amount of time each day playing on their tummy. They say that this time is just as important as sleeping on their back at night. Pathways Awareness gives parents and caregivers ideas on ways to engage babies during the time they spend on their tummy through, 'Tummy Time Central,' and, 'Essential Tummy Time Moves,' a video.

The research Pathways Awareness is involved in has found that two-thirds of pediatric therapists believe that more infants are missing some of their milestones. Additional research done by the organization validates the importance of early intervention for children who experience motor delays. Acting quickly, says Pathways Awareness, can help a child take strides towards a bright future. If you are concerned for your child's health, they state, advocate for your child. Learn about how to talk to your health care provider, keep a diary, and investigate the need for early intervention.

The Frequently Asked Questions section at the Pathways Awareness Foundation website does not give simple, 'yes,' and, 'no,' answers; far from it. Instead, many of the answers to questions that parents and caregivers have are answered with details, as well as with brochures that these people can download! The answers to questions in this section may also point to additional resources. Examples of the questions that are answered in this section include:

I am concerned because my baby isn't holding up her head or pushing up on her arms. She is older than 3 months. What should I do

I would like to track my baby's growth and development milestones. Are there any materials to do so

My baby doesn't like tummy time. Should I be concerned? What should I do

I am a grandparent and concerned with the development of my grandchild. Are there materials/resources I can share with my son or daughter about their baby's development

My baby's pediatrician doesn't seem concerned with my child's development and has a wait and see attitude. I think something isn't quite right. What can I do

One of my twins is developing at a different rate from his brother. Where can I get more information about his development? Should I be concerned

My baby was recently diagnosed with Hypotonia. I am anxious about this diagnosis and looking for more information about what I can do for my child.

My baby was recently diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy. I am anxious about this diagnosis and looking for more information about what I can do for my child.

The Pathways Awareness Foundation website also has some materials that are available for download in addition to the ones mentioned. With diversity in mind, the organization has made these materials available in more than one language. Examples of these materials include:

Their Brochure - Available in eleven languages
Is My Baby OK? Handout for Parents
Early Infant Assessment Redefined Handout for Medical Professionals

Parents who have been involved with the Pathways Awareness Foundation have been pleased with their participation. One look at the stories posted on the site and you can tell that the work this organization is doing is magnificent. For example:

"Abby was born full term and had difficulty with feeding, low muscle tone and head control. At our first visit with our family physician, she was diagnosed with a chromosomal abnormality and referred immediately for physical and speech therapy. Abby improved dramatically in her movement and speech skills. Now, at age 16, she is a happy, active teenager. We are so grateful to our family physician for the early referral to pediatric physical and speech therapy."

-James and Brenda A.

"Jeffrey was born at 42 weeks following an uneventful pregnancy. At three months, he could not push up on his arms and had difficulty holding his head up when placed on his tummy. We shared our concerns with our pediatrician who referred us to a developmental-behavioral pediatrician. Jeffrey is now 10 months old and although he does not have a definite diagnosis, he can push up on his arms from tummy lying and get on his hands and knees. We know that he is getting the help he needs."

- Robert and Cindy P. -

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