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Steve Wampler and The Wampler Foundation

  • Published: 2012-09-01 (Rev. 2015-03-30) - Contact: Disabled World News at Disabled World
  • Synopsis: Information regarding Steve Wampler and the Wampler Foundation that raises money to send kids with physical disabilities to camp at no cost to their families.

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"He raises money to send 250 kids with physical disabilities a year to his camp and others like his, at no cost to their families."

Please meet Steve Wampler. He's the first man in the world with cerebral palsy to climb the largest rock face in the world, El Cap. in Yosemite.

He's a husband and father of two children.

He can't walk, can only use one limb, really, his right arm, but he can grasp with his left so he did 20,000 pull-ups and slept on the mountain for 5 nights getting to the top.

He was to the point of hallucinating and was unconscious, but he wanted to prove to kids with disabilities all over the world, that they can achieve ANYTHING they want.

Steve Wampler Picture
Steve Wampler Picture
He gave up his career as an environmental engineer to get kids with disabilities into the wilderness to challenge themselves.

He raises money to send 250 kids with physical disabilities a year to his camp and others like his, at no cost to their families.

These kids snorkel and scuba dive, they snow ski and snow mobile, they cycle and kayak and have the times of their lives.

He's a hero to those kids, and he hears from children from all over the world. He did it for them...

Since Steve finished his climb, the national and international attention has been non-stop.

Here is a partial list of great things to have come our way since he summited the mountain:

Rock climbing with a disability
Rock climbing with a disability
  • Winner of Red Cross Real Hero's award
  • ESPN nominated him for a national ESPY award
  • He is in high demand to speak all over the country
  • He was named United Cerebral Palsy Man of the Year
  • American Express created a commercial about his family
  • September 13th was named Steve Wampler Day in San Diego
  • Winner, Sports Illustrated Man of the Year/Gillette Sweat for Greatness Award
  • He has been on the news in 70 countries and on every morning show across the country
  • Diane Sawyer and ABC chose his story as the favorite of the week, and featured him twice
  • He made a movie of his climb that has been accepted to every film festival submitted so far
  • A film crew of 8 Sports Illustrated photographers & film crew spent 7 hours with him to feature him in SI
  • Bill Walton, the basketball legend, has committed his time to advancing the Wampler Foundation personally
  • Celebrities like Ellen Degeneres (who sang a song for him on her stage), Will Farrell, Jay Leno and Chris Isaac talk about him and support him publicly

He has heard from thousands of parents of children with disabilities from all over the world telling him that they will give their children permission to live a huge life of possibilities while navigating their disabilities so they, too, can lead a wonderful, full life!

Steve Wampler is also listed on our famous people with CP page.


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