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Disability Housing: Purchase Rental and Discrimination Information Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Housing and Homes category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-08-01DOJ Files Complaint Against City of LA and CRA/LA Alleging They Fraudulently Obtained Millions in Housing Grants for Disabled
2017-05-01Buying a Home is Often Cheaper Than Renting
2017-04-12Down Payment Main Obstacle for Renters Buying a House
2017-03-17Trump Budget Proposes $6B Cut to Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD)
2017-03-02Housing Hardship Assistance and Property Tax Foreclosures
2017-01-05Equity Residential and Equal Rights Center Agreement on Accessible Housing for People with Disabilities
2016-10-17Student Loans and High Rent Prices Weigh on Homeownership
2016-10-06Study of Tiny House Villages - Benefits and Challenges
2016-04-06Federal Court Rules Properties Must Be Accessible to People with Disabilities Before Occupancy
2016-03-29Is HUD Housing Affordable
2016-02-05Helping Seniors and Those with Disabilities Live Where They Choose
2015-12-28New HUD Policy & Guidelines Regarding Criminal History Discrimination
2015-11-10#DayForTheBrave: Housing Essentials for Homeless Veterans Crowd-funding Initiative
2015-09-02Cottage Home Communities for Disabled Adults
2015-06-23Disparate Impact Amendment May Affect Landlords & Rentals
2015-06-02Searching for a Needle in Loch Ness
2015-04-14NY Direct Access & Housing Employment Application for People with Disabilities
2015-03-22$8.5M to Pennsylvania for Homes & Services to Low-Income with Disability
2015-01-19Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs v. Inclusive Communities Project, Inc.
2014-11-22Injured U.S. Veteran Receives Keys to New Home in Mesa, Arizona
2014-11-15Disability Housing Nonprofit Awarded $10K Grant
2014-11-14Injured Service Member to Receive Keys to Mortgage Free Home in Colorado Springs
2014-11-14Gift Of Homeownership to 20 Veterans and Their Families
2014-11-14Affordable Housing Program Grant Helps Low-Income Borrowers with Disabilities
2014-11-11What Do Disabled Veterans Come Home To
2014-11-10Department of Veterans Affairs Guarantees its 21 Millionth Home Loan
2014-10-09$40 Million in Supportive Housing Awards for NY
2014-09-24The Cost of Downsizing to a Smaller House
2013-05-31Moving from an Apartment to Owning a Home - A Disability Perspective
2013-05-01VA Home Loan Versus CFHA Loans
2013-03-26Sequestration Impact Slams Housing Authorities Nationwide
2013-03-09Reverse Mortgages for Seniors: HECM Saver vs. HECM Standard
2013-02-21Hud and HHS to Provide Housing and Services to Low-income with Disabilities
2013-02-11NeighborWorks of Pueblo - Revitalizing Neighborhoods and Assisting Families
2013-01-27An Experience with the VA Home Buying Process
2013-01-26Zombie Homeowner Titles: When Banks Never Complete Foreclosure Leaving You Liable
2013-01-23Senior Homeowners - Use Your Home to Stay at Home
2013-01-22HERO Alliance - Home-ownership Resources, Education, and Assistance in Colorado
2013-01-12Home Purchase or Rent: Pros & Cons Comparison
2013-01-11Apartments - Right to Peaceful Accessible Living
2012-11-12Rebuilding Together - Safe and Healthy Homes
2012-09-05Senior Housing Guide: Range of Senior Living Options and Information
2012-08-21Housing Bills Support People with Disabilities and Protect from Mortgage Fraud - Governor Quinn
2012-08-15Guide to Home Buying for People with Disabilities
2012-06-01Avoiding Mortage Foreclosure - Proposed New Rules
2011-12-13Housing and Care Options for Seniors, People with Disabilities and Others
2011-10-01Senior Americans Are Finding Housing Un-affordable
2011-09-29U.K. Housing Shortage for Adults with Learning Disabilities
2011-09-15UK Social Sector Tenants Will Be Responsible for Paying Landlords Direct
2011-08-30HUD Effort To End Housing Discrimination
2011-08-11Boost for Innovative Projects to Support UK Housing Benefit Reforms
2011-08-05Wells Fargo and Fannie Mae Sued to Block Illegal Mortgage Foreclosures and Evictions
2011-06-28$235 Million in Property Tax and Rent Rebates to Seniors and Disabled
2011-06-22Renters Rights - Apartment Association
2011-06-14Future of the Disability Housing Market
2011-05-20CitiMortgage to Reduce Mortgage Payments for Veterans with Disability
2011-05-10Increasing Rental Housing Options for Persons with Disabilities
2011-05-02PHFA Housing Services Conference Supporting Healthy Housing and Communities
2011-04-13$30M to Veterans Housing Issues - The Home Depot Foundation
2011-04-11Safeway's Housing Support for People with Disabilities
2011-04-11Hud Rescinds Reverse Mortgage Letter Heading Off Foreclosure
2011-04-01New Rules for UK Housing Benefit System Restore Fairness
2011-03-25Free Reverse Mortgage Counseling for Seniors Seeking to Use Home Equity
2011-03-25Worst Case Housing Needs of People with Disabilities
2011-03-24Building Larger UK Homes to Tackle Overcrowding Problems
2011-03-24Unhealthy Homes Pose Danger to Families

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