NeighborWorks of Pueblo: Revitalizing Neighborhoods and Assisting Families

Author: Thomas C. Weiss
Published: 2013/02/11 - Updated: 2021/05/27
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Synopsis: NeighborWorks of Pueblo is a private nonprofit organization with the goal of assisting families with home-ownership. The year 2012 found NeighborWorks counselors assisting 49 families to become mortgage ready and 106 families attending the organization's class, offered each month for free. While some services are offered by a number of nonprofits in America, few of them offer all of the services NeighborWorks does.

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NeighborWorks of Pueblo provides people with a variety of services such as credit counseling, first time homebuyer education, loan modification, budget planning, and foreclosure mitigation. The services provided by NeighborWorks are free.

The mission of NeighborWorks is to revitalize neighborhoods including the restoration of homes that are many times over 100 years old. The organization rehabilitates houses that might have become stagnant on the housing market, or properties that may have been abandoned, so families with low-incomes may still have the ability to afford a quality home. The organization's counselors might also help people to obtain a rehabilitation loan in order to rapidly repair safety and health concerns yet only pay small and manageable amounts on a monthly basis.

In many instances, NeighborWorks of Pueblo revitalization efforts also take shape as community service projects. The organization's signature event, 'Operation Paintbrush,' is now in its 30th year. The event has painted 475 homes for people with disabilities and seniors in Pueblo. The organization coordinates alley cleanups as well as beautification projects such as landscaping along streets and planting trees at local parks and schools. NeighborWorks has designed a house to fit on a 25-foot wide lot with the goal of accommodating lot specifications that exist in older neighborhoods. The organization has built energy efficient homes that include CFL lighting, solar power, energy efficient appliances, and water conserving fixtures.

NeighborWorks of Pueblo is creating stockholders in the Pueblo community by creating more homeowners in neighborhoods instead of renters. While some services are offered by a number of nonprofits in America, few of them offer all of the services NeighborWorks does. The many services offered by NeighborWorks of Pueblo include:

Interacting with NeighborWorks of Pueblo

Support from the public is crucial to NeighborWorks of Pueblo. Annual Memberships, contributions from families, individual donations, and civic leaders from within the community help to sustain services and programs the organization provides free to people in Pueblo. NeighborWorks has a number of distinct yet cooperative ways of assisting families. What follows are some of the ways the organization helps people in the Pueblo, CO. community.

First-time Homebuyers:

The year 2012 found NeighborWorks counselors assisting 49 families to become mortgage ready and 106 families attending the organization's class, offered each month for free. The same year, 77 families purchased homes. The organization hopes the remaining families that prepared to buy a home will do so this year.

Foreclosure Prevention:

Over the last year alone, counselors at NeighborWorks worked with 114 families specifically in relation to foreclosure issues.

Volunteer your time: People from all around Pueblo and every lifestyle contribute their time to the organization. People have the ability to volunteer for specific events, routine days and times that fit their particular schedule, or to participate on a regular basis on the organization's Board of Directors or a Committee.

Sponsor an event:

You can find an event that interests you and NeighborWorks can provide you with some incredible opportunities for recognition.

Make a donation:

NeighborWorks is a 501 (c) 3 private nonprofit organization and all donations are tax deductible. You might want to consider making your donation as a membership that features unique levels of recognition.

Energy Assistance:

With a one-page application from NeighborWorks qualifying families can receive refrigerators, evaporative coolers, and light bulbs. Through a partnership with Black Hills Energy, the organization administers a program pairing low-income families with energy efficient items. The partnership provided and installed 200 evaporative coolers, 10 refrigerators, and 1,000 compact florescent light bulbs. All people need to provide is copies of their most recent Black Hills Energy bill and proof of income for everyone living in the home.

Black Hills Energy Program:

Through this program, people learn not only techniques for installation, but also how much money each improvement can save them on bills. People who want to buy appliances or schedule installers to do larger projects may receive rebates provided by Xcel Energy, free weatherization kits from Black Hills Energy, as well as the opportunity to buy items from Lowe's at NeighborWorks discounted prices.

The NeighborWorks of Pueblo Board of Directors

A Board of Directors supplemented by a number of committees leads NeighborWorks of Pueblo. The organization is greatly appreciative of the incredible support provided by hundreds of volunteers throughout the years, as well as its highly experienced staff members. The organization's Board of Director Members include:

NeighborWorks is a National Network

The NeighborWorks network is a national one of more than 239 community development organizations. The organizations work in 4,358 urban, suburban, and rural communities across the United States of America. The organizations pursue revitalization strategies that transform lives while strengthening communities. Over the last five years alone, NeighborWorks organizations have generated more than $8.5 billion in reinvestment while helping more than 500,000 families to purchase or improve their homes or to secure safe, decent rental or mutual housing.

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