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Disability Insurance Claims Publications
Document TitlePeer ReviewedPublishedUpdated
Kentucky Court Overturn's Liberty Life's Denial Of Mental Illness Claim and Awards Claimant Long Term Disability BenefitsN/A2014/08/262016/03/20
Cigna May Have to Pay Wrongfully Denied Disability BenefitsN/A2013/05/312016/03/20
ERISA Disability Appeal Must Be Filed Timely or You Will Have No Right to SueN/A2013/02/122021/12/17
How Disability Insurance Companies Deny Benefit ClaimsN/A2011/11/112022/06/07
Denial of Long Term Disability Benefits For Attorney With Stage III Breast Cancer and Side Effects of TreatmentN/A2011/10/172016/03/20
Long Term Disability Claims - $8.3 Billion Paid Last YearN/A2011/10/042013/06/14
Dentist Disability Insurance ClaimsN/A2011/04/232022/04/16
CIGNA Long Term Disability Claim Denied?N/A2011/04/192022/04/18
Disability Insurance Policy Lump Sum BuyoutsN/A2011/04/162022/04/26
Filing a Claim for Disability Benefits - What You Need to KnowN/A2011/01/262013/06/15
Disability Insurance: What is Covered and for How LongN/A2011/01/172022/06/30
Enhancing Return-to-Work Efforts on Short and Long-Term Disability and Workers Compensation ClaimsN/A2011/01/11
What is a Functional Capacity EvaluationN/A2010/09/242016/03/20
Can I Sue My Long Term Disability Insurance Company for Bad Faith or Punitive DamagesN/A2010/09/212016/03/20
What are the Most Common Disabling Conditions for a Long Term Disability ClaimN/A2010/09/202016/03/20
Does the Disability Insurance company Have to Approve My Disability Claim If I am Approved for Social SecurityN/A2010/09/202016/03/20
What is a Functional Capacity Exam (FCE) and Should I go to a FCEN/A2010/09/202016/03/20
What Type of Doctor Should I be Treating With in Order to Claim Long Term Disability BenefitsN/A2010/09/202016/03/20
Do I Return the Medical Authorization Release Form to the Disability Insurance CompanyN/A2010/09/202016/03/20
What are Self Reported Condition Limitations in a Disability Insurance PolicyN/A2010/09/202016/03/20
Can I do Volunteer Work While I Am on Disability BenefitsN/A2010/09/192016/03/20
Can a Long Term Disability Claim be Denied for a Pre-existing ConditionN/A2010/09/182016/03/20
How Often is a Disability Claimant Expected to Treat with a DoctorN/A2010/09/172016/03/20
Most Common Reasons for a Disability Insurance Claim DenialN/A2010/09/172016/03/20
How Do I Determine My Date of Disability for a Long Term Disability Insurance ClaimN/A2010/09/172016/03/20
What is a Residual Disability Income ClaimN/A2010/09/162016/03/20
Why Should I Hire a Disability Attorney to Submit My ERISA AppealN/A2010/09/162016/03/20
How Long Will I Receive Disability Benefits Once My Disability Claim is ApprovedN/A2010/09/162016/03/20
Why Does the Disability Insurance Company Request My Tax ReturnsN/A2010/09/162016/03/20
Tips for Applying for Social Security Disability BenefitsN/A2010/09/162022/06/21

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