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How Do I Determine My Date of Disability for a Long Term Disability Insurance Claim

Author: Disability Attorneys Dell & Schaefer : Contact:

Published: 2010-09-17 : (Rev. 2016-03-20)

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How to determine the date of your disability which can be a complicated process.

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Determining the date of disability can be a complicated process.

Obviously, if you've been in a car accident or if you've had a heart attack, it's a little easier to determine that catastrophic event as to when it started.

However, most people that do file for long-term disability, they have had a chronic condition that's been ongoing, they may have been suffering with it for years, but they continue to try to work.

So determining when the date of disability is a coordinated effort between you as the insured, your doctor, and the medical records, and making sure that your records are really documenting your ongoing problems.

Because if you file a claim four, five, six months later when that insurance company is reviewing that claim, if there isn't good medical documentation around the time when where you're stopping work, where your doctor is maybe advising you to cut back or to stop working at the point, the insurance company is going to challenge whether or not there was enough support to go on disability at that time.

Another thing is your policy may have a residual disability provision and that analysis as to date of the disability is going to be more complicated as financial circumstances are also going to have to weigh into that.

So there's no clear-cut easy way to determine what date you became disabled short of a catastrophic event.

If you're considering filing for disability, it is advisable that you contact us and we can help try to guide you through that or help to provide a road map into how to best position your claim for filing for disability.

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