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Enhancing Return-to-Work Efforts on Short and Long-Term Disability and Workers Compensation Claims

  • Published: 2011-01-11 : Author: GettingHired, LLC
  • Synopsis: Release of new functionality in FastTrackRTW product designed to help companies involved in short-term disability long-term disability and workers compensation insurance.

FastTrackRTW Adds Innovative Feature to Enhance Return-to-Work Efforts on Short and Long-Term Disability and Workers Compensation Claims.

FastTrackRTW Automates Key Step in Return-to-Work Process by Providing Decision Support Tool That Identifies and Recommends Remedial Actions Thereby Reducing Claim Duration

GettingHired, LLC announced today the release of new functionality in its FastTrackRTW product which is designed to help companies involved in short-term disability, long-term disability and workers compensation insurance better manage their return-to-work programs. This technology, part of FastTrackRTW's Transitional Services Tools module, is uniquely positioned to automate the capture of the Physical Capabilities Form (PCF), provide an online comparison to job analyses, identify any variations in abilities and make recommendations regarding job accommodations, temporary work assignments, need for additional medical management or occupational change. The net effect of this innovation will allow companies to more quickly identify and assist claimants/injured workers that need temporary work assignments or intensive vocational counseling and job transition services, resulting in shorter claim duration.

Maddy Bowling, Principal of Maddy Bowling and Associates Consulting, a prominent workers compensation/integrated disability consulting firm, stated, "The ability to quickly yet safely return injured or ill workers to productivity is our industry's main goal. FastTrackRTW's success in bringing exciting and usable technology to this critical task is an innovation that will impact all the stakeholders in our industry."

GettingHired, LLC Chief Executive Officer Thomas Capato stated, "This next-generation functionality represents a collaborative effort with our client partners and internal team. Early intervention is the key to more efficient and successful claimant outcomes as well as cost containment in the return-to-work arena. By automating this process, FastTrackRTW will not only help improve internal productivity for carriers, TPAs, Managed Care Companies and Self-Insured Employers, but will also allow claimants/injured workers to transition more effectively to temporary duties or new vocations."

About GettingHired, LLC - GettingHired, LLC is a software and services organization focused on creating employment opportunities for people with disabilities and helping employers find talented employees. In addition to the FastTrackRTW product (, the company is well-known for its national employment and social networking portal - Careers and Community for Talented People with Disabilities. uniquely connects talented job-seekers who happen to have disabilities with employers, advocacy organizations, veterans groups, colleges and service providers.

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