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Group Life Insurance - Term Insurance Quotes

  • Date: 2011/06/20
  • Term Insurance Quotes
  • Synopsis : Comprehensive guide website that focuses on all aspects of group life insurance.

Main Document

Popular term life insurance website TermInsuranceQuotes.com has introduced a comprehensive guide that focuses on all aspects of group life insurance. Consumers can compare different group life insurance plans and choose the best one accordingly.

Term Insurance Quotes has unveiled a brand new group life insurance resource aimed at consumers who are looking to buy group life insurance at a discounted price.

Like other types of life insurance, TermInsuranceQuotes.com allows the user to compare quotes by completing one simple form on the website.

TermInsuranceQuotes.com company spokesperson Max Bettfield explains that this new function is just one of the many resources the company plans to add to the growing site at the moment. "Our goal, while it might seem obvious for any life insurance website, is to give the consumer countless options when it comes to purchasing quality term life insurance at a reasonable price," Bettfield said. "In the information age, the challenge remains to make the information useful and accommodating to the user."

In mid May, TermInsuranceQuotes.com launched an elaborate new design aimed at making the information more accessible for the casual term life insurance customer.

In addition to a revamped home page, the site released several new sections such as the aforementioned group life insurance offering.

"We believe those looking for in-depth information about group life insurance will find our new guide to be very beneficial, and possible answer questions the consumers had not even thought of yet," Bettfield said. "We hope to extol the virtues of life insurance to as many people as possible, and we are confident this new addition will assist us in this goal."

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