Mums Prefer Changing Nappies Than Arranging Life Insurance

Published: 2011/04/17 - Updated: 2011/04/23
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Synopsis: Most mothers would rather change a dirty nappy than organize life insurance cover.

Introduction has revealed new research that shows almost half of British mums don't have any life insurance.

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New research from has found that 48% of mums don't have any life insurance cover. The main excuses behind their lack of protection were not understanding it (30%), not having time to sort it out (30%) and believing it was an unnecessary cost (36%). The comparison site also asked mums to rank a list of tasks in order of preference and found that most would rather change a dirty nappy than organize a life insurance cover.

However, mums admitted that sorting our protection would be preferable to cleaning hair out of a plug-hole, going to the dentist and doing two weeks' worth of ironing.

Mums were asked if there were any other reasons they had decided not to take life insurance cover and revealed excuses such as failing to find the right provider, a lack of trust in insurance providers and 'My husband has it so I don't need to'. Some respondents gave more unfortunate responses, such as finding it hard to find life insurance cover, due to pre-existing medical conditions.

Commenting on the research, Matthew Lloyd, head of life insurance at, said: "It's a real worry that so few mums have life insurance cover. Whether they go out to work or are full time parents it's important that they have protection in place for themselves and not just their partners. Sorting out life insurance cover doesn't have to take a long time or be complicated, but it is important to have in the event the worst should happen. Everyday tasks like washing, ironing, cleaning and doing the school run could all have to be paid for privately, and families should think about the value that stay-at-home parents provide and how they would cope financially with only one income.

"While death in service benefits at work and the breadwinner having protection are good to have in place, neither of these things will provide the same level of protection if the worst should happen. Families should make sure they fully take into account the value that both parents contribute and recognize that by ensuring they have sufficient life insurance in place."

Some highlights from the research includes 62% of mums in London are without life insurance policies, compared with just 37% of mums in Wales. 17% of mums in Scotland and Northern Ireland give a lack of time as their main excuse for not completing a policy, compared with just 13% of mums in the South East.

Matthew Lloyd suggests that mums should work out how much cover they need to protect their contribution to the household and consider how long they would want this cover to last, for example until their children are 21.

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