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Free Online Disability Insurance Quotes and Policy Comparisons

  • Synopsis: Published: 2011-06-06 - A list of online websites providing affordable disability insurance rates and quotes from companies offering competitive premiums. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Disabled World.

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A list of online websites providing affordable disability insurance rates and quotes from companies offering competitive premiums.

Disability as the result of an accident or illness may leave you unable to do your job for months or longer. A good disability insurance policy will protect you from the risk of financial ruin by providing that protection if you become seriously ill - or disabled and cannot work. During this time with no or reduced income, your ongoing medical and living expenses can quickly eat through your life savings.

Your employer or association-sponsored group disability insurance plan may not be all you think it is. It might, for example, insure you only if you are totally disabled, even though a partial disability could mean you were reduced to earning part-time wages.

If you're like millions of Americans, you are wondering where you can find affordable disability insurance rates and seek quotes from companies offering lower, more competitive premiums.

Disability Insurance may come in the form of a group or individual policy. There are also two types of disability policies, short and long-term. Short-term policies last less than two years, while long-term can last to age 65 or older. Before you apply for disability insurance quotes, you should assess your needs. Then, familiarize yourself with the ins and outs of disability insurance policies.

NOTE: Before you reach age 65, your chances of suffering a disability that would keep you out of work for three months or more are 1 in 3 and 1 in 7 workers will be unable to work due to a disability for at least 5 years!

List of Websites That Offer Free Online Disability Insurance Quotes:

ProtectYourIncome ( - Specializes in Non-Cancelable, Guaranteed Renewable disability insurance with an Own-Occupation definition of disability for Physicians, Dentists and other professionals (minimum annual income of $100,000 required other than medical residents and fellows)

4freequotes ( - Completing just one insurance quote request form enables you to receive rates from multiple companies simultaneously. Instant quotes are now available in all 50 states from top carriers and this site offers the ability to match your request with insurance agents, companies and brokers instantly.

Doctor Disability Insurance ( - Personalized "Own Occupation Specialty-Specific" plans are available for physicians and dentists nationwide from professionals who specialize in disability insurance for doctors. Your quote request will be handled by an experienced insurance professional who works exclusively with doctors and dentists and deals only with trusted, financially secure US disability insurance companies.

BestHealthcareRates ( - Make it easy to get quick and Free Disability Insurance Quotes from leading insurance companies. Just fill out the details and hit submit to begin the process of getting Free Disability Insurance Quotes online.

Insure Your Future ( - The Insure Your Future team specializes in providing cost-effective options for Disability Insurance, Life Insurance and Health Insurance to create a portfolio of coverage designed specifically to fit your needs.

FutureRight Canada ( - Provide the most up to date rates from the top leading Canadian insurance companies. Their quotes will lead you to the right disability insurance for your needs. As insurance brokers they can represent almost every insurance company.

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