How to Speed Up Your Disability Claim

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Author: Colonial Life
Published: 2011/07/25
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Synopsis: Tips to make sure you get your disability claim resolved as soon as possible by speeding up the SSDI process.


Five Ways to Speed Your Disability Claim - Get faster payment with these simple tips from Colonial Life.

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Time is money when you're waiting on a disability claim. Getting your claim resolved quickly after your paycheck stops coming helps you pay your bills on time and keep your creditors at bay.

To make sure you get your disability claim resolved as soon as possible, Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company offers five simple tips to speed up the process.

1 - File your claim as soon as possible.

Doing so lets your insurance company start the review process right away and can speed up any potential payment.

2 - Give your insurer a signed HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) authorization form at the same time you file your claim.

The HIPAA form, which is provided by your insurance company, helps protect your privacy and gives the insurer permission to review your medical records. Submitting this form when you first file your claim allows your insurance company to obtain the medical information it needs to resolve your claim quickly.

3 - Make copies of any medical paperwork related to your disability and send it in.

Paperwork from doctor visits, emergency rooms and other types of medical information helps your insurer determine the extent of your condition and project how long you might be out of work. Providing this information when you file your claim saves time so your insurance company has everything it needs to make a decision.

4 - Tell your doctor you're filing a disability claim.

Check to make sure your doctor's office gives the insurance company the information it needs to help resolve your claim. You'll avoid a possible delay if your physician's office knows what they need to provide and that a prompt response is important.

5 - Make sure your claim form is complete.

Any missing information can stall the process. Having your doctor and employer complete their sections of the claim form will help avoid delays.

"Most people need their money quickly when they file a disability claim, but they don't realize they can influence the process," says Jim Mayfield, director of claims systems and special services for Colonial Life. "With just a few simple steps, policyholders can help their insurance company make a faster payment."

Colonial Life resolves nearly a quarter million disability claims every year and paid more than $170 million in disability claims to policyholders in 2010.

About Colonial Life - Colonial Life & Accident Insurance Company is a market leader in providing insurance benefits for employees and their families through the workplace, along with individual benefits education, advanced yet simple-to-use enrollment technology and quality personal service. Colonial Life offers disability, life and supplemental accident and health insurance policies in 49 states and the District of Columbia. Similar policies, if approved, are underwritten in New York by a Colonial Life affiliate, The Paul Revere Life Insurance Company, Worcester, Mass. Colonial Life is based in Columbia, S.C., and is a subsidiary of Unum Group. For more information about voluntary benefits, call Colonial Life at (803) 798-7000 or visit

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