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Disability Product Investors Publications
Title of
Updated / Revised
Revolutionizing Mobility: The HasWheel In-Hub Wheelchair SuspensionProduct Release, Update2024/06/152024/07/12
Airline Seat Design Allows Disabled Passengers to Fly in Own Wheelchair2020/03/192021/02/09
Inventions Needed to Make Everyday Life Easier2019/03/272020/03/23
Investors Wanted for Wheeling Comforts - An Accessible Retreat for Disabled2018/10/22
WHILL, Inc. Raises $45 Million in FundingAnnouncement / Notification2018/09/172023/09/12
Angels of Mercy Film Stars Quadriplegic Actor But Needs Your Help2018/04/072018/06/06
Johns Hopkins Engineering Students Build Custom Walker for Special Needs Toddler2017/12/222018/04/30
Airplane Evacuation Sling for Wheelchair UsersProduct Release / Update2017/10/282023/09/19
EVO221 Assistive Ergonomic and Water Efficient Toilet System2016/09/232018/03/15
Eyes on the Prize: The Hadley School for the Blind Wants to Back Your Business2016/01/072016/03/27
Inventions: Disability, Medical and Health Related ProductsInformative2015/11/022024/02/16
PillBox: Modern Smart Drug Dispenser2015/10/052016/09/24
assist-Mi: Disability Access App2015/07/062021/08/10
Strategic Community Empowerment Initiative (SCEI)2014/10/162020/12/09
Kickstarter Campaign for Inclusive Cutlery2014/09/03
Voiceitt Announce launch of Indiegogo Crowd-funding Campaign2014/08/192020/12/05
Multi-Use Health Monitoring Headset by InstaMD2014/05/162021/12/06
Horizon Electric Trike - Mobility for People with Disabilities2014/03/222019/06/21
SOAR: Dance Concert and Documentary Finale at Newmark Theater2014/03/11
Eye Candy Initiative: Project Alicia Accessibility and Interface System2014/03/032021/09/01
Robo-Tar: Play Guitar With One HandProduct Release, Update2014/01/272024/06/21
Folf Club Adaptive Disc Golf LauncherProduct Release / Update2013/05/192023/10/02
Cinema Subtitle System for Hard of HearingProduct Release, Update2013/04/252024/05/16
Algotect Pain Test Stratifies Patients for Optimal Therapy2012/10/222021/07/10
Researcher Gives Hope to People with Hearing Loss2011/03/082014/01/27
Reinventing the Wheel: Folding Wheelchair WheelProduct Release, Update2010/09/152024/05/02
Adaptive Clothing Dignity by Design Enterprise, LLC - Fashion Apparel Without Limitations2009/08/252020/05/05
Investors Wanted for 3-wheel Commuter Vehicles for Disabled Drivers2009/06/092014/01/27

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