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Disability Product Development: Crowdfunding, Projects and Investors Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Product Investors category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

  1. Angels of Mercy Film - Help Give a Voice to Disabled Filmmakers
    Angels of Mercy film is designed for empowerment within the disabled community and to promote awareness of biases toward the disabled community often portrayed in the media - Published: 2016-10-30
  2. EVO221 Assistive Ergonomic and Water Efficient Toilet System
    The EVO221 is a new type of toilet design that is accessible, adjustable and features a revolutionary design and functions - Published: 2016-09-23
  3. Eyes on the Prize: The Hadley School for the Blind Wants to Back Your Business
    Hadley invites submissions for a start up for a chance to win one of three cash awards for up to $10,000 each - Published: 2016-01-07
  4. Inventions: Disability, Medical and Health Related Products
    List of disability related concepts and inventions by people wishing to bring their product to market and/or require finance and investor backing - Published: 2015-11-02
  5. PillBox: Modern Smart Drug Dispenser
    The PillBox consist of a central unit, dispensing modules, dedicated app and synchronizing everything via a web platform - Published: 2015-10-05
  6. assist-Mi: Disability Access App
    assist-Mi offers comprehensive assistance to disabled users on the go, empowering them to greater independence to an accessible world - Published: 2015-07-06
  7. Dip a Stick - Simple Diabetes Test
    Dip a Stick provides an accurate way to detect signs of diabetes and is inexpensive, painless and easy to use - Published: 2015-02-16
  8. Strategic Community Empowerment Initiative (SCEI)
    Concept Paper on Advocacy for meaningful Involvement of People Living with Disability and aging into Disability - Published: 2014-10-16
  9. Downs Designs Clothes for Kids With Down Syndrome Raises Over $10,000 in 24 Hrs
    Downs Designs Kickstarter fundraising campaign is dedicated to providing clothes that fit and look great for children with Down syndrome - Published: 2014-09-05
  10. Kickstarter Campaign for Inclusive Cutlery
    4c Design are campaigning to take Sup Spoon into production and transform mealtimes for people with shaky hands - Published: 2014-09-03
  11. Voiceitt Announce launch of Indiegogo Crowd-funding Campaign
    Voiceitt are developing an app called Talkitt using innovative speech technology that will enable people with motor, speech, and language disorders to communicate using their own voice, by translating the unintelligible pronunciation into understandable speech - Published: 2014-08-19
  12. Indiegogo Campaign for Multi-Use Health Monitoring Headset by InstaMD
    The headset works in conjunction with any existing stethoscope to record amplified high-quality sound - Published: 2014-05-16
  13. Horizon Electric Trike - Mobility for People with Disabilities
    Information by Outrider USA on the Horizon Electric Trike Kickstarter campaign as a mobility option for people with physical disabilities - Published: 2014-03-22
  14. SOAR: Dance Concert and Documentary Finale at Newmark Theater
    Information regarding a documentary film about Kiera Brinkley a quadruple amputee and her sister Uriah Boyd - Published: 2014-03-11
  15. The Eye Candy Initiative: Project Alicia Accessibility and Interface System
    Project Alicia accessibility and interface system designed to help the disabled, seniors, and people with disabilities navigate computers and mobile devices with ease - Published: 2014-03-03
  16. Robo-Tar - Play the Guitar with One Hand
    Robo-Tar is an adapted guitar that can be played using one hand and is especially suitable for persons with disabilities - Published: 2014-01-27
  17. Folf Club Adaptive Disc Golf Launcher
    The Folf Club is ideal for people with less coordination or decreased upper body mobility and who want to get outside and throw a disc with friends - Published: 2013-05-19
  18. Cinema Subtitle System for the Hard of Hearing
    Cinema subtitle caption system designed for the hard of hearing which is invisible to the general audience - Published: 2013-04-25
  19. Dad Seeks Funding for Back Washer Product Development
    Jermaine Walker seeks funding for The Back Washer project to move his concept from 3D design to prototype - Published: 2013-01-10
  20. Algotect Pain Test Stratifies Patients for Optimal Therapy - Partners Wanted
    Algometron seeks partners interested in commercially developing a transdermal patch that activates TRPM8 receptors in peripheral tissues - Published: 2012-10-22
  21. Researcher Gives Hope to People with Hearing Loss
    Totally implantable hearing system that would be unseen from the outer ear and restore hearing to those with moderate to severe hearing loss - Published: 2011-03-08
  22. Reinventing the Wheel: Wheelchair Wheel that Folds
    Changing the design of the wheel by creating a foldable wheel that makes wheelchairs more portable - Published: 2010-09-15
  23. Dignity by Design Enterprise, LLC - Fashion Apparel Without Limitations
    Dignity by Design Enterprise, LLC is seeking Investors and partnerships in manufacturing - Published: 2009-08-25
  24. Investors Wanted for 3-wheel Commuter Vehicles for Disabled Drivers
    Developers of three wheel mobility vehicle for persons with disabilities seeking investors for financing project located in USA - Published: 2009-06-09


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