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Dad Seeks Funding for Back Washer Product Development

  • Synopsis: Published: 2013-01-10 (Revised/Updated 2014-09-11) - Jermaine Walker seeks funding for The Back Washer project to move his concept from 3D design to prototype. For further information pertaining to this article contact: Jermaine Walker.

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Quote: "There are many manual back scrubbers on the market but unlike the electrical Back Washer, the manual scrubbers are of no benefit to those who are physically challenged."

An Angel of a dad seeks funding for The Back Washer, an invention for people with disabilities, mobility problems or seniors.

As a newcomer to the invention industry, Jermaine Walker has set his eyes on helping millions of people around the world by creating a device that will literally do all the "back work" for users. He has launched The Back Washer project on FundaGeek, the crowd-funding site for technical innovation. If he reaches his goal of $2,500, it will move his project from 3D design to prototype.

While helping his special needs son take a shower, Jermaine realized Daevion would always be limited by his scoliosis and that washing his own back would always be something he couldn't do. From out of need emerged an idea that is becoming reality, not just another "what if". Intended for the physically challenged, the device will be beneficial to everyone.

The Back Washer is easily installed by sticking the four suction cups mounted on the back of the device to a shower wall or tiles.

Equipped with a water proof remote control, it has a rectangular base plate with a mechanical hand positioned in the center. The mechanical hand opens and closes so a cloth or sponge can be inserted for washing. Liquid soap can be added to the back of the hand. Then, by simply guiding the motion-of-cleaning with the remote control, the hand travels up, down, left, right, and diagonally.

There are many manual back scrubbers on the market but unlike the electrical Back Washer, the manual scrubbers are of no benefit to those who are physically challenged. The Back Washer does the work for the user with only a simple 5 minute installation.

Exhausting his savings to get the project to its current stage, Jermaine expressed his belief in the project and stated, "This device will help increase the self-confidence of the physically challenged including my son. My one wish is for Daevion to one day be independent when it comes to doing simple daily tasks such as showering." He went on to say he will not stop until Wal-Mart shelves everywhere are stocked with The Back Washer.

The retail price of The Back Washer will average between $15 - $25, quite inexpensive for this type of device.

Drop by and see his charming, amusing and animated videos and the Good Samaritan rewards he is offering in exchange for your pledges to his project:

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