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Dignity by Design Enterprise, LLC - Fashion Apparel Without Limitations

  • Published: 2009-08-25 (Revised/Updated 2015-08-10) : Author: Dignity by Design Enterprise, LLC : Contact: Phone: 612-325-4889
  • Synopsis: Dignity by Design Enterprise, LLC is seeking Investors and partnerships in manufacturing.

Quote: "54 million Americans alone are estimated to have some form of disability that limits dexterity or dressing issues."

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Dignity by Design Enterprise, LLC is seeking Investors and partnerships in manufacturing. The historic existing technology is geriatric, easy access, casual, modified appearing merchandise. This Company's niche is the physically challenged individual in the workplace, academia and social setting.

Adaptive clothing, or adapted clothes, are defined as clothing, garments and footwear specially designed for people with physical disabilities, the elderly, the infirm and post surgery patients who may have difficulty dressing themselves due to an inability to manipulate closures, such as buttons and zippers, or due to a lack of a full range of motion required for self dressing eg. arthritis sufferers, quadriplegics and paraplegics. Adapted clothing also makes dressing and undressing patients easier for caregivers, nurses, and hospice staff, and provide nonrestrictive comfort to the wearer.

Dignity by Design Enterprise, LLC is seeking Investors and partnerships in manufacturing

Company Prospectus

Purpose of Company:

Dignity by Design Enterprise. LLC, founded in March, 2001, is a wholly owned minority business, providing easy access, high fashion, professional apparel to the disabled, handicapped, elderly, blind and physically challenged markets. The Company's products are innovative, cutting edge adaptive clothing fashions that are affordable to this niche market.


Investors and partnerships in manufacturing. This is absolutely necessary in moving forward.


The valuation of the company is based upon projected sales of $4.6 million by 2011, growing at 35% annually, while establishing and maintaining dominance in the marketplace.

Technology Description:

The Company has two divisions: Dignity Fashions - for physical and dexterity challenges - and DbD - tailored for the wheelchair mobile. Dignity by Design products have been created exclusively for our clientele - from concept to manufacturing, with ergonomic and custom styling using state of the art closures without a modified appearance.

Summary of Existing Technology:

The Current State-of-the Art The historic existing technology is geriatric, easy access, casual, modified appearing merchandise. This Company's niche is the physically challenged individual in the workplace, academia and social setting. We meet this niche need with non-modified appearing, classic apparel.

The physically challenged historically have had two basic alternatives to this point: very high cost, custom apparel - costing $200.00 - $1,000.00 and casual or self-modified apparel - costing $45.00-$125.00 per garment. The Dignity by Design alternative is high fashion, non-modified in appearance and professional apparel, with unparalleled accessibility, in a moderate price range.

Plan for Continued Development:

The company is thoroughly prepared to capture the market for the following reasons:

All research, development, preliminary and final samples and Sportswear inventory are in place

Pattern production - utilization of the foremost pattern developers in the industry to create the most technically advanced and ergonomic patterns, using standard sizing, while building seamless modifications within the pattern itself.

Material sourcing has been extensive and established with the correct vendors

Quality digitizing allows for the patterns to be used in all manufacturing facilities worldwide. This computer digitization assures pattern fit and grade - plus the building of "markers". This is the tool used to optimize fabric consumption per run of style - eliminating excessive waste.


China., Mexico and Honduras - established.

Fully branded and trademarked name recognition and images

Affiliations and associations on multi platforms and organizations are in place

Costs and Use of Funds:

The research and development, prototyping, sampling, marketing entrance, affiliation contacts and business development has been established. In order to enter the market strongly, the use of future funds will be as follows: manufacturing cost, distribution site development, marketing and marketing campaign, staff enhancement and ongoing operational costs. The cost of manufacturing is singled out as the largest cost factor. However, through diligently resourcing the most effective manufacturing facilities, worldwide, we can produce at effective costs, while maintaining a minimal 52% profit margin.Management and back-end office structure: accounting, bookkeeping, web development, e-commerce storefront (Website -

Intellectual Property:

The Company is fully trademarked: Dignity by Design and DbD . Rigorous control of pattern development, ergonomics and grading of each design, render patterns un-copy-able to the general retail apparel industry. We have entered discussion on licensing the patterns to two retail markets. With current controls in place, it allows for Dignity by Design to maintain a minimal twelve month advantage to market entrance and customer loyalty, prior to the emergence of "copycat" marketing.

Marketing Strategy:

The Current Market and Total Revenues: Unmet Market Need - 54 million Americans alone are estimated to have some form of disability that limits dexterity or dressing issues. The data is taken directly from the "American's with Disabilities Act of 2001". The apparel market is a $300 Billion revenue producing industry. The disabled market does not have a supplier for clothing that incorporates the accessibility plus the fashionable appearance desired by the working or socially active disabled. Our direct marketing research through trade shows and presentations with disabled organizations assures that this Company has the ability and tested products to meet this need - and fully capture this niche market.

An integrated web site storefront is fully in place:

Major Retail markets:

Market placement as a specialty division within major retail markets: (spec. Target, Kohl's). Meetings have commenced with both organizations to date).This offering only becomes viable once market placement has been established by Dignity by Design as a premier player in the apparel industry, or a major manufacturer takes on this line as a subdivision.

Trade Shows (including, but not limited to: 3M Eldercare, Senior Expo, Abilities Expo, MS and Serono/Pfizer shows/speaker presentations, and Special Olympics) Note: Because of the exclusivity of our apparel, we have been invited, free of charge, to participate and present at most trade and disabled affiliate programs and trade shows. This company and its products are in great demand and we draw a tremendous crowd. If our line of apparel had been available for sale at previous events, our profitability in 2007 would have exceeded $500,000.00 in sales.

Marketing, direct marketing and advertising:

radio, television, cable, disabled publications, and long-term affiliations with established publications, promotional engagements, editorials and government agencies.

Disabled organizations and Veterans associations - including government and war veterans.

Risks and Potentials:

The apparel industry indeed has its inherent risks - with manufacturing, textile fluctuation and import export limitations, however - this market is so immense that its risks are certainly less than those incurred by generic fashion lines, which remain quite profitable, yet cater to a far more limited clientele. This risk is also our opportunity - we enter as first to market and dominate the marketplace, therefore retail and global expansion looks to our expertise and product to partner with, expand and enter the disabled market...


Dignity by Design Enterprise, LLC offers:


Please contact for the Business Plan or for additional information:

Dignity by Design Enterprise, LLCDonna Freeberg, President
Phone: 612-325-4889


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