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Indiegogo Campaign for Multi-Use Health Monitoring Headset by InstaMD

  • Synopsis: Published: 2014-05-16 - The headset works in conjunction with any existing stethoscope to record amplified high-quality sound . For further information pertaining to this article contact: InstaMD at

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Quote: "Any stethoscope can be used with the InstaMD headset to record and to share this important vital data."

Multi-Use Headset provides cost-effective and convenient means of recording and sharing vital information.

InstaMD, a startup company specializing in patient centric health technology, launched the Indiegogo crowd-funding campaign for their debut product, the Multi-Use InstaMD Headset today. The headset works in conjunction with any existing stethoscope to record amplified, high-quality sound that can be archived for independent patient tracking or shared with a patient's medical provider. In conjunction with the launch of their Indiegogo campaign, the InstaMD team will also be at the TiEcon Conference in Santa Clara this weekend.

The InstaMD Multi-Use Headset is easily attachable to any stethoscope and provides users with the ability to record heart, lung or GI sounds, which can then be uploaded directly to the InstaMD provided web and mobile app. Users with access to the InstaMD web and mobile app can record and archive their audio files and, if desired, share their information with their medical provider in real-time. For the first time, convenient audio and video health monitoring is available to consumers through any computer or smart mobile device. In essence, InstaMD's Multi-Use Headset is making advanced health monitoring more convenient and cost-effective than ever before.

"Our primary goal is to make monitoring your health simpler," said Dr. Subbarao Myla, Co-founder of InstaMD. "By giving people the opportunity to engage more meaningfully and frequently to their provider, we hope to create a healthier society."

The headset provides those concerned about their health and wellness a better medium for monitoring and storing their vitals. In addition, it provides patients with mobility concerns or other varying disabilities the opportunity to connect with their physicians remotely, eliminating the need for scheduling troublesome or tiresome office visits.

"InstaMD's headset and future line of vitals products provide a cost-effective means to track and share your health information," said Myla. "We are bridging the gap with our devices. Patients no longer have to wait for the next available appointment when they have a concern nor do they have to go months and months without any contact or 'check-in' with their provider. When a patient feels that they need to share a clip of their heart rhythm with a Cardiologist because it sounded or felt strange to them on a Tuesday, they will have the ability to connect and share their clip on that Tuesday. No more will patients have to take a passive role in their health; InstaMD is empowering the patient to take control of their health from their living room."

While the market is growing with platforms and devices made for virtual health screenings, other products, such as digital stethoscopes, can be costly. According to Dr. Myla, InstaMD is not trying to reinvent the wheel but instead create a product that allows people to use what they already have. Any stethoscope can be used with the InstaMD headset to record and to share this important vital data. The company plans to expand their reach to enable other medical devices for virtual screening and tracking in the near future with provider/institutional options as well.

InstaMD hopes to use the Indiegogo campaign to raise the needed funds for its first round of production. Early bird pricing starts at $85 for the InstaMD Multi-Use Headset, but supplies are limited. Once the early bird systems are pre-ordered, pricing will increase to $99. Special distributor and wholesale packages that include larger quantities, as well as developer packages that include API access will also be available for pre-order. For more information, like them on Facebook ( and follow them on Twitter @InstaMD.

InstaMD was founded by a diverse group of individuals with expertise in a variety of areas including medicine, technology and retail. What we shared, and continue to share, is a passion for innovation and a genuine desire to increase access to quality healthcare. Our goal is to create products that would not only be convenient and easy to use, but wouldn't require the user to invest in expensive new equipment. Rather than reinvent the wheel, we devised a way to combine existing technology with simple medical devices to produce an affordable system that anyone can use thereby empowering the patient to take control of their health. For more information, visit

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