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Inventions: Disability, Medical and Health Related Products

Published: 2015/11/02 - Updated: 2020/03/31
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Synopsis: List of disability related concepts and inventions by people wishing to bring their product to market and/or require finance and investor backing. Inventor service with researchers, illustrators, writers, and customer service representatives who can assist you in to submit your invention idea to industry. InventHelp can also refer you to an independent licensed patent attorney to provide a preliminary patent search and opinion.


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Do you have an concept, prototype, or idea to help make life easier for persons with disabilities but are unsure on how to patent it, or bring it to market?

Getting started with new invention ideas can be difficult.

InventHelp is an inventor service company staffed with researchers, illustrators, writers, and customer service representatives who will assist you in submitting your invention idea to industry. After being in the business for more than 30 years, they know what the invention industry is all about.

InventHelp can assist you in trying to submit your inventions, or new product ideas, to industry. InventHelp can also refer you to an independent licensed patent attorney to provide a preliminary patent search and opinion. Based on the opinion, the attorney may then help prepare and file a US patent application for the idea with the US Patent and Trademark Office.

InventHelp has a unique system of submitting client inventions in confidence. They do this by submitting your idea to companies that have signed up in the InventHelp Data Bank and have agreed to review their clients ideas in confidence.

Giving back to the Community

As part of their corporate philosophy, InventHelp believes in giving back to the local community. Each year, they ask their employees to join community outreach efforts such as collecting non-perishable food items to help stock a local food pantry, teaming with the U.S. Marine Corps by donating to Toys for Tots and partnering with charities such as Make-A-Wish to sponsor a wish for a deserving child.

Latest Disability Related InventHelp Client Inventions:

These products are currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers. For more information on the inventions listed below, write to Dept. 15-DLL-3113, InventHelp, 217 Ninth Street, Pittsburgh, PA 15222, or call (412) 288-1300 ext. 1368.

TUGGITT: Dog Harness with Integrated Leash (HLW-1741)

To make it easier for individuals with disabilities, limited mobility, and the general public, to walk a dog while maintaining control, an inventor has come up with a solution. Patent-pending TUGGITT ensures the owner has full control over the dog at all times by overcoming problems and shortcomings of traditional retractable leashes, making walking a dog easier and less stressful. TUGGITT is ideal for use by pet owners with disabilities, the blind, the elderly and those with limited mobility. The invention would benefit service-dog organizations and police K-9 units as well.

HELPEN HAND Eases Writing for People With Manual Disabilities (CBA-2921)

HELPEN HAND is a special pen that enables a person with a manual disability to hold a pen in a more comfortable and ergonomic manner. Compact, portable, easy to use and producible in different sizes and colors, the HELPEN HAND is designed to promote independence and dignity for people with carpal tunnel syndrome, arthritis, nerve damage and other hand problems.

Wheelchair Umbrella Shelter for Wheelchair Users (LAX-800)

InventHelp is submitting the Wheelchair Umbrella to companies for their review. The Wheelchair Umbrella protects a wheelchair user from hot sunlight and rain. This prevents discomfort and eliminates the need for assistance from others. The Wheelchair Umbrella is ergonomic, easy to use, compatible with all wheelchairs, and producible in different sizes and colors. It is angle- and height-adjustable.

Briscoe Sleeve for Individuals Recovering from Shoulder Injuries/Surgeries (HTM-4041)

When I had rotator cuff surgery, I had great difficulty putting on shirts over the bulky sling and cast. I needed clothing that would make dressing while recovering from surgery easier. The Briscoe Sleeve can be put on and taken off with ease. The design saves the individual from having to ask for assistance with getting dressed. It also eliminates the need to stretch or strain in order to put on a shirt. This minimizes pain and discomfort while dressing and also offers added peace of mind. Additionally, the apparel is designed for comfortable wear.

Virtual Reality Kit for Mobile Devices (HLW-1754)

An inventor from N. Miami Beach, Fla., has developed REVIEWER VR. The invention is a wearable accessory for smartphones or tablets. It would allow the user to convert such a mobile device into a virtual/augmented-reality viewer. A prototype is available. The kit is compatible with most standard-sized smartphones and tablets. It will safely and securely hold the user's mobile device while in use. Users could enjoy playing games, watching movies, searching the internet, videoconferencing and educating themselves with the virtual reality feature.

Improved Mobility Aid Invented for Physical Therapy (HLW-1747)

An inventor from Miami, Fla., designed a better mobility aid that is comfortable and easy to use for both patient and medical professionals and caregivers. The MAXIMO helps disabled individuals walk more easily than with other mobility aids. As such, it provides an interactive walking therapy that allows the feet of the helper and the patient to step in unison. At the same time, it guarantees stability for better balance and is easy to put on and take off.

Safety Device for Prosthetic Appendages (HTM-3677)

An inventor wanted to fulfill the need for a device that would permit amputees to safely ride all types of amusement park rides. The patent-pending SAFETY STRAP FOR AMPUTEES improves accessibility. It eliminates discrimination. It is also versatile. Additionally, the unit is easy to use and could be set up in a matter of minutes, or even seconds. The SAFETY STRAP FOR AMPUTEES is a reasonable accommodation for amusement park operators due to its simplicity.

Easier to Load and Unload Modified Wheelchair (DLL-3113)

The patent-pending SIDE STEP WHEELCHAIR makes loading and unloading a wheelchair and its user onto or off of a vehicle quicker and easier. It also aids in transporting the person in general. As a result, it avoids back/overextension injuries among caregivers, and reduces the amount of strength and effort needed. Ergonomic, easy to use and serving as an alternative to conventional wheelchairs, the SIDE STEP WHEELCHAIR can be produced in design variations.

Accommodate a Passenger on Mobility Scooters (SFO-258)

An inventor from Alameda, Calif., wanted to transform mobility scooters into two-person vehicles. As such, he designed the PEOPLE MOVER – an accessory that would accommodate a passenger on a motorized scooter. The PEOPLE MOVER allows a second individual to ride on an assistive vehicle. This product is ideal for use among elderly or disabled couples, as it eliminates the need for them to use two scooters in order to get around. This saves space, saves time and effort and enhances convenience. It can also enhance safety.

Invention Allows For Easy Movement Through Airports (FED-1584)

The patent-pending FLOW CASE enables a user to move through airports in a more convenient way. It saves time and effort, as well as ensures timely arrival at gates. Overall, it promotes comfort and peace of mind. Easy to use and versatile, the invention is suitable for all travelers, but ideal for people with temporary or permanent physical disabilities or mobility impairments.

Electronic Assistive Device for the Blind (BTM-2245)

While traditional white canes used by the blind have proven effective in helping users navigate safely, they are beneficial only as walking aids. However, two inventors from Baltimore, Md., have incorporated technology to expand the capabilities of this assistive device. They developed THE WALK MATE to afford independence and mobility for the blind. As such, it eliminates the need to ask for assistance to get from point A to point B because it provides walking directions to various destinations.

Improved Wheelchair (BTM-1091)

"My cousin is disabled (paralyzed), and it is hard for him to get in and out of bed," said an inventor from Temple Hills, Md. "His wife has to lift him up by herself every day. I did not want her to have to endure this hardship day after day, so I came up with a better way to help him." He developed the ISAAC CHAIR to help a disabled individual get in and out of bed. The design ends the need to ask for assistance, which eliminates the physical stress and strain normally involved in this task. The unit saves time and effort. Additionally, it is easy to use and usable in residential or medical settings.

Expandable Calf Support Used on Wheelchairs

The Retractable Calf Support would increase comfort for individuals who need to use wheelchairs. It helps to support the legs more fully than conventional wheelchairs, and could require less time and care from caregivers. Ensuring even leg circulation, the invention would be small, compact and easily adjustable. Featuring extended calf supports, additional padded calf rests are positioned underneath the conventional calf rests. The calf rests would use a depression pin system to allow for adjustment without tools. When needed, the calf rests could be slid inward to accommodate a patient’s legs that bow inward. "I work at a nursing home in which, out of my 100 patients, six or seven would benefit from this product," said the inventor. "My idea would increase the comfort and quality of life for patients who use wheelchairs." InventHelp is attempting to submit the invention to companies for review. If substantial interest is expressed, the company will attempt to negotiate for a sale or royalties for the inventor.

Aid for Easy Vehicle Transfers (POO-136)

An inventor from Salem, Ore., wanted to provide an effective means for a disabled or elderly person to easily enter and exit a parked pickup truck. As such, he designed the patent-pending C T RAMP to improve the quality of life and personal mobility of handicapped individuals by encouraging them to travel more frequently. The C T RAMP is portable, lightweight and inexpensive. It also reduces the strain on caregivers and spouses. Furthermore, it eliminates the need for an expensive, specially outfitted van for handicapped people. The inventor was inspired by his wife and a need to provide her with a way to easily transfer in and out of a vehicle. “It allows her to get outside the home to shop, get groceries, go to the library, go on vacation, and visit the doctor and hospital, said the inventor. "This minimized strain for both of us."

Invention Stabilizes Urostomy/Colostomy Bags (POO-154)

"Ever since surgery my father has had difficulty keeping his urostomy bag from coming loose and leaking," said one of two inventors from Redmond, Ore., so the co-inventor and I designed a way to prevent this frustrating and unsanitary problem." They then created a prototype of their idea. The FREEDOM supports a urostomy/colostomy bag more efficiently. This design also utilizes a special feature that prevents messes caused by leakage, which avoids discomfort and embarrassment. Overall, it promotes sanitation and peace of mind. The invention is ergonomic, easy to use and producible in design variations.

Improved Mobility Aid (PIT-213)

While conventional walkers afford considerable help with mobility, their design does not allow for assistance with kneeling or provide ready access to exercise weights. Fortunately, an inventor from Uniontown, Pa., has found a way to address those needs. He developed a prototype for THE TOMMY WALKER to enhance the benefits of a standard walker to improve the user's quality of life. To begin with, this improved mobility aid eliminates the obstruction caused by the horizontal bar found on a conventional walker. As such, it promotes an increased level of independence. Furthermore, it allows patient to kneel down to enjoy activities like gardening. Besides that, it is safe, convenient and comfortable. At the same time, it is effective, durable and affordably priced. Also, it is ideal for use in rehabilitation programs. In addition, it keeps exercise weights within easy reach.

Improved Prosthetic Foot (JMC-1775)

"I had my lower leg amputated, and then I had to be fitted for a prosthetic foot," said an inventor from Wichita Falls, Texas. "I found it difficult to walk in because of its rigid design, so I developed a prosthetic foot with a larger range of motion so that walking is more comfortable." He created a prototype for the PROSTHETIC FOOT to allow for flexion in the ankle area. This enables the wearer to walk in a more natural manner. It is designed for improved mobility and maneuverability. It makes walking more comfortable. Furthermore, all of this helps the wearer become more independent.

Wheel Chair Umbrella Rest (BMA-4511)

"I was inspired to create this when my wife was scheduled to be in a wheelchair," said an inventor, from Woburn, Mass. "I thought there needed to be an effective way to protect her from the elements, so I invented this." He invented the WHEEL CHAIR UMBRELLA REST. The Wheel Chair Umbrella Rest enables an individual in a wheelchair to utilize an umbrella. In doing so, it provides added protection against the rain and sun. It also increases comfort and independence. The patented invention features a hands-free design that is convenient and easy to use so it is ideal for individuals who utilize wheelchairs. Additionally, the Wheel Chair Umbrella Rest is producible in design variations and a prototype is available. The inventor described the invention design. "My hands-free design enables an individual in a wheelchair to use an umbrella."

Solves the Problem of Incontinence Discomfort and Health Risk (AAT-1779)

"As a geriatric medical doctor I visit many nursing homes," said an inventor from Atlanta, Ga., "so I'm familiar with the urine smell associated with incontinent patients that haven't the mobility or the verbal skills necessary to get out of a soiled bed and care for themselves." This inspired him to design a way to prevent the indignity and unsanitary situation of being stuck in a bed soiled by body fluids. DR. URO ensures that an immobile and/or verbally impaired patient doesn't have to lie or sit in his or her own urine or other fluid while in bed or a wheelchair. This allows for a quick response by medical staff or a caretaker. It also avoids bad odors, irritation, discomfort and infection caused by unsanitary conditions. Ideal for incontinent people, it can be used in households, nursing homes and hospitals.

Bathroom Assistance for Walker Users (AAT-1336)

Able-bodied people take the ease and quickness of going to the bathroom for granted, but there are many people who strain to do so due to physical disabilities. "When I first became disabled I had great difficulty maneuvering onto toilets," said an inventor from Stone Mountain, Ga., "so I decided to design a better way for people like me to go to the bathroom." PORTA WALKER enables a physically disabled person to go to the bathroom in an easier, more sanitary manner. This avoids hassle and struggle with trying to sit on public or private toilets, as well as promotes independence and peace of mind. Versatile and easy to use, the invention is ideal for all people who rely on walkers. Also, it can be used by young or older people, any person who has a problem with using public or private toilets for sanitary reasons.

Text More Quickly and Accurately With TEXT ASSIST (KSC-1062)

Many people have trouble using the small keyboard when typing text messages. Multiple keys are pushes at the same time accidentally, and backspacing is required again and again to correct frequent mistakes. This is very time-consuming and frustrating, and it can be especially difficult for elderly users and those with limited dexterity. Also, people with large hands or just people who use the hunt-and-peck method rather than proper typing have difficulty texting smoothly. "The use of my design would solve this problem," said an inventor from Browning, Mo. The TEXT ASSIST provides an easier way to type text messages. It avoids frequent mistakes and frustration, as well as saves time and effort. Ergonomic and easy to use, it's ideal for people with limited dexterity, the elderly, people with large hands and poor typists.

Tester for Hormone Levels (LAX-426)

"There is no simple, reliable easy means of monitoring your hormone levels," said an inventor from Ventura, Calif. "This inspired me to invent a device that is able to provide information about your estrogen or testosterone levels quickly and easily." He developed the patent-pending ESTROGEN & TESTOSTERONE TESTER to offer a convenient way to test hormone levels. The unit provides a reliable testing method. It eliminates the need to go to the doctor in order to check hormone levels. The device enables the user to better monitor his or her hormone levels. The accessory tests for either the presence of estrogen or testosterone. In addition, the invention is designed for ease of use.

Line of Fashionable Clothing and Accessories (FRO-329)

"I wanted to be able to personalize my outfits so that I had full control of my appearance," said an inventor from Hanford, Calif. "I thought that a great way to do this would be to develop an entire line of apparel and accessories that is customizable with designer fashion elements." She developed the patent-pending DESIGNER INTERCHANGEABLE SNAPS FOR CLOTHING to enable the wearer to customize an outfit. The line of apparel can be personalized in a variety of stylish ways. It is designed to be extremely versatile, which makes getting dressed fun and exciting. The invention helps the wearer keep up with the latest fashion trends in an affordable manner. Furthermore, it improves self-confidence in one's appearance.

Accessory Helps Prevent Neck and Lower-Back Pain While Sitting in Chairs (DVR-892)

An inventor from Colorado Springs, Colo., knows how uncomfortable it can get after sitting in chairs for long periods. "When I drive a lot I notice that I get neck and lower-back pain due to poor lumbar support," he said. "In order to solve this problem I conceived of my design." The ergonomic and easy-to-use LUMBAR SUPPORT DEVICE optimizes lumbar support for a user while sitting in chair or seat. It provides effective therapy, as well as avoids neck and lower-back pain. Overall, it promotes comfort. The device is ideal for travelers, drivers, airplane passengers, train passengers, bus passengers, truckers, offices and households. The idea is patent pending.

Patient Lifting Device (BRK-1100)

"My spouse was having difficulties maneuvering in bed due to back problems," said an inventor, from Montgomery, Ala. "I thought there should be a safe and effective way to provide assistance and independence, so I created my prototype." He invented the " U ". The " U " enables an individual to get out of bed without assistance. In doing so, it could help to reduce the risk of injury to both the patient and the caregiver. As a result, it increases independence and it enhances safety and comfort. The invention features an effective design that is convenient and easy to use so it is ideal for use by elderly or disabled individuals. Additionally, the " U " is producible in design variations and a prototype is available. The inventor described the invention design. "My design enables an individual to get out of bed without asking for help."

Portable Support for Physically Disabled People (BMA-4484)

"I've a friend with MS who loves to travel but has trouble finding handicap-accessible hotels," said a concerned inventor from Newport, R.I. "This inspired me to think of the TRAVEL BARS." This patent-pending invention ensures that a person with physical disabilities has reliable support for using a toilet, showering and other activities. It helps prevent falls and injuries, which promotes safety and independence. Also, it eliminates the need to find handicap-accessible hotels/motels/households. Versatile and easy to use/transport, the invention is ideal for anyone with limited mobility and other physical disabilities.

STEP UP - Automotive Accessory for Individuals with Limited Mobility (CTO-741)

"Individuals with limited mobility have a difficult time getting into and out of vehicles," said an inventor from Bridgeport, Conn. "To make it easier for people to simply enter and exit their vehicles, I developed this accessory." He developed the STEP UP to enable an individual to enter and exit a vehicle easily. It reduces the physical stress and strain involved with getting into and out of a vehicle. The invention is designed to enhance personal safety by reducing the risk of slips, trips and falls, which provides added peace of mind. Furthermore, the device is ideal for use by motorists with limited mobility, and it is adaptable for use with any vehicle.

Boating Accessory for Individuals with Limited Mobility (BMA-4454)

"There is no good reason why individuals with limited mobility should not be able to enjoy boating and swimming," said an inventor from Meredith, N.H. "I thought that if people did not have to climb into and out of the water using the shaky ladder on the side of the boat, then they would be able to truly enjoy all that the sea and lakes have to offer." He developed the patent-pending MARINE HOIST to make it easier for an individual to get into and out of the water from a boat. The unit ends the need to climb up and down the ladder on the side of the boat. It is ideal for use by individuals with limited mobility, including the elderly, handicapped and overweight. The invention eliminates physical stress and strain, and provides added peace of mind. All of this makes boating more fun and enjoyable for all.

Comfort Accessory for Wheelchairs (PND-4572)

"My wheelchair was leaving me with a lot of red marks on my legs," said an inventor from Chester, Pa. "I tried using t-shirts and towels to alleviate the pressure, but this did not work all that well, so I devised this specially designed pad to take the pressure off instead." He developed the PRESSURE PAD to make sitting in a wheelchair more comfortable. The accessory alleviates pressure on the sides of the calves. This is designed to reduce the incidence of pressure sores. The unit provides added peace of mind. It is adaptable for use with any wheelchair. Furthermore, the device is easy to attach and remove.

EZ-RT Helps Manually Disabled People Write (LST-566)

An inventor from Lancaster, Calif., responded to her mother's physical limitation with an inventive idea. "Because of a hand disability my mom wasn't able to hold a writing utensil for long periods," she said. "This inspired me to design a way to solve this problem for people in her situation." The EZ-RT provides an easier way for a person with a manual disability to learn to write or write. It avoids pain and struggle, as well as promotes comfort and independence. The accessory is ergonomic, easy to use and producible in design variations.

InventHelp Device Makes It Easier to Zip Up (KPD-245)

It's difficult for many women to zip up the backs of their dresses, and people with arthritis or other manual disabilities find it very hard or even impossible to work zippers. This inspired an inventor from Philadelphia, Pa., to design a more ergonomic way to zip up. The easy-to-use and compact EZ UP enables a user to use a zipper in an easier, more ergonomic manner. This avoids strain and hassle, as well as promotes independence and self-esteem. It helps a woman zip up the back of a dress, and it helps people with arthritis or other manual disabilities.

Portable Chair (MOZ-301)

The P.L.W. CHAIR provides a gentle and accessible place to lay in any location. It also enables a chairman to simply rest after station or walking. As a result, it enhances comfort and it helps to minimize fatigue. The invention facilities a portable, lightweight and durable pattern that is easy to use and store so it is ideal for use by a ubiquitous population, generally elderly, profound women and people with earthy disabilities. Additionally, a P.L.W. CHAIR can be used during beaches, parks, concerts, outside sporting events, airports and grocery stores and it is producible in pattern variations.

InventHelp Clients Design Assistive Tool - Invented for Closing Buttons (HTM-1038)

If you've ever wasted time struggling to button a shirt or find it challenging to close that top button or, perhaps a cuff button, we have good news for you. Two inventors from Groveland, N.Y., have found a way to fasten even the smallest buttons with ease. They developed BUTTON TEE to help the user close buttons on a shirt, blouse or other apparel unassisted. As such, it affords greater independence in general, but especially for individuals with disabilities that limit their dexterity. In other words, it allows even those with large hands to close very small buttons easily. Therefore, it saves time and effort. Its compact size, light weight and portability make it great for travel. It is also convenient, effective and affordably priced. In addition, it is easy to use and store. The invention is easy to use by individuals with large hands. It covers a variety of buttons. Also, it speeds up formal dress, which consumes a great deal of time. The inventors' personal observation led to this idea, "We invented this device because so many people we know seem to have trouble opening and closing buttons on dress shirts either because they have large hands or disabilities that make dressing difficult." one of them said.

Shoestring-Tying Aid

"After suffering a stroke I lost the use of my left arm, which made it difficult to tie my shoelaces," said an inventor from Yipsilanti, Mich. "I figured that there needed to be an ergonomic device that made this task easier for people in my position." He then created a prototype of an invention idea. The MAGIC GRIP SHOE STRINGS is a device that provides a quick, easy way to tie shoestrings. It avoids strain and struggle, as well as promotes independence and dignity. Ergonomic and easy to use, the device is ideal for children and people with physical disabilities.

Invention Helps Users Clean Their Backs Easily and Ergonomically (LGI-2024)

An inventor from Richmond Hill, N.Y., has a disability that keeps him from being able to wash his own back, so he designed and created a prototype of an easy and ergonomic way to do this. The PLASTIC BACK SCRUB provides an easier way to scrub the back. It eliminates the need for assistance, as well as avoids strain and frustration. Overall, it ensures thorough cleansing. The invention is suitable for the general population, especially physically disabled and/or overweight people.

Device Helps Elderly/Physically Disabled People Shop More Ergonomically (DLL-2801)

An inventor from Grand Prairie, Texas, wanted to find an easier way for his mother to go shopping on her own, so he designed and created a prototype of the TOW N GO. This device provides a more convenient and ergonomic way for an elderly and/or physically disabled person to go shopping. This gives him or her enough room for groceries or merchandise, as well as promotes efficiency and independence. Suitable for all kinds of shopping, the device is compact and easy to use.

Bathroom Safety Accessories for Children (MBS-196)

Do you worry that your children might turn on the faucets in the bathroom while you're not looking and accidentally burn themselves, or worse, drown? Then you need WATER-BABIES KNOB COVERS. Developed by an inventor from Navarre, Fla., the accessories prevent the water from being turned on while not permissible. This helps to eliminate bathroom accidents in homes, nursing homes, nurseries and hospitals. The units keep a child from being burned, prevent slips and falls and offer protection against drowning. All of this is designed to enhance personal safety. The invention ends the need to keep the bathroom door closed all the time. It is usable with bathtub and shower handles as well as faucets. In addition, the accessories are ideal for use in households with young children and individuals with disabilities.

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