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Investors Wanted for Wheeling Comforts - An Accessible Retreat for Disabled

Published: 2018-10-22
Author: Gracye Reed | Contact:

Synopsis: My solution to accessibility issues plaguing the disability communities is to create, build, design and manage an all-inclusive resort I have named Wheeling Comforts.

Main Digest

My name is Gracye Reed, I am a black woman and have had cerebral palsy since birth. I was actively on my feet until the age of twelve when I had a surgery that put me in a wheelchair full time. I can still somewhat walk, but only for short distances. I am going through the same things other disabled people go through, every day. However, that does not define who I am.


My Passion

One of my passions is to help the disabled community find their identity. I am a very outgoing person with a desire to fight for the rights of the disabled. I am compassionate toward people who strive to be happy and yearn to get out of the misery that is their reality. I would like to prove to the world that the disabled community has a lot to offer in life.

If you, or a loved one, were a wheelchair user and wanted to find a place to work, or go on vacation, you would have to navigate through each destination to ensure its accessibility. Unfortunately, not many places are accessible to those with physical disabilities. You would be extremely limited and often will not be able to find a place to accommodate you. Our passion is to create a place where these accessibility issues are nonexistent. You can move through the rooms easily, get in and out of bed without a problem and navigate through the bathroom with ease. You can take part in all sports, parties and events without facing any barriers. As an employee, visitors look on with pride when you complete your job, instead of looks of pity.

The Problem

When designing resorts, accessibility is not at the forefront of consideration.

I have visited many hotels that state they are accessible to people with disabilities, only to find out that is far from the truth. Often hotel rooms are too narrow for a wheelchair to navigate around with ease and bathrooms are designed indicate aesthetics were the focus rather than ease of access.

In addition, too often do I see recreational areas such as pools, not readily equipped for someone with a disability; the pool lift, if they even have one, is something an individual would have to ask for.

The laws designed to protect and provide for people with disabilities are often an after thought and only taken into consideration due to unwelcome necessities. Finally, convincing building owners to spend countless dollars on accessible accommodations is extremely difficult and near impossible.

The Solution

My solution to the accessibility issues that are plaguing the disabled communities is to create, build, design and manage an all-inclusive resort I have named Wheeling Comforts.

I am writing you today to ask for help in promoting my dream; obtaining funding has been quite an obstacle. I am looking for someone, an angel investor, or a group of people that wants to help other people and themselves in this thing we call life, A dream that will help all disabled. This place will serve, the disabled, the disabled work force, and who all want to take part in this fantastic place.

Let's me tell you more about what we're trying to do and who this is for!

We need a 14 - 18 acre lot.

A contractor that is good with disabled amenities we may need within and without the place. And willing to work with us on them. A few furniture and other store amenities that will help us make it complete.

This retreat will have benefits for ALL the disabled. This place is also going green throughout the whole retreat, recycling water, recycling energy and recycling cans, paper and glass and much more.

This retreat will bring a lot of job opportunities for many people in different ways, if you are disabled or not disabled.

There will be over 144 + Employment opportunities or more here at this Retreat. I strongly encourage the disabled people to work at this retreat and others that may open.

There will be special equipment for the disabled people so they can get in and out of the pools, bathtubs and bed; as well as having special vehicles with lifts and ramps etc for all guest and employees.

After we get a Wheeling Comforts up and going, my life plan is living day by day. Running and keeping everyone and myself happy as can be.

Hopefully, in two or more years I'll be able to open up other Wheeling Comforts in another cities and maybe in other countries to promote the work forces for the disabled communities. Also help other disabled start and maintain projects of their own!

Contact Details

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