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State Agency Provides Housing for Non-Verbal Man After Civil Rights LawsuitAnnouncement2024/06/04
Class Action: Disabled Inmates Sue NYS Prisons Over SolitaryAnnouncement2024/05/09
Disability Groups Fight NYC's Move to Dodge Wheelchair Taxi DutyAnnouncement, Notification2024/02/222024/03/21
Deficient and Discriminatory Conditions at Kings County Juvenile Detention CenterInvestigative Report2023/09/052023/10/08
Berkeley Commission on Disability Members File Lawsuit Against City of Berkeley for Disability DiscriminationAnnouncement / Notification2023/08/252023/09/21
Nationwide Class of Deaf Civilian Employees and Applicants in Case Against USAFAnnouncement / Notification2023/04/102023/09/21
Disability Bias in AI Hiring Tools and Legal ProtectionInformative2020/11/252023/09/25
Can School Districts Carve Out a Placement from the IDEA's Stay-Put Provision?Informative2020/05/012024/03/04
Multi-State Lawsuit Claims Apartment Owners, Developers Discriminated Against DisabledAnnouncement2019/05/102024/06/09
U.S. Justice Department Files Lawsuit Alleging Disability-Based Housing DiscriminationAnnouncement / Notification2019/02/212023/10/09
Students With Reading Disorders Sue School District for Failing to Educate ThemAnnouncement, Notification2017/05/152024/03/29
Lawsuits Target NCAA, Riddell Over Concussion Compensation for College Football PlayersInformative2017/01/312024/06/09
ACB Reaches Agreement with DC Taxi Companies for Blind Individuals with Service DogsAnnouncement, Notification2016/06/272024/04/02
Blind Passenger Sues Uber for Dragging Her and Service Dog Down the StreetAnnouncement2016/06/032024/04/17
False Claims Act Medical Device Lawsuit - Record $623M SettlementAnnouncement2016/03/032024/04/29
Statue of Liberty Ferry Service Sued for Alleged Failure of Safe and Lawful AccessAnnouncement2016/02/122024/04/29
Deaf Wrestler Sues School for Barring Sign Language InterpreterAwareness, Appreciation2015/12/052024/06/09
EEOC Sues Wal-Mart for Disability DiscriminationAnnouncement2015/07/042024/04/29
National Association of the Deaf Sues Harvard and MIT for DiscriminationAnnouncement, Notification2015/02/122024/03/29
Legal Disputes About Kids with ASD: Family Income and Child BehaviorInformative2015/01/172024/04/29
Crowdfunding for Legal Expenses in Litigation, Court, or Trial DefenseInformative2015/01/132023/11/30
Advancing American Juvenile Justice ReformAnnouncement2014/09/242024/04/29
Caring for Individuals with Disabilities: Exploring GuardianshipInstructive / Helpful2014/06/052024/03/04
LSAC to Pay $7.73M Over Discriminatory LSAT PoliciesAnnouncement, Notification2014/05/212024/04/02
Ambulance Chasing Lawsuits : Litigation, Extortion and Lawyer ComplaintsInformative2013/12/282024/04/02
Divorce: What Happens to Special Needs ChildrenInformative2013/12/282024/04/02
Legal Basis for Product Liability ClaimsInformative2011/07/152024/04/29
National Class Action Sought Against CIGNA for Denial of ABA Therapy For AutismAnnouncement2011/07/082024/06/06
Uphill Custody Battles Faced by People with DisabilitiesInformative2011/06/252024/03/31
Zadroga Act: Compensation for 9/11 Recovery WorkersInformative2011/03/302024/06/03
N-648 Form for Immigrants with DisabilitiesInstructive / Helpful2011/03/112024/04/13
HUD Targeted in Suit for Illegal Reverse Mortgage Foreclosure ActionsAnnouncement2011/03/082024/04/29
Missouri Man Convicted for SSI Claim MisbehaviorAnnouncement / Notification2011/03/012024/02/19
Finding Lawyers That Handle Surgical Error LawsuitsInformative2011/01/152024/04/02
Personal Injury Consultation: Questions to Ask Your LawyerInformative2011/01/152024/02/19
High Court to Decide Reach of Anti-Retaliation ProvisionsReports and Proceedings2011/01/092024/03/29
Paxil and the Risk of Birth DefectsInformative2010/12/172024/03/31
JetBlue Fined for Violating Disability Code-Share Disclosure RulesAnnouncement2010/12/142024/04/14
The Role of a Special Needs Trust (SNT)Informative2010/11/282024/04/14
Helping Homeowners, Veterans and Workers Access Legal ServicesInformative2010/11/232024/04/19
United Spinal Association Sues MTA for Inaccessible Subway StationsAnnouncement2010/10/132024/04/19
Gulf of Mexico Oil Spill Workers Sickness and Compensation IssuesInformative2010/10/102024/03/31
What Happens With The Mortgage When Getting DivorcedInformative2010/10/042024/04/14
House Committee Approves Arthritis Prevention, Control and Cure ActAnnouncement2010/09/232024/04/17
Legal Effort to Stop New Physician Hospital Restrictions That Harm Medicare BeneficiariesAnnouncement2010/09/102024/04/17
AirTran Fined for Violating Rules Protecting Travelers With DisabilitiesAnnouncement2010/08/312024/04/19
Debt Relief Options: Bankruptcy Chapters 7, 11, 13, and SettlementsInformative2010/08/212024/06/07
Declaring Bankruptcy: Taxes that Can be DischargedInformative2010/08/212024/06/06
U.S. Jails Hold More Mentally Ill Persons Than Hospitals DoInformative2010/08/212024/05/09
Evolution of Fatherhood in Divorce or Custody DisputesInformative2010/08/212024/04/17
Special Olympics Illinois and Community High School District 94 Exclude Disabled Student UnlawfullyAnnouncement2010/08/172024/04/17
Proposed Family Court Law Will Help Parents With Disabilities Retain Custody, Visitation RightsInformative2010/08/142024/04/17
EEOC Sues Princeton Healthcare System for Disability DiscriminationAnnouncement2010/08/142024/04/23
Large Multifamily Developer Accused of Housing DiscriminationAnnouncement2010/08/092024/04/23
Briefs Filed in California and Illinois Supporting the Olmstead DecisionAnnouncement2010/07/212024/06/09
Justice Department Reaches Settlement with Blockbuster Inc. Under ADAAnnouncement, Notification2010/07/202024/04/02
DOJ Settlement With QuikTrip Corporation Gas Stations Resolving ADA ClaimsAnnouncement / Notification2010/07/152024/02/15
Class Action Lawsuit on Behalf of Children With AutismAnnouncement2010/06/172024/06/09
Flying the Unfriendly Skies: DVT and Toxic Air LawsuitsInformative2010/06/062024/04/29
AUSD Wins Lawsuit Over Measure HAnnouncement / Notification2010/06/032024/02/19
What Does Plaintiff Law MeanInformative2010/05/302024/02/19
Winning An SSDI Claim: Closed Period of DisabilityInformative2010/05/242024/06/05
Veterans Courts: A Second Chance for Those Who Have ServedInformative2010/05/232024/02/19
Responsibility for Children With Disabilities During and After DivorceInformative2010/05/232024/05/21
SSDI Claims: Consultative ExaminationsInformative2010/05/182024/06/05
Factors For Winning SSDI Claims: Age, Employment, EducationInformative2010/05/182024/06/03
Using Medical Expert Witnesses at SSDI HearingsInformative2010/05/172024/06/03
Disability Hate Crime Definition and InformationGlossaries, Definitions2010/05/112024/06/01
Law Protects Seniors Bank Accounts From SeizureAwareness, Appreciation2010/04/152024/06/08
U.S. Federal Legislation to End School Abusive Restraint and SeclusionAnnouncement2010/03/062024/06/08
What Are Negligent Security Lawsuits?Informative2010/02/272024/04/29
AARP Urges Illinois to Repeal Discriminatory LawInformative2010/02/102024/06/08
The Disability Rights Advocates (DRA) Legal CenterInformative2010/01/132024/06/01
ADA Settlement Regarding Use of Electronic Book Readers in ClassroomsAnnouncement2010/01/132024/06/03
Blind Organizations Resolve Litigation Over Kindle E-book ReaderAnnouncement2010/01/112024/06/08
Ruling on Illegal Furloughs in CaliforniaAnnouncement2010/01/042024/06/06
Civic Access for People With Disabilities Santa Rosa, CaliforniaAnnouncement2009/12/172024/06/08
Justice Department Sues Attorney for Disability DiscriminationAnnouncement2009/11/042024/06/06
Lawsuit Filed After Michigan Medicaid Dependents Denied Dental Healthcare AccessInformative2009/10/302024/04/02
Firefighters Charged with Disability Fraud and PerjuryAnnouncement2009/10/252024/04/29
EEOC v. Pepsi Bottling Group, Inc.Announcement2009/10/022024/06/08
Laws To Protect Patients Genetic InformationAnnouncement, Notification2009/10/022024/03/31
Supervalu Jewel-Osco Sued for Disability Rules and Discriminatory LeaveAnnouncement2009/09/152024/06/08
Defining Disability Under the ADA Amendments Act (ADAAA)Informative2009/09/122024/06/01
$2.3 Billion Pharmaceutical Health Care Fraud SettlementAnnouncement2009/09/022024/05/21
Alleged Disability Based Housing Discrimination Against Riverwalk CondominiumsAnnouncement2009/08/272024/06/08
Disability Discrimination Lawsuit Against Indiana Provider of Retirement HousingAnnouncement / Notification2009/08/142024/02/19
Evans Solutions Sued for Disability DiscriminationAnnouncement2009/08/062024/06/08
Disability Based Housing Discrimination Settlement Against Valley View ApartmentsAnnouncement2009/08/052024/06/01
Estate Planning for Families with Disabled ChildrenInstructive / Helpful2009/07/192024/02/19
Justice Department Settles Allegations of Disability Discrimination Against St. John, IndianaAnnouncement, Notification2009/03/182024/04/02
Justice Department Settles Lawsuit Against City of DaytonAnnouncement2009/02/262024/04/29

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