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Disability Advisor Provides Expert Responses to Questions Related to Disabilities

  • Date: 2017/01/25
  • Disability Advisor - disabilityadvisor.com
  • Synopsis : DisabilityAdvisor.com Ask the Advisor feature offers visitors expert responses to their disability related questions.

Main Document

DisabilityAdvisor.com, a leading website providing articles, videos, and other content related to Social Security Disability (SSD), Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Veterans Benefits, Workers Compensation, short-term and long-term disability, and other topics has announced that it has launched "Ask the Advisor," a new feature that allows visitors to have their personal disability-related questions answered by matter-specific experts in the fields of disability benefits, law, healthcare, and social work.

Submitting questions to "Ask the Advisor" is made easy with a simple online form located at https://www.disabilityadvisor.com/ask-the-disability-advisor-form As with all other features of DisabilityAdvisor.com, "Ask the Advisor" is free and no membership or sign-up is required.

All responses address the visitor's specific situation and are personally generated in response to the visitor's inquiry, at the same time being relevant and accessible to others who have a similar inquiry or issue.

"While visitors are invited to ask questions regarding SSD, SSI, Workers' Compensation, and Veterans benefits, they are also encouraged to send lifestyle-related inquiries such as those dealing with parenting, mental and physical health, financial planning, employment, housing, and so on," commented Jackie Booth Ph.D., an acclaimed issues-and-advocacy expert, who, in addition to her "Ask the Advisor" duties, also serves as DisabilityAdvisor.com's financial, educational, and lifestyle editor.

"Visitors express their appreciation of the plain-language explanations and intangible morale support they experience with Disability Advisor's personalized Q & A forum," commented Kay Derochie, a noted Social Security, SSI and Long Term disability claim expert. "Many guests to the site share that DisabilityAdvisor.com has helped them solve problems for themselves or for a family member or friend."

Other experts and professionals can share insights by submitting comments to "Ask the Advisor." Once approved by moderators, these contributions are posted. To preserve the privacy of those who submit questions to "Ask the Advisor," all personal identification is removed. Only an asker's first name or initial is used, along with their city and state if they choose to include it in their question.

"Many disability-related Q&A portals offer incomplete, incorrect, or essentially useless advice and in some cases are nothing more than thinly-veiled lead-generation engines for law firms or consultants," commented Joseph Ram, publisher of DisabilityAdvisor.com, who has spent several decades as a media, advertising and broadcast executive. "'Ask the Advisor" fills a massive knowledge demand by providing clear, unbiased and helpful disability-related information about real issues that matter to real people."

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