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Negligent Security Lawsuits

Author: The Mayro Law Firm

Published: 2010-02-27

Synopsis and Key Points:

Entitlement to monetary compensation through a negligent security claim under premises liability law.

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When a property owner or manager does not provide adequate security, and you are injured as a result of that negligence, you may be entitled to monetary compensation through a negligent security claim under premises liability law.

Unfortunately, a property's negligent security has and can result in violent attacks, including assault, armed robbery, rape and sexual assault and kidnapping.

Examples of Negligent Security Factors

A number of factors can contribute to negligent security. Some of the most common cases involve:

Insufficient lighting - Poor training of security guards - Poor hiring practices for security positions - Failure to do background checks on personnel - Inadequate security for amount of property - Failure to provide new locks or security code when needed - Poor key or security code control - Failure to act when a known criminal is on or near the property, or when there has been an increase in violent crime in the area - Inadequate or malfunctioning security equipment, such as self-locking gates or security cameras

Where Do Negligent Security Cases Often Occur

As you might expect, commercial stores, malls and other shopping centers, amusement parks, and restaurants and bars are some of the most common properties involved in negligent security cases. In addition, hotels, motels, college campuses and apartment complexes are prevalent areas for premises liability security issues.

Compensation in Negligent Security Cases

Bringing a valid negligent security and premises liability claim can help a victim deal with the financial, physical and emotional aftermath of a violent crime. Compensation may be available for damages, such as:

Medical bills, including hospitalization, physical therapy and psychological counseling - Emotional suffering - Lost income - Reduced earning capability - Loss of companionship, especially if a wrongful death resulted

If you or someone you love has suffered a personal injury, or death, caused by negligent security, it is important to contact an experienced premises liability attorney right away. Evidence at the scene of the crime will need to be preserved, and there are time limits on when you can bring a lawsuit of this type into the courts.

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