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Dealing with Social Security Disability Issues

Author: James Publishing

Published: 2010-09-26

Synopsis and Key Points:

Social Security disability benefits are not always easy to get even for people who suffer from a legitimate disability and cannot work.

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Millions of people file for Social Security disability every year. However, it can be a confusing process. is a one-stop resource that gives expert advice and guidance on every SSD issue imaginable., a website created by James Publishing, is offering free assistance to the millions of people who file for Social Security disability (SSD) every year. Geared towards anyone who needs to apply for disability benefits, appeal a denial, or hire a disability attorney, is comprised of research that James Publishing has been collecting for nearly three decades.

According to the Social Security Administration, more than 12 million Americans receive Social Security disability benefits each year. Yet those benefits are not always easy to get, even for people who suffer from a legitimate disability and cannot work.

More than 3 million people apply for Social Security disability benefits every year, but many of them have to hire a disability attorney before they receive any compensation. That's because only 35% of SSD cases come out in the applicant's favor within the first 120 days. The rest of the cases head into a lengthy appeals process. An SSD case that exhausts all possible appeals routes can take over a year and a half to resolve, and can even wind up in Federal Court.

How can help was created to teach people about every facet of the Social Security disability process. Since 1981, James Publishing has produced 6 disability law books that are used as a resource by disability lawyers all over the country. Those books have long been considered the go-to authority for Social Security disability information. However, James Publishing has decided to give much of its research to the general public. pulls information from all 6 books, and operates as a free online source for SSD advice. offers expert advice on virtually any Social Security disability issue, including: is a legal information site produced by James Publishing Inc. James Publishing is a leading law book publisher recognized by many attorneys to be the authority in legal information.

For more information, or to find a qualified disability lawyer, log onto

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