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Disability Inspirational: Motivational Stories & Videos Document List

This page contains the full list of articles and documents from the Disabled World Motivational - Inspirational category. Though topics may have since been updated they are listed by their original publish date, with the most recent documents first.

Publication List

2017-07-19Amputee Model Breaking Barriers in Fashion and Shattering Stigma of Disability
2015-10-09Steven Foelsch - A Busy Advocate for People with Disabilities
2015-02-22Diabetic NASCAR Driver Wins at Daytona International Speedway
2015-01-15Two-Time Cancer Survivor Heads to South Pole
2014-12-24Teacher with Disability Role Model for Students
2014-04-10Overcoming Adversity and Achieving Small Business Success
2013-12-12Mike Stoneman Regains Mobility After Being Fitted with a C-Leg from Ottobock
2013-01-25Ed Roberts Disability Rights Legacy Lives On
2013-01-13Sierra Gregg - A Trailblazer for Americans with Disabilities
2011-02-24Karen - Tribute to Life of Girl with Muscular Dystrophy
2011-01-20Are Positive Emotions Good for Your Health in Old Age
2011-01-18No Limits
2010-11-03Mendham Teen Hosts New Jersey Walks for TS to Raise Awareness of Tourette Syndrome
2010-10-30Terminal at 4 Years Old - Triumphant at 22
2010-08-22Walking Across America with Brain Tumors
2010-07-21NASCAR Driver Carl Edwards Honors Cancer Survivor
2010-07-14Mentorship for Youth with Disabilities
2010-07-13The Day I Met Christopher Reeve
2010-05-26Paul Fejtek First Person with Brachial Plexus Palsy to Climb all Seven Summits
2010-05-25Personal Professional and Ethical Dilemma
2010-04-18SOFTIN Partners with CALM to Give Abused Families a Happy Adventure
2010-02-01What-Up Birds - A Heartwarming SOFTIN Memory
2010-01-21How to Live Your Life Twice
2010-01-08Restoring Vitality in Our Lives
2009-09-07Acceptance and Loss - Pain Stress and Disability
2009-08-17A Bad Day at Work - The Workplace is a Playground
2009-07-25Nothing Fated - Don't Live in the Past
2009-07-15Interaction Among Special Needs Kids - SOFTIN
2009-07-08Guitar Player Turns Disability Around
2009-07-07Disability No Block to this Graduate!
2009-07-07The Real Story of Softin is Stories of the People We Serve
2009-07-06SOFTIN, Inc. Provides At-sea Opportunities
2009-06-02Building Your Net Worth Through Friendships
2009-05-28Standup for MS: A Story of Mobility Rehabilitation
2009-04-21Jessica Cox Pilot with No Arms and Inspirational Speaker
2009-04-02Owning a Pet Saved my Life
2008-02-01How to Develop Self Discipline


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