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How Has Disability Affected You - Stories of and by People with Disabilities

  • Synopsis: A place to write your story, or read others stories, of how becoming disabled has changed and influenced your life.

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This new section of Disabled World is a place for you to tell your story, and/or read other people's thoughts on how disability has altered their everyday life. Though closely related to our Inspirational and Motivational category, your story can be either positive, negative, or simply a place to place to express your thoughts freely.

For many disabled people it is not necessarily the disability itself that so negatively impacts on their day-to-day lives but the response that society has to individuals with disabilities. Major life changes often require adjusting your sense of identity. According to disability psychologist Carol Gill, a polio survivor, reconciling your identity as a disabled person with previously held notions about what being disabled means is a common hurdle:

"When you become a member of the group that you have previously felt fear or pity for, you can't help but turn those feelings on yourself." - Carol Gill

Having a disability may mean you have had to adapt to a different daily life. Others, who may have lived with disability for the majority of their life, may be more adapted at self managing the changes. For some people the biggest problems that they now face as as a member of the disability community may be accessing locations or everyday items that may not have been designed or built in order to accommodate people with disabilities.

Share your story
Share your story

How to Participate

Whatever your disability story is we want to hear about it, and if suitable it will be published in this section. Keep in mind this area is not a place to report, complain, or "out" a particular person or establishment, so please leave any identifying names and places out of your story. To submit your story relating to disability send an email with story attached to To read others stories please scroll down...

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