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Health & Disability Fact Books Guides & Publications

  • Synopsis: Fact sheets guide books and publications relating to disability and health topics including printable applications and forms.

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The Disabled World Books and Publications section features a number of informative resources, fact sheets, and guides relating to health and disability topics including useful resources relating to Social Security Disability.

These publications are focused on supporting people with specific health conditions and disabilities including magazines targeted towards disabled people, their families, and caregivers of special interest to those with disabilities.

Disabled World provides listings of a wide range of professional practical resources and references for people who work with children and adults who have disabilities, and for people who have disabilities themselves.

Publication topics include books, videos, and dvd's on topics such as;

ADHD, communication disorders, developmental disabilities, sensory impairments, acquired brain injury, autism, cerebral palsy, fetal alcohol syndrome, physical disabilities, psychiatric disabilities, and other topics including; special needs books, disability magazines, cognitive disabilities and associated conditions, as well as general health and disability publications from around the World.

Also included in this category are various applications and forms for several Government departments as well as links to informational sources.

Latest Books Guides & Publications Publications

  1. Special Stories - New Book on Youth With Special Needs Is One-Of-A-Kind
    Special Stories by Mike Kelly features short stories on youth with special needs and includes his adventures working in the disability field.
  2. Re-Membering by Ann Millett-Gallant
    Re-Membering, a book by Ann Millett-Gallant, is a memoir about being congenitally physically disabled and experiencing traumatic brain injury.
  3. Rent or Buy Autism Series FIX IT IN FIVE Season 2 USA
    The first two seasons of Fix It In Five with Lynette Louise are now available to rent or buy for people anywhere in the world.
  4. Walk in My Shoes - DeafBlind Writers Tell All
    The book Walk in My Shoes contains 27 stories by individuals experiencing or witnessing the challenges of losing both hearing and sight senses.
  5. Dementia: Through Their Eyes - Guide to Understanding Dementia
    This helpful dementia guide offers in-depth content, that answers questions concerning sleeping patterns, medical support, funding including resources, and organisations to support those affected by dementia.

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