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Ability Lane Book - Disability History, Culture, Care and Experience

Author: Disabled World

Published: 2009-09-22 : (Rev. 2013-08-21)

Synopsis and Key Points:

Ability Lane - Disability History, Culture, Care and Experience; A Gift to the Disability Community At Large.

Main Digest

Ability Lane - Disability History, Culture, Care and Experience; A Gift to the Disability Community At Large.

The community at Disabled World has been very kind, as the Disability Community at large has been. Out of love and respect for this same Disability Community of which I am a part I have decided to take, 'Ability Lane - Disability History, Culture, Care and Experience,' off of the Market and *GIVEit to anyone who wants a copy, free of charge.

You can download the book in PDF format from my website, I have created a page with a link to the file, the very file that XLibris sent to me as they produced the book. I have contacted Google and informed them that they can include the book in their library of Public Domain books if they so choose. I have also written to XLibris, requesting that they take the book off the market.

Thank You,

Thomas C. Weiss

Excerpt From Ability Lane:

Shared Knowledge and Information.

Persons with Disabilities and Human Potential.

One person cannot possibly know everything, there is too much to experience in life. We are all individuals, and collective knowledge must be experienced through a sharing process. The sharing process itself is expressed through such things as writing, speaking, the arts, and other forms of communication. Efforts to communicate with one another to promote shared knowledge concerning experiences in life must be done with all honesty, openness, and as much individual ability as each one of us can muster from within.

Participation in the sharing of information process must come from every level of society. People from every race, class, gender, and cultural background need to participate. No matter what your station in life, the experiences you have encountered represent highly valuable information that can help fellow humanity in many instances. Shared knowledge and information may be our best ability to help one another grow, and improve society as a whole.

The entire range of the human experience is present within the communities you witness around you, and on Earth at large, through individuals. We are all a part of the Human Family, and like every family we tend to squabble with each other. We must not let that squabbling interfere with our own growth. The divisiveness among us cannot be greater than the unity between us, or we shall perish. Instead of looking for fault in your fellow person, look for opportunity what can you do for them? What can you share with them that will enhance their life? What can they teach you that will enhance your life

Persons with Disabilities, I feel, are the people to lead the world down the path towards a more open communication of shared knowledge and information. We represent every single race, class, gender, culture and ability around the world. We have seen every social circumstance; from deep poverty to the achievement of Doctoral degrees and high offices. We have known stigma, outright prejudice, great love, humility, and every range of emotion you can imagine. Our spiritual values cover the entire realm of human experience. Physically, we have experienced every condition known to human kind. Our experiences, knowledge, and the information we have as individuals and communities are stunning. Who is better equipped to lead the world towards a more open and widespread sharing of that same knowledge and information so desperately needed in this world

We, as Persons with Disabilities, are in a unique position to help humanity. Let us, "open the door," so to speak. Let us promote the process of sharing knowledge and information on all levels, providing an example that the world has not experienced before. Let our example help humanity to grow, and improve, so that all will benefit.

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